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Sunday, November 30, 2008

chris d's single speed

chris d's single speed
Originally uploaded by natearm
Freak single speed bike. Check it out

WTB tires for winter

USAGE:Cyclocross / Dual Sport
CONDITIONS:Dry / Hardpack
The Interwolf features a low profile, double-fin central tread that provides nimble, swift-rolling attributes and predictable cornering on pavement and hardpack. Its wide 38c casing absorbs trail chatter and provides a smooth, stable ride. If you can get 38's on your bike they are great tires.

Their site...

WAD Bikeway Association Annual Meeting

The WAD Bikeway Association Annual Meeting will be held tomorrow evening at 7:30 pm. Location: Linden Branch of Columbus Metropolitan Library.

Exit I-71 at Hudson St
Go east
RON Cleveland - go one block
RON Kohr
Library parking lot on left

Friday Night Ride Follow-up

Over the Thanksgiving Day holiday I wanted to get out on the bike. Kevin, Ashley and I decided to hit a couple gravel roads. The evening started out with a catastrophic blowout. I changed over my tires to the WTB knobbies, but didn't inflate them until I got to Wheeling. I pumped them up and in haste did not check to see if the tube was pinched. It was, and it sounded like a gunshot when it blew out.

We started in Woodsdale and headed over to Washington Ave. Up to the trail. Of course they are rebuilding the bridge and it is chaos to cross the road and get back on the trail. Down to Elm Grove and we wound through the parking lots and back streets to the plaza and onto National Road. Then we turned up Peters Run. Lots of traffic on Friday night. We then hit Stewart's Hill which is gravel and ice, and fresh loose gravel. We climbed up to the top and turned onto Chapel Hill. At that point Ashley realized that the cold, about 30 degrees at the time, makes bike light batteries go wonky. And by Wonky I mean drain. So Kevin loaned a light to Ashley and halfway out Chapel realized his battery was showing that it needed recharging. I have found that wrapping my battery in a wool sock and putting it in my rear bag keeps it from draining so quickly from the cold.

We turned onto Dement(ed) Road and ended up at 88 in front of monster house. I have heard that the square footage of the house is anywhere from 18,000 to 24,000 square feet. From there we rode to Speidel Golf Course and found the access road to the cabins. We proceeded to ride through the Festival of Lights (see video below).

We rode up 88 to Caddy Camp. Caddy Camp was clear and a great ride down into the heart of Oglebay. At the bottom of the hill the gravel road turned icy and we rode cautiously. When we reached the main road from the pool we stopped for a second to let Ashley catch up. I took the opportunity to do my best Sloth imitation by yelling "Baby Ruth" down the valley. It echoed. Someone responded. We laughed. Then we headed toward the Lodge and Kevin almost got hit by someone in a truck mesmerized by the Christmas lights.

Down Falls Drive to Waddles and back home. Kevin and I traded drafting on Waddles and hit 30mph with knobbies into the cold wind.

21 miles of fun.

Friday Night Ride 11/28/08

Wild and Wonderful

As soon as I came off the ramp of the Oglebay exit in Wheeling I pulled up behind this. Classic West Virginia vehicle with hand painted message on wheel cover, "Earl and Robin." The truck itself looked like someone had pushed it off a cliff.

Friday, November 28, 2008

Denver's version of Third Hand

The Derailer Bicycle Collective is a free, non-profit, collectively run community bicycle shop on the west side of Denver. We offer FREE parts, frames, use of tools, and knowledge in repairing or building up just about any kind of bike for any kind of person. We are open to everyone, however we prioritize people from our neighborhood and those with few options. Also, while everything is free of charge, you do the work on your own bike with the help of a volunteer mechanic. Please click on the links above for more information on our hours and programs.

We run entirely from donations and community support. If you would like to donate bicycles or parts to Derailer, click the Donate link above for instruction on how to do so. If you would like to donate money through Paypal, click the link to the left. Thanks

Prius with a Boneshaker

And I thought my setup was cool.

