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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Cyclist Fashion Is Diversifying, Way Beyond Spandex [NY Times]

Published: November 10, 2011
When Gwen Lutz, a clothing designer and avid bicyclist, was asked to produce a bike fashion event at the annual San Francisco Bike Expothree years ago, she struggled to find outfits that would not seem out of place at work or in a bar. For so long, bike-centered apparel could be summed up in two words: neon Spandex.
Pedal Savvy
A model from the Pedal Savvy fashion show in 2010.
“The first year I did it, it was hard for me to pull together a whole show,” she said, “Now, every couple of months there’s a new brand. Even big companies this year include bicycles in their ads.”
Ms. Lutz will present her third and biggest show, “Pedal Savvy,” at the Expo this weekend. Now in its fourth year, the two-day Expo brings Bay Area cyclists together for a large swap meet, trade show, biking competitions, and educational panels. More than 5,000 people attended last year.

Riding Pittsburgh's Dirty Dozen [Bicycle Times]

The author tackles Canton Avenue's 37 percent grade.

By Karen Brooks, photos by Jon Pratt
Somehow I have lived and cycled in this city for 20 years without participating in one of its more famous bike events: the Dirty Dozen. This is an underground race of sorts, put on byDanny Chew, local hyper bike guy celebrity and two-time Race Across America winner who likes to dish out punishment—er, invite others to join in his idea of fun, which involves ridiculous amounts of miles or silly feats of leg strength. In this case the idea is to climb a baker’s dozen of Pittsburgh’s steepest hills in an enduro-style format, doling out points for those who make it to the tops fastest.

Bamboo Bottle Company

Introducing a one-of-a-kind bottle for a one-of-a-kind planet.™
Finally, there's a clean, safe and stylish bottle that is made from the practically inexhaustible resources of bamboo and glass. Bamboo gives our bottles style and strength. The glass guarantees safe, clean drinking at all temperatures. Whether you're chugging ice-cold water or sipping on steaming-hot tea, this uber-cool bottle is BPA-free, ensuring no chemicals leach into your drink. To clean your insulated bottle, simply unscrew the easy-to-tote cap and top ring to remove the dishwasher-safe glass. We recommended leaving the bottom cap attached to the glass for ease of handling. To help clean the planet, simply keep using your Bamboo Bottle to hydrate instead of bottled water. For sustainability, just add water ... and a Bamboo Bottle!
To learn more about how this one-of-a-kind bottle is constructed, dive-deep into each components page! Good luck on your adventure.

Cleveland Avenue and Morse Road dubbed most dangerous intersection [Business First]

The Mid-Ohio Regional Planning Commission named Cleveland Avenue and Morse Road the most dangerous intersection in the area.

The intersection of Cleveland Avenue and Morse Road on Columbus’ northeast side has been given the dubious distinction of the region’s most dangerous intersection for the second consecutive year.
The Mid-Ohio Regional Planning Commission ranked the top 40 intersections in the area based on the number of crashes within 250 feet of the intersection, their severity and traffic volume from 2008 to 2010. Cleveland Avenue and Morse Road’s 249 crashes during that time period represented an improvement over the 2007-09 survey as a turn lane was added and signals were rephased, but it wasn’t enough to keep the intersection from reclaiming the top spot.

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Cycling enthusiasts plan bicycle track on former Cleveland hospital site

CLEVELAND, Ohio -- A group of cycling enthusiasts plans to open a banked oval bicycle track next year on the former site of St. Michael Hospital in Cleveland.
The nonprofit Fast Track Cycling Inc. hopes the track eventually will grow into an $7.5 million complex that will provide exercise for adults and children and bring cyclists to the Slavic Village neighborhood from across the country.
Cleveland City Council voted Monday to give Fast Track Cycling a two-year lease with an option to buy. The company will rent the property for $1 a year.
University Health Systems donated the property to the city after closing the hospital in 2003. A highly publicized battle led by U.S. Rep. Dennis Kucinich had saved the hospital from shutting down three years earlier.
The city gave Fast Track a previous lease with a purchase option in November 2009, but the agreement expired a year ago. At the time, the purchase price was $385,000, compensating the city for demolition and cleanup costs.
Fast Track board President Brett Davis said the company did not go through with the acquisition because the depressed economy made it tough to raise the entire cost of the complex. This time, the group is taking a gradual approach.
A first phase, costing $250,000, will include a banked tenth-of-a-mile track, made of laminated plywood and set in a steel bowl. The group has received $50,000 from the JAM Foundation and $50,000 from individuals who each gave $1,000.
"We are going to do our best" to get the balance of the money for the first phase, said Davis, of University Heights. "If we can't raise another $150,000, it's not important to enough people."
A second phase would cover the track with an inflatable dome for all-year use, and a third phase would add a second domed track, connected to the first by a building.
The country has about 25 such cycling facilities, the nearest located north of Detroit. Davis hopes having a track that donors can see will help bring in money to complete the complex in three to four years.

