Follow These Cyclists on the Greatest Gravel Ride Ever @SwallowBicycle

Sarah and Tom SwallowPHOTO BY TOM SWALLOW
Sarah and Tom Swallow of Swallow Bicycle Works
Riding your bike across the U.S. is hard enough, but why not throw rocky creek crossings and 20-percent-gradient dirt climbs into the mix, too? If you’ve ever been on a grueling gravel ride and wished it could go on for months and months, we've got a trip for your cycling vision board. Start keeping tabs on two people making the gravel dream happen along the entire frame-rattling Trans-America Trail (TAT)—and maybe even join the fun.

Sarah and Tom Swallow, co-owners of Swallow Bicycle Works in Loveland, Ohio, learned about the route when they unknowingly stumbled upon a stretch of it during a trip to North Carolina and Tennessee. Although the TAT was originally designed for motorcycle touring, they met several other cyclists who had ridden up to 800-mile stretches of it—so the Swallows decided to tackle the whole thing.
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