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Saturday, December 29, 2018

Video: The Best Mountain Bike Fails of the Year

*Warning: There is some course language

Friday, December 28, 2018

Wednesday, October 10, 2018

#5 DeFeet World - Vintage Bianchi 10-9-2018 @defeet

Episode Info

Paul Willerton and Shane Cooper from DeFeet explore a new, shared interest: vintage bicycles. Paul takes a deeper dive into the history of Bianchi while Shane discloses his newly purchased - not yet acquired - vintage ride.

Friday, October 5, 2018

Thursday, July 12, 2018

Video: Fly Ride - MTB Video Filmed Entirely With Drones

Airblastr presents FLY RIDE. Filmed 100% with flying cameras. Experience mountain biking like never before, blasting down the steep and winding trails near Fernie, BC.  Riding by Dylan Siggers with a guest appearance by Matt Dennis.  I fly, you ride. 

Wednesday, July 4, 2018

Hobo work stand for hollow bottom brackets @cycloc

Trans Ecuador Mountain Bike Route (TEMBR)

Trans Ecuador Mountain Bike Route (TEMBR) from Jay Bird Films on Vimeo.

Looking Down is Looking Up - Harper Pass Route @salsacycles

RJ Ripper - Nepal Mountain Bike Guide

Kids and bikes; wherever you are in the world, they go together. The chaotic streets of Kathmandu may not seem like a typical breeding ground for world-class mountain bikers, but then again nothing is typical about Rajesh (RJ) Magar. Since learning to ride on a beat-up clunker, to becoming the four-time National Champion at age 21, RJ’s story is one of boundless childhood dreaming and unstoppable determination, forged from junkyard scraps and tested on the rugged trails of the mighty Himalaya.

Biking the Hayduke Highway #letsride

Monday, June 25, 2018

Video: e*thirteen TRS+ First Ride and Installation - 12 Speed Without the Price Tag

If you've got an 11 speed drivetrain but you're hankering after a 12 speed setup and don't want to commit to a whole new groupset, this retrofit solution from e*thirteen might be just the ticket.

Saturday, June 23, 2018

Video: In Disaster There is Opportunity - Finding a Path Through Paralysis | Martyn Ashton

Martyn explains the unbelievable challenge presented by a career ending injury, and how he used a unique approach to tackle it. “If I’m going to be paralysed, then I may as well be good at it!”

Tuesday, June 5, 2018


"You know when you have an idea, buy some stuff, start putting it all together then stand back and think WTF am I doing, well thats "The Bicycle of Springs" haha. This has just been a laugh as with no purpose or real understanding of what I was trying to achieve everyone who has witnessed this has just laughed."

Monday, June 4, 2018

Video: Should cyclists be forced to wear helmets?

Bicycle helmets are compulsory in countries such as Australia and New Zealand, among others, but as the Guardian's Peter Walker explains this does not help save lives. Despite a series of helmet promotion campaigns in the UK, a growing amount of evidence suggests forcing people to wear protective headgear leads to greater risk-taking and can even put people off cycling altogether, exacerbating the crises in obesity and inactive living.

What are your thoughts on this?

Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Bootlegger 100 Gravel Race @gravelcyclist #gravelgrinder

The Bootlegger 100 gravel race traverses 100 miles of North Carolina gravel, with a bonus of 10,000 feet / 3,000+ meters of climbing thrown in for good measure! Weather conditions for the 2018 edition were near perfect.

Monday, April 30, 2018

Salsa Cycles Presents: Hello, My Name Is Waylon. A Sals Cycles film

Hello, My Name Is Waylon features Salsa brand manager Justin Julian and his son, Waylon. These two best buds grab their Timberjacks and head out for a day of adventure.

Video: Fabio Wibmer - Fabiolous Escape 2

"Join me on my escape from the police in my newest film in Saalbach!
Snow, big jumps, angry police, helicopters and big airs. You'll see it all!"

Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Ellen Noble's Cyclocross Quest: A Cycling Camp for Young Women (Full Scholarships available!)

  Professional cyclist Ellen Noble has started a cyclocross camp geared towards women ages 15-18 years of age, which takes place this summer August 17-22 (Friday through Wednesday in Northampton, MA. The cost is $975 per rider, although there are 3 full scholarships available. Other partial scholarships may be available on need. SCHOLARSHIP APPLICATION DEADLINE IS THIS WEEK ON APRIL 16TH.

“People always ask me what women’s cycling needs the most, and how we can get #MoreGirlsOnBikes,” says Ellen. “My answer is always: We need to hold young women to the same standard that we hold young men. Only then will we see a surge in youth women’s racing, and at the same time an increase in love of the sport as their abilities are finally recognized. That answer has shaped my image for this camp.”