Boneshaker from wiki

From Velonews - Card, Borem win Ohio 'cross championships

Posted Nov. 27, 2008
Article Extras
The Ohio State Championships were held in Columbus this past weekend on a course that featured equal parts power and equal parts skill. However, the presence of strong winds on race day made the power sections more significant, as three sections of lengthy straightaway went straight into a headwind. The park was extremely spectator-friendly, with most watchers perched up on the finish line hill looking down on the entire course.


More spoke lights - Spokelit by Nite Ize

Easy on and off - installs in seconds!
Secure - remains in position, even during off-road use
Reliable - water resistant, shock resistant
Long-life replaceable batteries included

The site is here...

Purchase here for $5.99

Bicycle Repairman

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Rock the Bike - Pimp out your ride

Down low glow

Bike Blender

Soul Cycle Mobile Audio Systems

iPhone friendly version of Columbus Rides Blog

Click the following link to view your iPhone friendly site and don't forget to bookmark it in Safari or add a webclip on the iPhone home screen

Bike Polo Organization

Welcome to the exciting sport of Bicycle Polo!
It's an old game that's been revitalized and growing in popularity throughout the USA and the world.

The site is here...

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

From Craigslist - REWARD for return of bike - $100 (Beechwold)

Reply to: [?]
Date: 2008-11-14, 1:53PM EST

Up to $100 reward for return of stolen bike in good operating condition.
Description: White men's 26" FILA 6 speed bicycle with electric motor in front wheel hub. Batteries and charger on rack on back of bike. Bicycle several years old, motor and batteries new. Whitewall tires. Stolen night of 11/12 or morning of 11/13. Call Columbus Police (614-645-4545) if spotted. I cannot afford to replace my bicycle, but I need it for transportation.

Tom (614)477-9522

The Greatest Bumper Sticker in the World

If you corner me I will tell you the story why I think this is the greatest bumper sticker in the world. Thanks a

the Choprical Fish

Completed in summer of 2007, the Choprical Fish is a fully custom human-powered 6-speaker performance bike based on the Soul Cycle Convertible Chopper frameset designed by Fossil Fool and welded by Curtis Inglis.

Key features:

- Human powered sound system. Party goers and audience members take turns on the bike while it is used as a Dj / performance system. Pedaling the bike at full audio power with all lights turned on feels like climbing an easy hill on a regular bike.

- Integrated 4-channel mixer with inputs for guitar, mic, and iPod.

- Integrated Shure wireless microphone

- Integrated Shure wireless transmitter

- 400 watt AMP 9 digital amplifier from

- Two power sources: rechargeable Li-Ion battery and "off the grid" human power mode.

- Twin 9" Morel Elate SW subwoofers. The subwoofers have Neodymium rare earth magnets, that are stronger and lighter than traditional ceramic magnets, saving about 8 pounds over similarly powerful ceramic magnet subwoofers.

- 5" Morel Integra Ovation 'point source' speakers for mid-range and high frequencies.

- Custom Fossil Fool mid-range / tweeter rotatable monitors with integrated headlights.

- Front control panel includes switches for 3 separate light sources, transmitter, and amp, overall volume knob, bass/treble knob, and inset iPod mount.

- Custom made passenger seat, footrests, and backrest

- Patent-pending combination footrest / kickstand

Christmas Gift for the cyclist in your family

Road ID Original is the “original” or “first” version of Road ID that we offered. This classic ID allows you to personalize up to 7 lines of laser-engraved text.

Unlike Road ID Original, Road ID Interactive allows you to build a fully updateable, secure Emergency Response Profile (ERP) that is available to first responders via telephone and internet. You can also personalize the first 2 lines of text.

You can support the site by purchasing the RoadID through the link on the right.

The site is here for more info...

Sweetskinz Tires

It is time to spark an uprising of style in the biking world. SweetskinZ soaks bikes with personality like never before. Make a striking impact, as the days of black tires come to a screeching halt. Every specialized design ignites a thrilling wave of identity. Every color roars with vivid moonlit glare. Enter the new territory of renegade rubber.

Our specialized, colored bike tires come in a full range of sizes, designs, and treads. Whether carving the road or grinding the trail, there’s a tire that echoes every identity.

Ready to add a sweet new element to your business? Contact us to find out how.
Have the next big idea for SweetskinZ? Let us know in the Idea Factory.

The site is here...

