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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Ride 6/29/2009 - Ride Report

Pretty good ride. Lot of old faces, a bunch of new people. Two tandems were out in the crowd of at least 70 people. We rode south then east and had flats on 5th. As soon as we started moving we had another flat. A few people stayed back and fixed the tire. They caught up to us later. We headed north past Crew Stadium and east into the neighborhoods. We looped back west on Weber and stopped near the trail. I rode south on the trail with Andy and Bethia and down Neil into town back to the bar. I had 24 miles. Your mileage may have varied.

Monday, June 29, 2009

Bike Price List

Bike Price list
Prices correspond to pictures on Flickr
contact Xenia at 614-286-4039 after six p.m.

1. Woman’s Blue Drake, hand brakes $100
2. Green Willawood Ladies Huffy Coaster bike $75
3. Aeroflight Rollfast, ladies blue one speed $75
4. Pinkish men’s bike w/basket 2 Mark on bikestem $75
5. Woman’s blue hand brake Schwinn Collegiate
3speed coaster brake $100

6. Man’s Black Sears 3 speed Sears $50
7. Man’s Sheffeld Dunelt England 3 speed $150
8. Woman’s Red Collegiate 3speed Schwinn
w/coaster brake $100
9. Man’s turn down handle bar Huffy 10 speed $75
10. Woman’s yellow Huffy 3 speed $100
11. Green Woman’s Unispeed, with brown seat $75
12. CBC Ross Europa Ladies one speed blue $75
13. Ladies blue Murray $75
14. A mix of many bikes hanging from rafters $50 to $100 (must call to see)**
15. Roadmaster Murray, blue $75
16. Western flyer/Sonic Flyer $75 - $100

Finally the pair of Schwinn Suburban 10 speed bikes $300+

** There are a couple of Schwinn 3 speeds (a man’s and a woman’s) which will be priced at $100 each
And the remainder of the selection are girls’ and woman’s bikes from the ‘40s/ and ‘50s eras. These will be priced accordingly.

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Comfest Bike Parking Pics

Officer On Bike Struck By Cruiser During Pursuit - Columbus, OH

OLUMBUS, Ohio — An officer was injured Saturday during a pursuit on the city's east side.
Police said two officers, one in a cruiser and another on a bicycle, were chasing a suspected robber in the area of Eastland Mall at about 8 p.m., 10TV News reported.

During the pursuit, the officer in the cruiser struck the officer on the bicycle.

The injured officer, whose name was not immediately released, was transported to Grant Medical Center in stable condition, police said.

Police said the robber was suspected of taking more than $300 worth of merchandise from a department store. He was arrested and was expected to face charges in connection with the robbery.

Stay with 10TV News and for more information.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Taco Truck Ride Report

Left work with Morgen and Andy. Rode over to High and Broad and met with Jay and Dylan. Headed west toward COSI and stopped at the cool scale on Washington (see pics). Then we headed out Front and then got over to Sullivant. Brian, Christine and their friend caught up to us and we headed to the Los Guachos Taco Truck. We did make a stop at Camp Chase cemetery because nobody on the ride had ever stopped (except myself). Food was awesome! Then we rode to Los Potosinos for chicken and ice cream. After some more great food we headed back into town with Lindsey and Mike. Thanks everybody for riding. It was a great evening.

More pics from Taco Truck Ride

Photos courtesy of

Single Taco Truck Ride that turned into Two Taco Trucks

More details tomorrow...

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Selle SMP Evolution Saddle Follow-up

The factory responded to my email and directed me to to the US Distributor. The distributor is sending replacement rails for the saddle. The rails unbolt from the saddle.

Ecobike North America, Inc.

EcoBike is a world-renowned designer of quality electric bicycles, sold all over Europe and North America.

Combining style with functionality, EcoBike offers the best fuel-free transportation alternative. On an EcoBike electric bike, commuting to work, running errands, and riding for exercise become exciting, enjoyable activities.

The EcoBike motor gives riders just the boost they need. Gone are the days when you had to worry about that last difficult hill, or whether you would get too tired halfway into a ride.

