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Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Meet the Controversial Cyclist Fighting for Safer Streets @bicyclingmag

At 6-foot-8, Don Ward is an imposing figure in L.A.'s bike scene. He's the creator of outlaw rides and a powerful voice in the fight for more bike lanes.

BICYCLING: You once organized a race between cyclists and a commercial jet. Seriously?
Don Ward: Los Angeles shut down a section of Interstate 405 in 2011 to remove a bridge, and the city was up in arms. People called it "Carmageddon." Jet Blue created a promotional flight between Burbank and Long Beach. A friend suggested the race. We won by 77 minutes.

What did that show about promoting cycling events?
It's the same thing I learned working for an automative ad agency: Sexy and fast captures people's attention.

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