Ellen Noble's Cyclocross Quest: A Cycling Camp for Young Women (Full Scholarships available!)

  Professional cyclist Ellen Noble has started a cyclocross camp geared towards women ages 15-18 years of age, which takes place this summer August 17-22 (Friday through Wednesday in Northampton, MA. The cost is $975 per rider, although there are 3 full scholarships available. Other partial scholarships may be available on need. SCHOLARSHIP APPLICATION DEADLINE IS THIS WEEK ON APRIL 16TH.

“People always ask me what women’s cycling needs the most, and how we can get #MoreGirlsOnBikes,” says Ellen. “My answer is always: We need to hold young women to the same standard that we hold young men. Only then will we see a surge in youth women’s racing, and at the same time an increase in love of the sport as their abilities are finally recognized. That answer has shaped my image for this camp.”

The camps schedule is designed to be rigorous to ensure that the campers get the most out of their time here. However, the camp will also provide a generous amount of leisure time to find the balance of “train hard; recover harder”.
A little background from Ellen: I began cycling as 5 years old, and have been racing competitively ever since. I always loved joining my parents on group rides with the local masters racers. That said, I always longed for a chance to meet other young girls like myself. More so, I wanted a place to learn and be pushed in a fun yet competitive environment with people my age. In high school, I remember writing to the directors of different development camps – for 4 years in a row – asking when they were going to accept women.
Unfortunately, they never did…
So one day I thought: If these camps can’t take junior girls, why not make a camp that does?
And so Ellen Noble’s Youth Women’s Cyclocross Quest was born!
Combining my countless years of involvement in the sport with my experience being a camper, a coach and a mentor, I feel that I bring a unique perspective to the direction of this camp.
My vision is to create a place for young women who want to take their cycling to the next level to be pushed, encouraged and taught all the important aspects of elite cyclocross racing. I aim to integrate my aforementioned vision for growing women’s cycling and put it into a camp. That means I want to meet two goals: for every girl to have the time of their life at the camp, and I want them to go home with an extremely high-level of new-found knowledge, having been pushed (and encouraged) in a way they never have before.
Each day will include:
  • Breakfast, lunch, dinner and plenty of snacks
  • Road ride and/or trail ride
  • Training sessions including cyclocross skill clinics, mini-races and hot laps
  • Yoga sessions
  • Short runs every morning
  • Fun activities like swimming hole stops!
  • Core/foam rolling guided sessions
  • Evening Discussion / Classroom Sessions on topics such as: Nutrition and meal prep, Race-day Schedule, Bike-fit, Mechanics (with session hosted by professional mechanic), Body Maintenance, Social Media / Sponsorship, Sports Psychology and Mental Health

Please see full article and information about Cyclocross Quest camp here at Ellen's blog. Links to registration and scholarship are also found here.