Monday, November 24, 2008

Work on new park, trail in Metro Parks budget approved today - Dispatch

Monday, November 24, 2008 1:52 PM
Projects that include the continuing development of the Scioto Audubon Metro Park and the construction of a 7-mile trail in western Franklin County top the to-do list for Franklin County Metro Parks next year.


Editor's note - The Camp Chase trail that was approved today is what will connect the Prairie Grass Trail to Columbus.

RACK - Roadside Assistance for Cyclists (silent K)


Make Cycling Safer and More Convenient With An Informal Bicycle Triple A
by Andrew Posner, Providence, Rhode Island on 11.24.08

The Need For Roadside Assistance for Cyclists
A recent email I received from the Brown University cycling listserv got me thinking about the need for roadside assistance for cyclists. Last week, two riders on the cycling team were out for a training ride in 30 degree weather when, five miles from home, one of them snapped a chain. They called several people that live in the area, but couldn't find anyone that could come and pick them up, so the other rider had to sprint home, get his car, and rush back to the stranded rider--who was left waiting for half an hour in the cold.


Official Dirty Dozen Pittsburgh Ride Information

The 26rd Annual Dirty Dozen up Pittsburgh's 13 steepest hills will be held on Saturday, November 29th at 10am. Anticipating another large crowd this year, please show up as early as 8-9am to start registration early. Meet at the Washington Boulevard Track (Where the ACA holds weekly criterium races in the summer). I recommend a low gear of 39x27. The route is 50 miles, but will take at least 5 hours because we go neutral between the hills, and there are 3-4 stops atop hills where I offer snacks and drinks.

I plan to go 10 places deep again on each hill this year. Can somebody please drive along the route with me (Still recovering from a recent herniated disk surgery, I will most likely not be riding this year) and take videos of the top finishers on each hill?

Also, new this year, there will be a 3 place prize list for women riders only, but they need to ride up EVERY HILL to be eligible. The breakdown will be:

1st woman - $150
2nd woman - $100
3rd woman - $ 50

Register the day of the event, and there is a $5 entry fee. For a listing of the hills, history of the event, and former winners, go to:

Please feel free to call me at (412)421-3143 for more info.

Editor's Note: Danny, thanks for following up so quickly on this information.

England has tax-free bike purchases

I was reviewing the Oxford Cycleworks website and noticed a section on tax-free bicycle purchases. I will let their site speak for itself. I visited the Oxford Cycleworks location this past summer when I was visiting my wife while she attended classes at Oxford. They are the equivalent of Third Hand Co-op.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

In Toronto, cyclists form a first-of-its-kind union

Believed to be the first of its kind, the Toronto Cyclists Union plans to offer insurance, roadside assistance, advocacy, and even an online dating service.

By Susan Bourette| Correspondent of The Christian Science Monitor/ June 6, 2008 edition

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Kathy Marks cocks her head, listening for the din of a thousand bicycle bells. For the Toronto grandmother, it’s a cue to hop on her three-speed bicycle and join a riding protest for more bike lanes in Canada’s largest city.

But after several years of participating in this annual demonstration, she’s considering joining a new group of rabble-rousers to show her dissatisfaction with cycling conditions here: the Toronto Cyclists Union.


Columbus to London (and back) in one day...

London, Ohio of course. After I posted the information about the trailhead for the Prairie Grass Trail, I decided to investigate myself. I started at High and Broad and rode straight out to West Jefferson. Once in West Jefferson look for "bike route" signs. The route heads south and turns at Wilson Road and ultimately ends at the trailhead. It took me exactly 1 hour and 30 minutes to reach the trail. The Prairie Grass Trailhead has parking and bathroom facilities. It is paved and marked with mileage which is a nice touch. Typical fare for Ohio trails, a combination of cornfields and residential areas with a couple of road crossings. From downtown to London is roughly 27 miles. I stopped and sat at the trailhead on the way back through. Then headed north back to Broad and back to town. No incidents with autos except for an errant honk. Saw two other bikers out riding near West Jefferson. I thought that I had never been in West Jefferson, but realized that the Ride the Darby ride passes through West Jeff. Total mileage 58 miles from my starting point. Averaged 15.5mph. From downtown to London and back should be about 54 miles. Temps reached the 50's and it was sunny and clear.

