Your (Just a Bit Illegal) Cheat Sheet for Hacking Safer Streets @WIRED

A month-long protected bikeway project in Rogers, Arkansas. The urban planning design firm Street Plans Collaborative worked with local governments and groups to protect cyclists using hard, plastic barriers called "armadillos," durable chalk, and traffic tape. STREET PLANS

AS FAR AS monikers go, “guerrilla urbanist” invokes an exotic, even frightening image. But the members of the San Francisco Municipal Transformation Agency have nice families. They met on Twitter. And they often get to work in the middle of the day.
Yes, they stray into illegal territory from time to time. But for these folks, “crime” involves using traffic cones or plastic bollards to protect bike lanes from cars without proper permitting. These men and women, who came together after vehicles killed two cyclists in San Francisco on the same day last June, are no masked vigilantes. They just want pedestrian- and cyclist-friendly infrastructure, and they’re willing to make it themselves.

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