EcoBike offers a state of the art battery and frame design, and artfully combines the highest quality parts from the most competitive manufacturers – Shimano, SRAM, and Cionlli, to name a few. The result is a masterpiece in convenience, reliability, and style.

So get outdoors, improve your health, be greener, and save money with an EcoBike.

the site...

6/22/2009 - Ride Report

I wasn't going to ride but I made it anyway.... I rode down High to Williams over to Three Creeks and headed up the trail. Headed up Long and wound over to the start. At that point I had 22 miles. We rode south and then west into Franklinton. At Dodge Park we had a particularly difficult flat and a lot of people bailed. Greg and I rode south on Harmon and then up to the bar. 29 miles total. Great weather.

Taco Truck ride this Wednesday

Columbus Underground and Taco Trucks Columbus are planning a Taco Truck meetup at Los Guachos Taco Truck off of Sullivant. I was planning on riding my orange cruiser bike so I can't go too fast.

Probably leaving from Broad and High at 6:30pm

Taco Truck ride on Wednesday

Columbus Underground and Taco Trucks Columbus are planning a Taco Truck meetup at Los Guachos Taco Truck off of Sullivant. I was planning on riding my orange cruiser bike so I can't go too fast.

Probably leaving from Broad and High at 6:30pm

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Ridge Runner Highlight - "Mayor of Fredonia"

This guy lives on the corner of the split for the 52 and 100 mile route. We turned the corner and he came out of his house with his frying pan and laid into us. If anyone can translate that would be great.

Athens AM Rotary Club’s annual Quilt Barn Ride and Poker Run - July 18th

A Benefit for Athens AM Rotary & Cancer Research

The Athens AM Rotary Club’s annual Quilt Barn Ride and Poker Run will raise funds for the Club’s charity work and for Pelotonia, a grassroots bike tour based in Columbus, Ohio with one goal: to end cancer. The Quilt Barn Ride begins at 8 a.m., July 18th, 2009 and starts at the Athens County Convention and Visitor’s Bureau, 667 East State St., Athens, Ohio. Poker Run prizes will be announced at 1:00 p.m.

A special route has been designed to provide cyclists with a scenic ride through Athens, County, with stops at five local Quilt Barns. The route will consist of a 30- mile loop, with an additional 20 miles of optional road available for the more experienced riders who want more of a challenge. The Athens County Quilt Barns include paintings of traditional quilt patterns on local barns. The Quilt Barns were created from an Appalachian Ohio art project, with funding from the Ohio Arts Council. This project planted the seeds for what has become a national art movement.

What are my Registration Options?

There are three Classes for which you can register. Please visit the Registration Page for more information on the following classes:

Prize Class riders have the opportunity to win a variety of active lifestyle-based prizes including the Grand Prize: the opportunity to ride with Lance Armstrong, seven-time Tour De France winner and cancer survivor, in the 100-mile-long Pelotonia Tour to Athens, Ohio on Saturday August 29. The value of this prize is $1,500, all of which will go toward cancer research at The Ohio State University Comprehensive Cancer Center-James Center Hospital and Solove Research Institute. Please visit the Registration page for more information.
Fun Class riders get to ride the route at a discounted fee, the same fee riders have paid in the past.
Group Class riders get a Prize Class discount for registering a team of 4 riders — buy three, get one free!


Kenny Be's guide to summer's terrifying two-wheeled creatures

more here...

For sale - 1up trainer $150

Purchased several years ago. Used for two winter seasons.

1up website for details...

VanMoof cycles

I was at Easton yesterday dropping off posters and save the date cards for Bike the C-Bus. Roll is a sponsor this year. Outside a bike caught my eye. The VanMoof 28 has built-in solar powered LED lights front and rear that are activated with a small magnet.

the website is here....

