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16 reasons why non-cyclists just don't get us @bikeradar

"You spent how much?" and other things often said to the BikeRadar community
There are some things that our non-cycling friends (why are they our friends if they don't cycle?) say that just crop up time and again. You know the sort of thing: "Your bike cost how much?"; "You rode how far?"; and "I would never wear lycra"…
We asked the BikeRadarcommunity for some pearls of, ahem, wisdom that they keep being given by non-cyclists, and here's a selection of the best. 
How many have you heard and what other things do non-cyclists always say? Join the conversation in this forum thread here.
1. iPete: "How far?! Are you raising money for charity?"
2. Tetley10: "You were out in that weather?!"
It may be a bit cold but that won't stop us