Good bike shop mechanics are the unsung heroes of every rider. The best ones are bona fide wizards, magically transforming our rickety heaps into well-oiled machines, deftly silencing the most elusive creaks, miraculously extracting the most woefully seized bottom bracket, fixing the hopelessly unfixable.
The wizard's life isn't necessarily an easy one, however, and there are a lot of reasons why they're often so grumpy. As a former shop mechanic with 14 years under his belt – not one of which I regret, mind you – let's just say that I didn't earn my nickname by happenstance. Your hands perpetually smell like oil, your feet ache from standing all day, you're forever fighting for respect, the hours suck, and worst of all, you're constantly surrounded by bikes but rarely have time to ride one.
There are good reasons why bike shop mechanics are often pretty surly