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Impromptu Ridge Runner Ride

Jonny and I rode the Ridge Runner 52 mile route. The marks are still down. It is amazing how keeping the group small makes the ride go faster. Last year on many rides we stopped a lot and the stops were long. This year we have been riding faster and getting rides done more quickly. We did 66 miles and ended with 16mph average. Weather was beautiful. The mayor of Freedonia was out and he was vocal. As soon as we rounded the corner he came out of his house and started to utter. Granville was holding their Gran Prix races, but we were way too early. Good ride. I did break my seat a few miles from the house as we were heading down Kitzmiller.

And it is broken.... Selle SMP Evolution broken seat rail

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Ahearne Cycles Racks

Flask and Flask Holder from Ahearne Cycles

Spaceman Flask Holster

"It really says something about the bike industry when someone can leave his or her mark in this business by making a flask holder. Yes, a flask holder. As in, something that carries your private reserve liquor. Surly has made a flask for several years, and one night, Ahearne and his friend Billy Spaceman were trading pints at a local dive bar when they had that "Hey, wouldn't it be cool if..." moment. They decided to design a flask holster for the popular Surley flask, to be named the Spaceman Flask Holster. Little did they know that this seemingly novel little product would help Ahearne break into the bicycle business." – Dirt Rag

Purchase one here....

Bike ride to Columbus Underground Happy Hour Wine & Pizza on the Hills Market Veranda

Date: Thursday, June 18, 2009
Time: 6:00pm - 9:00pm
Location: The Hills Market
Street: 7860 Olentangy River Road
City/Town: Columbus, OH
Phone: 6148463220

That's right! We're headed northward!

Thursday June 18th

The Hills Market will be hosting our next event out on their wonderful veranda with wine, pizza and more.

$2 Craft Brews
$1 Good Ole' Bud Light
$4 Glasses of WIne
$1-Off Large Pizzas

If you are interested in riding up to this event in a group please email me at for details.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Columbus Underground Meet up June 24th

I want to ride over to this event. I am thinking about riding on the cruiser bike so it would be a leisurely ride.

From Tao Trucks Columbus
In the course of our taco trucking we have found some amazing food, met some great people and spotted a few other bizarre things too. We thought Los Guachos would be a great venue for a CU meet (meat?) up and we know that the people who have already tried it will agree. We heard nothing but resounding praise for this truck.

Los Guachos is the only truck in Columbus to serve al pastor (marinated pork) right off the spit. It is really, really good and their tacos and gringas (al pastor served with caramelized cheese) are crave worthy.

Meet up will go ahead rain or shine. Bring cash as the trucks don’t take anything else. The food is very reasonable and there are soft drinks available. Commerce Square is just off Sullivant (map here) and there are lots of other taco trucks nearby if you want to try some others.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Bicycle Film Festival - Pittsburgh stop


7:00 PM | Program 1 - Bike Shorts - BUY TICKETS
Over the Bar Bicycle Cafe - 2518 E Carson St

6:00 PM | Program 2 - Where are you go - Premiere - BUY TICKETS
8:00 PM | Program 3 - Urban Bike Shorts - BUY TICKETS
8:00 PM | AFTER PARTY - The Brew House - 2100 Mary St


the site

Friday, June 12, 2009

In Chicago this weekend? Naked Bike Ride on Saturday 13th

Saturday June 13th 2009
PARTICIPANTS: Check-in after 6pm near the "O" sign near 1077 W Randolph. People-powered wheels strictly required.
SPECTATORS: Come near Finkl on Cortland by Kingsbury before 11pm. Wave and cheer safely from the sides, behave yourselves, come without car.

I though Columbus tried to participate last year, but I never received any details about the ride. Ran across this while looking for things to do in Chicago.


Thursday, June 11, 2009

Follow the real tour today - Le Tour Ultime

Le Tour Ultime
The Tour the France in one stage
4000 km non-stop cycling!
Le Tour Ultime, the most ultimate Cycling Challenge in the world! The Tour the France (more than 4000 km) non-stop in one stage.

the site is here...

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

The Chain Condom

It's the easy way to Protect Your Goodies.TM
Chain CondomTM is a simple-to-use cover that goes on your bike in less than a minute. It keeps the grease and grime from your bike chain and derailleurs away from stuff you want to keep clean, like your car interior. Its unique, patent-pending design means it's simple to use and stays put.