West Jefferson

Bike Route sign and a corn field

Looking west down the trail

End of the trail in Prairie Grass Trail in London

End of trail at Wilson

Ride your bicycle to Cincinnati via trail system - ALMOST

Miami Valley Trails Organization

Welcome: This is the South West Ohio's Trails Website. On these pages we will give you information about each of the Multi-use Trails; RailTrails, Levee Trails, Towpath Trails and other trails centered on Dayton and Xenia Ohio.

What does this have to do with riding from Columbus to Cincinnati, you ask? If you look at the page(s) that covers the Prairie Grass Trail, or Xenia Station To Cedarville AKA Ohio to Erie Trail you will see London East to Trail's End AKA Ohio to Erie Trail AKA Roberts Pass. How many AKA's can a name have? I digress. What this means is the trailhead is about 20 miles from Columbus.

Construction Plans: The trail is now completed paved to Wilson Road (6.5 miles East of Maple Street. Now the trail is in the hands of Columbus Recreation & Parks as well as Columbus & Franklin County MetroParks. The next step will be to build trail from Wilson Road East into Franklin County on what has been called the "Camp Chase RailTrails" that crosses the Little Darby Nature Preserve on a beautiful railroad trestle. For more information about the trails in Columbus please see: Columbus Trails & Greenways.

"On To Columbus!"

Ohio To Erie Trail - The trail from Cincinnati North on the Little Miami Scenic Trail to Xenia . And the trail Northeast from Xenia to Cedarville, South Charleston and London East to Columbus, Akron and onto to Cleveland is collectively called the Ohio To Erie Trail

Editor's note: I rode the trail from Springfield to Milford Ohio last year. My review is here...

Friday, November 21, 2008

Don't snicker... It's Sprocket Man - from the Mailbag

From David -

A safety course for young cyclists in the form of a comic book featuring Sprocket Man, a superhero like character that points out the safe way to ride on streets and roads. Available in a downloadable PDF file which can be printed/stapled to form a 24 page (12 sheet) comic book. Fairly good advice and an attractive style, unusual for a government publication.

editors note - best line in the book, "Rain is a pain" - they might want to update the book to allow for aluminum rims. Better stopping power.

The book is here in PDF format...

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Third Thursday Ride Report - 11/20/2008

Very short report from Brett -

Hi. We had three today. Jeremy from roll: could have been four but he showed up at the wrong starting point. Conditions were entirely decent.

Hopefully six next month.

European Style Double Bike Bags from Basil

When I was in Amsterdam I saw these style bags on so many bikes. They are made of a coated tarpaulin material. People were carrying everything on their bikes in these bags.

Check out their crazy assortment of colors and patterns.

Here: In Beechview, Canton Ave. (part of the Dirty Dozen Ride)

Pittsburgh Post Gazette article. Sunday, January 30, 2005

Despite the twin "Do Not Enter" signs at its midpoint, Canton Avenue isn't a one-way street.
It's a no-way street.

No way you're going to drive up it. Not this time of year, when it's covered with ice and snow.

This Beechview byway is way too steep -- even to plow.

It's the steepest street in this hilly town and, probably, the region, with a grade of 37 percent -- that is, rising 37 feet per 100 feet of run. So confirm records from the city Department of Engineering and Construction.



This holiday season, please consider making a contribution to purchase a bicycle, or give a gift in honor of a friend or loved one. Each bicycle costs just $134, and will help up to 20 people. To see the impact of our programs, watch this piece from The TODAY Show that aired in September.

UPDATE: Due to the generosity of an anonymous donor, all gifts received by December 31, 2008 will be matched dollar-for-dollar up to $750,000 – that’s $1.5 million toward The Power of Bicycles! Please help us reach our goal today!
Simple, sustainable transportation is an essential element in disaster assistance and poverty relief. Bicycles fulfill basic needs by providing increased access to healthcare, education and economic development, especially when compared to the alternative of walking. Bicycles empower individuals, their families, and their communities. Our mission is to provide access to independence and livelihood through The Power of Bicycles.

