WinBib - Protection From Headwinds @WinBibDan


Useful at any temperature from the 60's down.

  • Turn any garment into a wind-proof garment.
  • Localized Layering™ adds warmth and comfort to any level of  layering.
  • Wear under a short-sleeve tee or jersey to stay comfortable in cool weather, even with strong headwinds
  • Wear between base layers and a warm jacket for increased comfort
  • Increase the warmth & comfort of any  outer layer, with a minimum of bulk
  • Easy to put on or take off, without removing the outermost layer.
  • Aero!  Nothing flaps in the wind.
  • Can be worn as an outermost layer if desired
  • Machine wash cold, tumble dry low
  • A versatile and comfortable tool for your keep-warm toolbox
All models use a comfortable neck strap with a buckle at the left shoulder.  For those who want to wear a WinBib™ as their outermost layer, tabs at the lower corners can be used to tie a string (not provided) around the waist.
The WinBib™ is proudly Made in the USA.  Designed and manufactured in New England, all models feature authentic US-made Polartec® brand fleece and other domestically produced materials.  Patent-pending.

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