Provo family of 7 enjoy being car-less @heraldextra

In New York City, going car-less is the norm, but in Utah County, it’s a lot less common. One Provo family, though, has been proving it’s very possible — with a little bit of planning.
Karen and Joe Spencer have been carless for almost six years now. While some might think it’s environmental, or some sort of statement, for the Spencer family, it was purely financial. In late 2009, the family was living in Provo, where Joe Spencer had an internship while working as an adjunct faculty member. Money was very tight, and as Christmas approached, they came to a point where they had to decide to fix their one car or pay the rent.
“We also just found out I was pregnant with our fourth child, and the car didn’t have room for another car seat. So we sold it and paid the rent,” Karen Spencer said on a mild, sunny May afternoon.