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Friday, February 27, 2015

Silo Panniers | Rogue Panda Designs

The Silo – a pannier that’s as comfortable on singletrack as it is on a road. Lightweight, water resistant, durable, and most importantly, built in the bikepacking style.
Sometimes a rackless bikepacking setup just doesn’t have enough capacity, and you need a little more. Long water carries or long distances between resupply points, for example. Unfortunately regular panniers aren’t always up to the task.  Rigid rack attachments are prone to metal fatigue, and shifting weight can throw off your balance.
The silo remedies these problems by using velcro and an innovative system of compression straps. Everything is flexible, so there’s nothing to snap when you hit the 500th rock of the day. And the compression straps mean that your gear is stable and won’t shift on you and throw off your riding, even on the roughest singletrack.
the whole kit
They are made with Xpac VX-42 fabric, which is very durable and waterproof.  The seams are tape-sealed, and the closure is a roll-top, so the bags should keep your stuff dry in just about any conditions shy of submersion.  The bags are reinforced with ballistic nylon where they contact your rack and on the bottom.
A set of two panniers is $100.  Order a set on my Etsy site or email me at with any questions.
-I recommend at least two compression straps on each pannier – I ship a set of two panniers with six straps, so you have extras.
-The compression straps work by pushing your panniers into your rack, so not every rack will work.  Any rack with three struts should work, and ones with two struts that are close together work as well.  If in doubt, send me a photo of your rack and I can tell you if I think it will work.  I can also modify my design to work with a different rack.


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