An unfiltered quasi-report on the Rivendell Atlantis by Benedict J. Poppi Kuuhl (Ultraromance)… “we like our tubes lugged and our cotton waxed as our bikini lines.” Read on.
Words by Benedict J. Poppi Kuuhl (@Ultraromance)
All photos by @nutmegcountry, except 2 bike photos by @rivbike
I have a lot of bikes, and most of them are pretty redundant. They are all mostly for touring and are rusty, olde, hacked, and only work if I ride them. “Oh the front mech won’t work? just kick it a little,” stuff like that. My Atlantis is no exception. I say all the mechanicals and creeks are just reminders that it’s time to stop and have a snack, and/or hang the hammock and take a nap. That being said, it’s still a ripper when it needs to be. 


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