Bike-car accidents? Just take the bikes away. That's how they do it in Dubai [via The National]

Police seize 8,600 bikes in safety blitz

Nov 30, 2011 
DUBAI // More than 8,600 bicycles have been confiscated by traffic police this year, resulting in a sharp decline in the number of fatal accidents, authorities say.
The confiscated bicycles are sold at auction but their owners, many of whom rely on them for work, say the seizures are an overreaction.
"The police said I should not be riding my cycle on roads where cars go at more than 60kph. I didn't know that," said Bijoy Joseph, who rides daily from Jumeirah to Al Barsha.
"I just wish they didn't keep our cycles because it's very expensive for us. Buses don't take us where we need to go. Cycling is the only way we can reach places on our own."
But police said fewer accidents showed how effective the measure was.

Monday, November 28, 2011

Surly Disc Trucker, the well loved model gets upgraded stoppers.

From Surly: Sometimes a combination of load, climate and terrain demands a bit more braking performance than a rim brake LHT provides. That’s where the Disc Trucker comes in. It’s a Long Haul Trucker with 51mm IS caliper mounts instead of rim brake mounts on the frame and newly redesigned fork. When designing the Disc Trucker we started with a brand new set of rear dropouts which place the caliper mount between the chain and seatstays, providing uncompromising clearance for a rack and fender. Cable/hose routing via our own Trip Guides runs along the downtube. Like the standard LHT, the Disc Trucker is available as a frameset and as a complete bike, with 26" wheels in 42–62cm frame sizes, and with 700c wheels in 56–62cm, the Disc Trucker will also be available in a 64cm, 700c wheel only. Most of the components on the complete bike are the same as the standard LHT, but a couple things are different. We chose Avid BB7 cable operated brakes for their proven reliability and ease of service, and Shimano XT M756 hubs with 6-hole rotor mounts. These hubs are durable and easy to maintain.
          •  26" wheels available in sizes: 42, 46, 50–62cm completes and framesets
          •  700c wheels: 56–64cm completes and frame sets

You can do it! A Simple Six blog details one family's quest to bike around Huntington WV

Meet A Simple Six
Fall 2011
Meet the family behind A Simple Six, left to right.
  • Elliot, 7, loves his friends, video games, playing creatively and being the biggest, sweetest brother and son he can be. He’s in the second grade at Our Lady of Fatima Parish School and has cute freckles. Elliot rides a blue 20 inch Junior Viper and was born in Pullman, WA.
  • Oliver, 22m, is trying to put two words together and wants nothing more than go on a bike ride. He waves hello to everyone and smothers loves his friend Etta. Oliver prefers to sit in the iBert but can sometimes be found in the Peanut Shell or trailer. Our youngest lad of three was born here in Huntington, WV.
  • Stacy, 32, spends a lot of time in the kitchen, which includes being on the computer, cooking, scheming, and occasionally putting away clean dishes. She writes this blog and volunteers all her time for, well, everything. Stacy peddles the Yuba Mundo on most days, but when she’s flying solo she might take the MTB. She call the corn fields of Troy, OH her home.
  • Brent, 35, eats, sleeps and drinks his job at Marshall University as a new media/graphics design professor in the department of fine arts. He does it for his wife and four children and can’t imagine a better place to spend his paid time at this point in his life. Brent also paints, makes video art and can’t keep a serious face in a photo. He rides a 29 inch Cannondale something or the other. It’s black with big wheels. Brent says it was serendipity that brought him back to his birth state.
  • Avery, 4, has a moppy surfer hair cut, shadows Elliot and all his friends, longs to be the big kid and can shatter glass with his voice when he’s angry. He had Guillane Barre Syndrome just after he turned 3 and took on a full recovery. Avery has no desire to peddle himself when he can get a cushy ride on the deck of the Yuba. He was our first WV baby.
  • London, 9, is in the 4th grade and has a very free spirit. She’s a dragonologist, artist, book lover, knitter, crocheter, and favorite niece of her aunts Sara and Shannon. London has an old box-store mountain bike she really wants to either cover in stickers or paint blue. She also owns an old cruiser bike with big handle bars and stars cutout of the chain guard. Born in Columbus, OH, she lived in three states and six houses before she was five.
We are currently doing our best to bicycle everywhere we can in Huntington, WV and the surrounding area. We drive our van on average 20 miles a week, mostly to school in the morning. As a family we can be found at the grocery or reading stories in the living room. We try to make conscientious decisions that are best for the community and the planet. There is no end to our gratitude for everything and everyone and we thank you all for reading!

