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Monday, February 29, 2016

Track bike tire blowoutz

Sunday, February 28, 2016

Rever - MCX1 disc brakes

Rever - MCX1 from Rever on Vimeo.

Saturday, February 27, 2016

CHEETAH: The Nelson Vails Story (Full Version) @NAHBStweets

Tout Terrain Mule

The suspended and single-wheeled luggage trailer is a unique product for off-road and on-road cycling and ideal for bicycle touring. Also for mountain bikers who are crossing the Alps or those who just want to take their bike on an unsupported trip with luggage, the Mule is the perfect means of transportation. Because of its width of only 45 cm and its single-wheeled design even serpentines can be coped with little efforts.
On tour, the trailer is a loyal companion, transforming a mountain bike into a touring bike. Once the «base camp» has been reached, the trailer can be disconnected and on day trips you can enjoy a true mountain bike ride. The Mule is designed for off-road riding. Even on rough sections, it can be run without problems and you almost forget that you are traveling with a trailer. With its large load capacity, it is also great for family trips as parents can easily carry the luggage of their children. Using the same hitch system as the Singletrailer and Streamliner the trailers can easily be interchanged between bikes.

Five Years Later & The Prospect Park West Bike Lane War Rages On @gothamist

This kind of sight is still making a few people angry out there. (Diane Greene Lent/Flickr)
Remember when a small group of wealthy, politically connected Park Slope residents were angry about the city installing a two-way bike path along Prospect Park West? True, the lane foes once mobilized several dozen supporters for a protest, and their message—that cyclists were coming to body-check elderly women, slow down speeding cars, and wreck the historic character of three lanes of car traffic—was vastly amplified through a flurry of phone calls and emails to politician and reporter pals. But since a judge threw out their lawsuit against the city over the road reconfiguration, the ranks of the anti-lane contingent's hardcore have thinned. 
One organizer and plaintiff, Lois Carswell of Seniors for Safety, has died since the last court date in 2014. Another, onetime Department of Transportation Commissioner and still wife of Sen. Charles Schumer Iris Weinshall, has reportedly backed away from her anti-bike lane stance as she's taken on new jobs as the chief operating officer of New York Public Libraryand, awkwardly, the chairwoman of the Prospect Park Alliance. That leaves two former deputy mayors and the resident of a penthouse condo on Grand Army Plaza, as far as we can tell.

Fast Forward @REI

Fast Forward from REI on Vimeo.

Friday, February 19, 2016

Prestacycle TorqKey T-Handle Torque-Limiting Bits Tool Kit @prestacycle

Simply Accurate – Reliable and Affordable

Our torque tools use intelligent design for accuracy without the need for expensive calibration. An industrial-grade internal spring manufactured within extremely tight tolerances pre-determines torque setting. The tool does not need to be set into calibration and cannot shift out of calibration.

Easy to use

Ergonomic handle fits your palm with a four-finger grip to make wrenching easier. Tool provides an unmistakable 20 degree overrun when the torque limit is reached. Users can be confident knowing they have the correct tension. Low profile allows the tool to fit into more places for use, overall 60% lower height than tools costing twice as much.

Use it like a tool

Prestacycle’s TorqKey is fast and easy-to-use as an everyday tool. Color-coded tension markings on both sides make it a quick-grab on your workbench. 50% thicker walls in the bit shaft make our tools stronger and more reliable than others. They provide Torque relief in the right (clockwise) screw tightening direction, and hold firm in the left (counterclockwise) unscrew direction. You can unscrew fittings that were just tightened with the TorqKey. This is very handy when making multiple attempts to get a cable adjustment just right. NOTE: Do not use TorqKey to remove stuck, damaged, rusted or over-tightened fittings.

More Options

Prestacycle TorqKeys are available in 4Nm, 5Nm, 6Nm, 7Nm, 8Nm, 10Nm and 12Nm. Combine TorqKeys with our Ratchets and Bit sets to make a more complete tool set for Bicycle servicing. Standard Magnetic Hex Tip works with our 20 Piece Bicycle Bits set, our long Bicycle bits and any other 1/4″ Hex bits.
Prestacycle TorqKeys are different… designed from the start with real-world experience on Bicycles.

Monday, February 15, 2016

States find older cyclists a boon to local economies @PittsburghPG

OlderCyclists1213 Mike Magnan of Mesa, Az. waves to other bikers as he rolls into the South Side to complete the Greenway Sojourn bike trek on Saturday, June 30, 2007. Around 500 cyclists spent eight days riding the 335 miles from Washington, DC to Pittsburgh along the nearly completed Great Allegheny Passage.
Rebecca Droke / Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
Mike Magnan of Mesa, Az. waves to other bikers as he rolls into the South Side to complete the Greenway Sojourn bike trek on Saturday, June 30, 2007. Around 500 cyclists spent eight days riding the 335 miles from Washington, DC to Pittsburgh along the nearly completed Great Allegheny Passage.
Cities and states have long urged their residents to ride bicycles, as a healthy form of recreation and as a green alternative to driving. Now they’re recognizing pedal power’s economic potential.
Tourism officials and cycling advocates sometimes refer to tourists on bicycles as “wallets on wheels.” That’s because they stay longer in a state and spend more per day than other tourists. Oregon, for example, has found that bicycle tourism contributes $400 million a year to its economy — roughly $1.1 million a day. It was the first state to create a Bike Friendly Business Program that helps businesses market to bicycle tourists.