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Thursday, April 18, 2013

Crossing Washington On The John Wayne Pioneer Trail - Check out the pics, OH YEAH!

Day 1 was the first bona fide day of touring and the plan was to ride about 50 miles, from about mile 15 on the map below to about mile 65. The only access to any kind of services (i.e. food, water) would be in Rosalia, which was about 10 miles in.  The big event for the day would be passing by Rock Lake, which is the long, skinny body of water sitting under the 50 mile marker on the map.

For the appetizer, we ordered up more classic Palouse farm country. I knew however, that we would be trying something different for the main course.

One of the brazillion deer we saw. 

One of the brazillion rock cuts we pedalled through. They never got old though. 

As we were just about to cross the rad trestles leading into Rosalia, Eric noticed that the filling had squished out of Scott's sleeping burrito. See the blue rolled-up pad and the sleeping bag inside it on Eric's bike? That's exactly the way Scott's was supposed to look, but all you can see is the pad. 

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matt0701 said...

This ride looks beautiful! How hilly was the ride?

Bill said...

You should post that question to their blog:

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