Sunday, November 27, 2011

FROZENFAT FAT BIKE WEEKEND is January 15-16th, 2012

Event Name:
FrozenFat Fatbike Weekend

Pennsylvannia’s only Fatbike Only Weekend
Established 2011

January 15-16th 2012 Rain or Snow

Tony and Paula Seguin Homestead 
Last House on Martin Gap Road in Huntingdon, Pa. 16652 
Borders Rothrock State Forest. Close to Raystown Lake and the Allegrippis Trails

Brethren of Fat. 
Expect to be unreasonably cold....than everything else will seem normal.
After that realize that this is going to be a wild weekend of fatbike camaraderie.

Ride some snowmobile trails in Rothrock State Forest.
Have a shuttled fatbike downhill ride.race.
Camp out in the woods with a bonfire and some craft beer
Ride some more at Raystown Lake on the coastal lake ice. 
Have some fun.

Primitive Camping. Cars will be parked on site and may be slept in.
Portable Toilets.
Water available on site.
No indoor accommodations.
No showers.
Big ole bonfire.
Fatbikes only (3.8 or greater)
Plenty of space to set up a tent. 
Potluck Dinner Saturday and Coffee Sunday AM

Schedule of Events
Saturday: January 15th
9am- get ready to roll out under pavilion
9:30am- leave campsite on Martins Gap Road
Head to Rothrock State Forest
2:30pm Return to the campsite
3:30pm- 5:30pm Martin Gap Avalanche
6:00pm Bonfire, Potluck, and Brews

Sunday: January 16th
7:00am- Coffee under pavilion
8:30am- Leave for Raystown
9:15am- Start Coast ride at Seven Points Beach Lot
2:00pm- Wrap Up Raystown Ride
2:40pm- Return to Martins Gap

$22.00 covers beer and toilets

Pre-Reg Only via search frozenfat

Need a FatBike?
Rothrock Outfitters- 814-643-7226
Freezethaw Cycles- 814.272.0178

General Liability Waiver. Remember we are here to have fun.

- shittiest sleeping arrangement: new 0d sleeping bag
- fastest downhill time: surly nate tires
- new-b: something special
- bitchiest: socks

Northeast Loop Ride Recap 11262011


Distance:57.5 mi
Elevation:1506  ft
Max Grade
16.4 %
Average Speed
63 degrees and 12mph+ headwinds

How the Dutch got their cycle paths

Bikedispenser - Yeah, it's a vending machine for bikes.

The company
Bikedispenser is a young, rapidly growing company, specialized in development, production en exploitation of mobility solutions. The Bikedispenser is developed by Springtime and Post&Dekker. Following a pilot during 2005 and 2006 in Eindhoven, at the end of 2007 the first bicycle storages are in use. Since then we work hard on further enrollment of the system. Bikedispenser has professional partners, like OV-fiets, ProRail, Velomove, 1-2Bike, Gazelle, CP+A and Greenchoice.

Strong financial position
Bikedispenser is a financial solid company, which is backed up by committed shareholders and professional partners. The years to come we invest in broadening the applications of the Bikedispenser, improvement of the bicycle and the machine, the implementation of new payment options and services and issuance systems for electric bicycles.

Managing director Hans Schreuder was involved in the development of the Bikedispenser from the beginning. He is an engaged developer with a passion for sustainability. With his ongoing enthusiasm, he is responsible for the projects that are already realized or will soon take off.


Do you want your voice to be heard? T&PC Bicycle Subcommittee meets WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 30TH, 2011

Want your voice to be heard about cycling issues and infrastructure? Don't like the new bicycle shelters? Love em? Tell the committee!


5:00 P.M. – 7:00 P.M.


Saturday, November 26, 2011

Crook's Cycle Right Open House is TODAY, Saturday 11/26

Hi everyone,
It is really going to happen this time!

We have a lot going on this winter and wanted to invite you into see the new studio.

Door Prizes include Fits, Coaching, TRX Sessions, a Month of Cycling Camp, Power Bar products and more.

Plus Open House Specials. Come to the Open House and book a Wobble Naught Laser Precision fit for just 149.95 - (if you don't win)

Have you heard of TRX work outs? We have added TRX Full Body Blast workouts to the Studio because we believe it is a very effective way to build cycling strength.

What is a VO2 Max test and what do you do with the results - Tim Rucker will discuss the test and how it is used to in coaching cyclists and runners (great for Triathletes).

 What is special about Computrainers and how do they make our Winter Cycling Camps an different from your trainer.

How is Wobble Naught different from all other cycling position systems. This is a competition proven cycling position system that will make any type of cyclist better.

We hope to see you today, Open House hours are 10 to 2.
-- John, Tim, Tom and Penny
Crook's Cycle Right a cycling performance center
Cell 614 496-8982
Office 614 417-1551
829 N. Columbus St 
Lancaster, OH