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Saturday, March 21, 2015

Legally Speaking with Bob Mionske: Riding with video cameras @velonews

Footage from an on-board video camera can be a good tool in a legal case. Photo: Tim De Waele |
Editor’s note: We are pleased to reintroduce “Legally Speaking,” a column penned by lawyer Bob Mionske. Have a question about the law and how it relates to cyclists? Email him, and it may be answered in this column.
We heard the deep, guttural roar from behind that has come to signal trouble. I glanced over my shoulder and in my draft, my riding partner did the same. I thought, “here he comes.”
He was pulling a horse trailer with one of those pickups on steroids that look big in the distance and gargantuan up close. You know the kind. He gave us a wide berth to start but as the extra-long trailer dog-tracked around the bend, it came closer and closer until I could have touched it with my knee. You’ve been there.
Later, we chuckled morosely that, at least, we’d have footage of our demise for our heir’s legal cases because we were rolling with video. And we are not alone.


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