Currently, World Bicycle Relief has partnered with a coalition of relief organizations to address the HIV/AIDS crisis in Zambia. We will provide 23,000 bicycles to community home-based care volunteers, disease prevention educators and vulnerable households. We are also training and equipping more than 400 bicycle mechanics in the field. The program will reach more than 500,000 adults, orphans and vulnerable children.

More information...

A BLACK BIKE: NYC's first official Dutch Bicycle Company.

New York's first official Dutch bicycle company. We sell authentic specialty bikes from Holland for men and women.

Check out the site...

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Reminder - Third Thursday Commuter Ride is tomorrow - November 20, 2008

The earlier post with route...

Sunday Cold Weather Ride?

Anybody interested in riding on Sunday November 23? I rode with Brett this past Sunday. I would probably start at High and Broad at High Noon. Thinking about riding west to find the trailhead for the Prairie Grass Trail.

email me at raymondmgeorge [at]

Museum of Mountain Bike Art & Technology

F r o m c l u n k e r s t o c a r b o n

The site is here...

Who is this Barbie? And why does she have a Birthday Bench?

A bench sits in the circle at the end of the Blacklick Creek Greenway. Someone sent me a pic on their last ride. It is a little odd. Does anybody know the back story on this?

Coming to a store near you: chainless bicycles - CNN

RICHMOND, Virginia (AP) -- Pedalers of the world, unite! You have nothing to lose but your chains.

Bicycle shop manager David Oakley looks over the carbon fiber belt drive of a Trek bike at his shop in Richmond.

If you've ever been riding down the street and had your pants cuff ripped asunder, there may be a revolution at hand.

Trek Bicycle is part of a movement to bury the finger-pinching, pants-munching, rust-prone sprocket and chain, and usher in an era of belt-driven bikes that might have the inventors of the self-propelled transportation Schwinning in their graves.

Wisconsin-based Trek is introducing two models this holiday season that are chainless, instead using technology most often found in things like motorcycles and snowmobiles. While some smaller custom bike makers have used them before, Trek is the first to use the technology for mass-produced bicycles.


A tear has formed in my eye. I am a little sad today.

I love Klein bicycles. I lusted after them in catalogs in the 80's and 90's. My wife calls it "bike porn." When I got a job after college and I could afford a nicer bike I purchased a low end Klein Pulse Comp which I rode around Wheeling, WV. It is for sale at Wheelcraft Bicycles in Wheeling because I traded it in on a bike for my wife. When I was at TRM Cycles in Pittsburgh in late 1997 I saw the Klein Mantra at a great price and purchased it. I rode my first Seagull Century on the Mantra with skinny tires. I still have it and it is hanging in my basement waiting/wanting to be resurrected. Could be this weekend's project. In 2003, I purchased a Klein Q-Carbon Race. Aluminum and carbon with chameleon paint job. The cool thing about Klein paint jobs is there are no stickers. They remove the stickers during the multi-layer painting process. Almost every Klein frame I have seen has internal cable routing as well. Very cool. My bikes are here...

The reason why I am sad is this is the end of the line for Klein. Their website no longer works. : ( They have been rumored to be closing for the last few years. Damn you Trek.

Hand Job Cable Hanger from Ibis - Follow-up

Why am I surprised by this? I'm not... It is quite funny. What am I talking about? The fact that people are stumbling upon my site searching for handjob. Pretty funny.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Armstrong fears for his safety - CNN

LONDON (AP) -- Lance Armstrong fears he could be attacked by spectators if he returns to the Tour de France next year.
The seven-time Tour champion, who is making a comeback after three years in retirement, said in an interview in The Guardian on Tuesday that he is concerned about his safety.
"I don't want to enter an unsafe situation but you see this stuff coming out of France," said the American rider, who has many critics in France. "There're some aggressive, angry emotions. If you believe what you read, my personal safety could be in jeopardy.


Monday, November 17, 2008

Vanilla Bicycles

The Vanilla Track Bike is absolutely amazing looking. The craftsmanship and artistry of the frame is unbelievable. The good news, you can buy it. The bad news, they won't be taking deposits for another five years. Lust away. Start saving your pennies.

The Vanilla Bicycle site...

