Five Years Later & The Prospect Park West Bike Lane War Rages On @gothamist

This kind of sight is still making a few people angry out there. (Diane Greene Lent/Flickr)
Remember when a small group of wealthy, politically connected Park Slope residents were angry about the city installing a two-way bike path along Prospect Park West? True, the lane foes once mobilized several dozen supporters for a protest, and their message—that cyclists were coming to body-check elderly women, slow down speeding cars, and wreck the historic character of three lanes of car traffic—was vastly amplified through a flurry of phone calls and emails to politician and reporter pals. But since a judge threw out their lawsuit against the city over the road reconfiguration, the ranks of the anti-lane contingent's hardcore have thinned. 
One organizer and plaintiff, Lois Carswell of Seniors for Safety, has died since the last court date in 2014. Another, onetime Department of Transportation Commissioner and still wife of Sen. Charles Schumer Iris Weinshall, has reportedly backed away from her anti-bike lane stance as she's taken on new jobs as the chief operating officer of New York Public Libraryand, awkwardly, the chairwoman of the Prospect Park Alliance. That leaves two former deputy mayors and the resident of a penthouse condo on Grand Army Plaza, as far as we can tell.