The traditional bottle cage is the stuff of legend. It works well but does not cover the needs of all cyclists.

Perhaps you would like to carry a vacuum flask safely and conveniently for those HOT or really COLD drinks? Or maybe you feel the need to carry a large container up to 2 LITRES capacity? Cycle campers are often at a loss as to where to keep their stove fuel bottle when traveling from site to site.

Back in 1986 we thought about these requirements. The result was BIKEBUDDY the unique ADJUSTABLE bottle cage system.

BIKEBUDDY comes in three versions: MK1 for cycles without bottle cage fittings, and the MK2 and MK3 for cycles, which do. They are all manufactured entirely from stainless steel, so there is no fear of corrosion.

The MK1 is designed to fit the most popular tube size i.e. one and one eight inches (28.5mm) diameter.

The MK2 screws directly to the frames bottle cage fittings. Its central chassis contains eleven slots for positioning up or down the tube.

The MK3 has the advantage of QUICK RELEASE (see illustration). This model is withdrawn from the frame whilst still attached to the flask or bottle, leaving behind an unobtrusive pair of location pegs, which are screwed, into the bottle cage fittings, so you need only carry the MK3 when you want to. The LOCATION PEGS weigh approx 25 grammes and are available separately for fitting to your other bikes, enabling the transfer of the flask/bottle from one bike to another at a modest cost. MK3 requires only 20mm of lateral and 10mm of vertical movement to secure or remove it. This is VERY useful for carrying a large container in a small frame.

All three models adjust from 2.8 to 4.4 inches diameter (70 to 112mm). Where leg room is not a problem, BIKEBUDDY can be adjusted up to 6 inches (152mm) diameter by substituting the standard springs for '200' series which are available as an extra - very handy for carrying a small tent or rainwear.

For the better part of a quarter of a century, cyclists worlwide have made BIKEBUDDY their preffered choice, be it for cycle touring, cycle camping, commuting or off road.

BIKEBUDDY probably the most versatile system on the planet!