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Sunday Cold Weather Ride Report - 11-16-2008

I didn't know what to expect when I sent out the request for fellow riders on a cold and windy day. The people I thought would show did not and someone who I hadn't talked to in a while popped up. The usual suspects were nowhere to be found (sleeping, went out?, homework), but Brett showed up (called me twice as well to make sure I was riding).

I rode in from Blacklick on Broad. There was a 18-25mph headwind blowing out of the west. And the temperature was about 35 degrees. It was a chore to keep the pace above 15mph. I met Brett at High and Broad and we proceeded due west on Broad all the way out to the I-270 beltway where we triumphantly turned around and felt like the temperature had risen ten degrees and the molasses stopped flowing on the streets.

We rode down the hill into Franklinton and Brett was sporting his fixie wheel setup so it was a little frightful watching him ride down that fast. He does have brakes on the bike though. We turned right on Central and then onto Sullivant up to Ryan to find the long lost and missed (from the Cemetery Ride) Feebleminded Cemetery. It is on the Columbus Developmental Center property and there is a path that leads up to it from Sullivant. As Brett pointed out, if someone stopped to ask what we were doing, we should say we are visiting relatives, Ha! He said it.

We rode back to Central then over to Mound and South to Greenlawn (with the tailwind). High St. up to Livingston and we wound our way through the streets to Cleveland and Long. Brett headed north, I headed east. Hit Broad Street off Monypenny. At the intersection of Nelson and Broad I proceeded through the intersection and was welcomed with a honk and "I will run your ass over" comment because I held up someone turning left onto Nelson.

Rode Broad St. home without anymore incidents. Had the tailwind too.

40 miles total
averaged 15mph.

Adventure Cycling Association

Adventure Cycling Association’s nonprofit mission is to inspire people of all ages to travel by bicycle for fitness, fun, and self-discovery. Founded in 1973 as Bikecentennial, Adventure Cycling is the premier bicycle travel organization in North America with 44,500 members nationwide.

We research and produce cycling maps for our Adventure Cycling Route Network, one of the largest route networks in the world at 38,158 miles (and growing). We lead bike tours, publish Adventure Cyclist magazine for our membership, work on bicycle advocacy projects such as the U.S. Bicycle Route System, sell bike travel gear, and provide trip planning resources for bicycle travelers.

As a nonprofit organization, all proceeds from tours, sales, and membership go directly back into supporting our mission and programs. Adventure Cycling is headquartered in Missoula, Montana.

The site is here...

Hand Job Cable Hanger from Ibis

I don't think I need to say anything else.

The large photo...


After a several year hiatus, the Ibis Hakkal├╝gi cyclocross frame returns in all of its throat-clearing phlegmatic glory. This time around, we’ve added a few things and subtracted a few things.
We’ve subtracted a lot of weight by making the frame out of carbon fiber. For you purists out there, sorry. For you weight weenies out there, you’re welcome. We used to say “Steel is real”. Now we say “Steel is real…heavy”.
Geometry is classic cross. We’ve designed the frame around and mated it to a nice lightweight Easton EC90 X Cross fork.
Canti mounts are back AND so is the hand job cable stop, after a many year vacation from duty.

The ‘Lugi also features strong and svelte compression molded carbon dropouts not too unlike those found on the Silk SL.
A carbon fiber seat tube insert and some judicious carbon fiber layout ends up with a theoretical sub 1000g frame weight.
We’re just finalizing a few things with our prototypes and will have specifics on weight and deliver dates as soon as we can.
We’re particularly excited about the way this thing looks. The lion on the seat tube comes from the icon of the Flemish flag. We’re pretty sure you know this, but the Flemish people (the Phlegms?) live in a region of Belgium called Flanders and they are known for their cycling prowess - especially for their success in cyclocross racing. So as an homage that that, the color of the frame is called Phlegmish Yellow.

Ibis bicycle site...

Friday, November 14, 2008

Sunday Trail Ride 02/17/2008 Ride Report FOLLOW-UP

This past February I complained that the Alum Creek Green Way trail had an incomplete transition at Refugee Road. Well, the county/city or whoever is in charge of the trail has recently completed the trail crossing. Someone took a spin down the trail and took a pic Friday evening,

Sunday Trail Ride 02/17/2008 Ride Report

Original photos from February.

November 14, 2008