The camps schedule is designed to be rigorous to ensure that the campers get the most out of their time here. However, the camp will also provide a generous amount of leisure time to find the balance of “train hard; recover harder”.
A little background from Ellen: I began cycling as 5 years old, and have been racing competitively ever since. I always loved joining my parents on group rides with the local masters racers. That said, I always longed for a chance to meet other young girls like myself. More so, I wanted a place to learn and be pushed in a fun yet competitive environment with people my age. In high school, I remember writing to the directors of different development camps – for 4 years in a row – asking when they were going to accept women.
Unfortunately, they never did…
So one day I thought: If these camps can’t take junior girls, why not make a camp that does?
And so Ellen Noble’s Youth Women’s Cyclocross Quest was born!
Combining my countless years of involvement in the sport with my experience being a camper, a coach and a mentor, I feel that I bring a unique perspective to the direction of this camp.
My vision is to create a place for young women who want to take their cycling to the next level to be pushed, encouraged and taught all the important aspects of elite cyclocross racing. I aim to integrate my aforementioned vision for growing women’s cycling and put it into a camp. That means I want to meet two goals: for every girl to have the time of their life at the camp, and I want them to go home with an extremely high-level of new-found knowledge, having been pushed (and encouraged) in a way they never have before.
Each day will include:
  • Breakfast, lunch, dinner and plenty of snacks
  • Road ride and/or trail ride
  • Training sessions including cyclocross skill clinics, mini-races and hot laps
  • Yoga sessions
  • Short runs every morning
  • Fun activities like swimming hole stops!
  • Core/foam rolling guided sessions
  • Evening Discussion / Classroom Sessions on topics such as: Nutrition and meal prep, Race-day Schedule, Bike-fit, Mechanics (with session hosted by professional mechanic), Body Maintenance, Social Media / Sponsorship, Sports Psychology and Mental Health

Please see full article and information about Cyclocross Quest camp here at Ellen's blog. Links to registration and scholarship are also found here.

Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Columbus Bike Fancy: Letitia Cetina

First off, you may be wondering, wtf is Bike Fancy?

 Columbus Bike Fancy is a blog loosely based on the blog out of Chicago of the same name that focused on stylish folks on bikes. Here in Columbus though, we focus more on the beauty of the bicycle rather than the rider's style of clothing. Several entries of the Columbus edition were published waaaay back in 2012 by yours truly. You can check out my welcome synopsis back then HERE.

 If Letitia Cetina looks familiar, perhaps that's because she is familiar. If you're into books or bikes, that is.
This former Columbus Metropolitan library staffer (she was often stationed in that cute little bookmobile in the OSU Campus area Kroger parking lot during nearby library construction) recently changed community-based careers and is now the general shop manager at Franklinton Cycleworks bicycle co-op on West Broad st. You may even find your own personal bike fancy at FCW, which is open to the general public for sales of used bikes and new or used parts as well as shop space where you can work on your own bike.
Letitia is a steadfast attendant every second and fourth Thursday of the month a Womyn/Trans/Femme shop night takes place from 6-8:30pm. Anyone who identifies themself within those categories is welcome.

  Anyway, about the bike....I asked Letitia a few questions about her daily driver:

What kind of bike are you riding? Where did you get it? 
I'm riding a 1980s Miyata 712, with a beautiful white to lavender fade. I got it on ebay, it was local pick up only in Toledo, and a friend of a friend picked it up for me for the cost of a tank of gas. It was in really good shape and looked like it hadn't been ridden in years.
Letitia's Miyata snuggled up to a scrap bike in the backroom of FCW

Does he, she or they have a name?
It's name is Felix. I'm not sure about giving inanimate objects a gender. My other bike's name is Fidelis. Lucky and faithful! What more could you need? Though it might be hard to find more Latin names starting with F, if I want to continue the pattern when I get another bike.

Where do you ride? What’s your favorite route?
I ride mostly for transportation with occasional recreation rides. Right now I'm commuting to work and school, as well as riding around to get to the movies, yoga class, meeting a friend, etc.
That stamp, those lugs and a little road dirt

What’s the most exotic/interesting/strange ride you’ve experienced?
On my way home from a Halloween party, racing a friend up High Street both in full Vulcan costume.

What does Columbus NEED in reference to bikes, in your opinion?
I'm lucky enough to live, work, and socialize in the city so I'm a big fan of the newish bike lanes on Summit/3rd and 4th, particularly the lane on the 3rd St overpass that goes into downtown. I would like to see them extended farther north and south, and then an equivalent added for east/west travel.

Anything else you want the world to know?
Come visit me at Franklinton Cycle Works!

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Monday, March 19, 2018

Video: 10 Useful Bike Hacks for Cyclists of all Kinds

Today I'll show you 10 hacks for your bike, your shop, and your garbage cans

Monday, March 5, 2018