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Sunday, May 10, 2015

16-Year-Old Hacks A $5 Cell Phone Charger For His Bike

Thomas, a 16-year-old has created instructions on Instructables for a DIY wind turbine that is attached to his bicycle. Charge your phone with the wind! It's made from some scrap parts, and some inexpensive electronic parts he has purchased.

Picture of Bicycle Cell Phone Charger (Wind Turbine with build in Battery)
Charge your phone with the wind!
In his words, "I go very often to cycle in the nature where is no electricity, and during a long bike tour my phone usually discharges. These smartphones have a large capacity but its consumption is big too. I made a few weeks ago another bike turbine for the Bicycle Contest, but I think I can make a better one. So created an all in one wind turbine power bank"

The turbine shown mounted

• an old CPU fan
• toroidal inductor
• 2N2222 or 2N3904 or BC547 transistor
• 5v step-up module, (boought on eBay)
• germanioum diodes (5 pieces)
• a small perfboard
• an old phone battery or a 18650 cell
• and a small switch
• bike support element
The simple assortment of parts needed

• Soldering Iron
• Glue Gun
• Wire Stripper and Cutter

• Electrical Tape
The tools Thomas used to build it

The scrap PC fan he used for the turbine

The finished product
Go here to see the Instructable:


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