Ford Embraces Car-Sharing And Electric Bikes On A Crowded Planet

Ford Motor Co. will test new car-sharing programs and foldable electric bikes inside its vehicles as it seeks new ways to adapt to global congestion and changing consumer attitudes...

...Sometimes, you just can’t get all the way to your destination by car. So Ford is also testing a “multi-modal” mobility solution called MoDe:Flex that includes a reconfigurable electric bike that charges while stored in the vehicle and an app that helps identify the most efficient and cost-effective mode of transportation for a trip. The MoDe:Link app, for example, might suggest you drive you car to the train station, ride the train to the city, then ride your bike the final mile to the office.
It is also being adapted for a smartwatch, which is good, since you don’t want to arrive at the office all sweaty. Instead, you can set the watch to ”no sweat mode” which amps up the electric pedal assist based on your heart rate to ensure you don’t break a sweat on the way to your destination. It also helps with navigation and safety hazards by sending a vibrating signal to the handlebars...
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