Chain CondomTM was created by a professional bike team member and has been used by top pros. Click here to read the Chain CondomTM story, or click here to see how easy it is to put the Chain CondomTM on your bike.

the site...

Tuesday, June 9, 2009


What is L'Eroica
"L'EROICA" is a period cyclotouristic rally held mainly on gravel roads, organized since 1997. It is a special "race" from every point of view. It proposes surroundings and scenes from the "heroic" times of cycling: dust or mud, no organized service, vintage refreshments, wonderful and demanding roads, great ability to adapt and to suffer.

We search for the authentic roots of the awesome popularity of that cycling world made by the giants of the roads, which created so much literary legends.

the website (in English)

800 Lumen light from Dinotte!

When you need the highest level of brightness plus the flexibility of dimming, flashing, long run times with the durability of LED technology, the 800L systems provide the best choice.

The 800L is a four LED product sure to impress any road or mountain bike user. It's our brightest light yet, and has a wider beam than the 600L while maintaining similar intensity.

The 800L light series offers unique features such as the instant HIGH power - Regardless of your operating mode, we have one button reserved to be the highest setting possible when there is not time to fumble around with lights. our flashmode also has one light steady while the other two strobe.

The 800L-LI-4C includes Light engine, 2 batteries, worldwide smart charger, extension cable, straps and O-rings. If you wish to add a helmet mount, it must be selected as an option.

All orders within the USA ship using USPS priority mail by default but can be upgraded to express for a small fee. International orders MUST go express mail. Express mail is available for all shipments for a small fee. Most orders ship the same or next day.

The 800L comes standard with a bar mount. You may add the helmet mount by selecting the option in the mounting section. We feel this product serves better as a handlebar mounted product. (our 400L is our favorite helmet mounted product!)

The 800L run times are PER battery, so when we say it's 2.5 hours on high this is a per battery calculation.

This package can be purchased with or without batteries (existing customers may already have batteries), but this light should only be powered by our four cell battery.

Dinotte website...

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Support Pedal Instead

Pedal Instead provides free bicycle parking for people who ride their bikes to major events around Columbus. The service is provided by Mayor Coleman’s Green Team and operated by the University Area Enrichment Association (UAEA). Here is how you use Pedal Instead:

Ride your bike to the event
Locate the Pedal Instead parking area
Fill out a ticket with your name, phone number, and miles ridden to the event
Leave your bike with the volunteers, no lock required
Take the tear-off part of the ticket and enjoy your event
When you’re ready to leave, take your ticket to the volunteers to retrieve your bike
Tip them generously
Ride your bike away, repeat next time
If you’d like to have Pedal Instead at your event, please contact Catherine Girves at

HOOT 2009 Pics and Ride Report

Brett and I ventured out for the century option for HOOT 2009. We had two others cancel because of a late night, medical conditions, and the medical conditions that occur from a late night. Nice temps and weather to start the ride. The ride is billed as hilly and it definitely lives up to the billing. We climbed 5500 feet over 105 miles. The "makers" had Revenge and Savage hils on the ride. At mile 74 we ran into a 19% grade climb that forced me off the bike. I had mechanical issues and was off the bike for another 1.5 hills. Brett was forced off several times as well because he rides a single speed. We stopped at the Liberty Bell restaurant in Bremen. They don't take credit cards which posed a problem. Good food and service. We gathered up enough cash to cover, but shorted the tip. Sorry about that Ms Waitress. : ( After lunch it seemed to heat up and I went through a ton of water/gatorade. It took a lot longer than I planned plus we missed a few of the turn marks. We got back to the start and another group showed up. They also had problems with turn markers and a 50 mile ride turned into a 72. Very strenuous ride and we all agreed that it was much tougher than any other COP ride to date, with the exception of CFC which I have not ridden.

Independent Fabrication custom paintjob

I parked next to a woman at HOOT who had a custom painted IF bike. Very nice.

6/1/2009 - Ride Report

I did not attend... here is the report from Jonny

North on High to Bernies, .04 miles, about 7 riders.


Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Muscle Powered - Carson City

Welcome to the Muscle Powered Blog!

Established in 1997, Muscle Powered is a community group dedicated to making Nevada’s capital city a better community for bicycling and walking through advocacy, education, and promotion of bike-and-pedestrian-friendly roadways, and bike-and-pedestrian-friendly development and redevelopment.

resource page on their site...

Volunteer for Pedal Instead this weekend...

We've been invited to offer Pedal Instead at the Columbus Arts Festival this weekend, and though it's last minute we intend to make a go of it. If you could take a volunteer shift (or two or seven....!!) this weekend it would be a great help to us. Visit the Volunteer Corner at to sign up; check later today for details regarding the event.

As always, thanks so much for your contribution to Pedal Instead & UAEA! We mightily appreciate it!

Be well,

Monday, June 1, 2009

Keystone Country MS 150 Bike Ride

Last year was the first year that our team, Maggie’s Marauders, rode together in the Keystone Country MS 150 and we had such a good time that we are going to do it again. As a team, we were able to raise close to $30,000 for the National MS society. The National MS society has an excellent record of having 92% of all moneys donated go to directly help folks with MS both with services and research.

Here is a Youtube that our team captain put together of last years ride:

Last year was a very difficult ride for me probably because of the heat but I did make it. This year, I am praying for a better ride and because of a switch in my medication, I think I will have the strength and endurance to once again finish, with God’s help. This years ride is on July 25th and 26th so there is a chance I will be facing the heat again. This will be my 11th MS 150 and I hope to have many more.

Each year, we are finding more and more out about auto immune diseases. I am confident that in my life time, they will have a cure for MS. This won’t happen on its own without financial support. Won’t you sponsor me today? Last year, I missed the individual top ten fund raiser by about $200 so this year I want to be in that list. What a message I would send if I became the top fund raiser. To reach that goal, I will need a lot more support.

The MS society has a secure web system for making donations on line. You can find that by going here:

Also, please feel free to forward this e-mail to others! There are lots of family and friends that I don’t have e-mail for. Help make me and my team the top fund raiser this year for the Keystone Country Ride!

Bike to Work Week Challenge Wrap-up - From the mailbag

Dear Challenge Participant,

Thank you for participating in the Bike to Work Week Challenge! The results blew us away; we can't wait for next year to push the envelope even further. You can help in that regard by completing a 5-minute survey of your B2WW '09 experience: - thanks!

The 2009 winning teams and a few final results are listed below, but you can expect a full report this July. In the meantime, big thanks to roll: bicycle shop ( for providing the participating members from all winning teams with a 20% discount day at their stores and Octopus Inc.. Details on this special day will follow soon!

* Bucks on Bikes (The Ohio State University): 1,261 trips / 5,852 miles (!)
* LGC Bikers (Lazarus Government Center): 395 trips / 2,255 miles
* Cougar Cranks (Columbus State Community College): 125 trips / 605 miles
* EWI Wheelers (Edison Welding Institute): 105 trips / 660 mile
* Team Roll (roll: Bicycle Shop): 131 trip / 1,121 miles
* Hills Market: 22 trips / 163 miles

* One-way trips: 5,817
* Miles commuted by bicycle: 34,300
* Gallons of gasoline not purchased: 1,715 (mile/20mpg)
* Pounds of C02 emissions avoided: 34,300 (20 lb C02/gal gas)
All the participation details for each team and its members are now listed on the website- click on your team name for the details.


Congrats on your great work, and keep pedaling!

The Bike to Work Week Planning Team

Tappan to Tuscarawas ride pics and report

Tappan to Tusarawas ride is organized by riders out of Pittsburgh. I have not done this ride since I moved to Columbus so it was a treat to see all my friends again. The ride starts outside of Cadiz OH on Rt 250 and heads in a loop past Tappan Lake, New Philadelphia, Dennison and Tuscarawas. It was a beautiful day to ride, foggy and cool in the morning, but it warmed up and became sunny. There was a slight headwind, which became a tailwind on the way back. We finished with 81 miles and averaged 17mph.