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Sunday, August 31, 2008

11th anniversary que! by Columbus Cutters Scooter Club!

Join the Cutters for the 11th Annual Scoot-a-Que Rally in Columbus, September 12-14, 2008.
Sponsors are always appreciated and more information can be found in the Sponsorship Packet (pdf). Please contact us if you're interested.

The agenda is up, and riders can register for the que or find the most up to date information on our Scoot-a-Que page!

Why am I posting this? Because Bike the C-Bus is a sponsor of Scoot-a-Que.

The website is here...

Flatbed - Rigid Fork Mounted Carrier

For those who aren't familiar with our Flatbed - it is a premium load carrying attachment for your bicycle. Imagine carrying stuff on your bike! Made of tubular anodized aluminum, and hardwood slats, the Flatbed can hold up to 25 lbs.
The Flatbed mounts on rigid forks only. All that's needed is a rigid fork with dropout eyelets. (Small threaded mounting tabs next to where the front wheel mounts)

There are many baskets on the market, and they're all pretty ugly. Your nice commuter/townie deserves an equally nice basket. Buy a flatbed and leave your car at home once in a while. Be crazy, be wild. Make a statement with the flatbed!

The website...

Brooks England Roll Up Panniers

A friend of mine installed a Brooks Saddle on her bike and it reminded me to post this cool product from Brooks. On a side note, I had an invite to the Brooks Saddle factory in Birmingham England while I was visiting my wife this summer. I did not go because the roundtrip cost with train and taxi would have been $100+!!! Instead I walked (what!) around Oxford England and toured the local bike shops.

Our Roll Up Panniers are inspired by the Cyclist’s Hold-alls, first featured in the 1890’s catalogue. As the originals, the new panniers can be rolled up or easily released when needed.
This pair of commuter bags for traditional transport bicycles is entirely made of water resistant cotton with leather finishing. On the top of the bag attachment to the bicycle rack these panniers feature a crossed elastic to fasten additional objects to carry during urban transit. Last, but not least, the Roll Up Panniers are “self closing”, as they feature magnets on the flaps.
Materials: water resistant fabric with leather finishing
Dimensions RIGHT or LEFT TOTAL
Width 34 cm
Height 36 cm
Depth 10 cm
Volume 14 l 28 l
Weight 950 g

Their site...

Morning Rush Coffee Mug & Holder

Take away the spills and thrills of riding with coffee.

• Stainless steel mug holder ring mounts to mountain bike or road bars.
• Stainless steel commuter mug holds up to 16 oz. of coffee or tea. Slide button lid means you can open the cap and take a swig with one hand.
• Mount is the H-27 from Cat Eye, so in the evening you can replace it with a Cat Eye headlight if you so desire.

**Coffee is hot and potentially dangerous. Soma recommends you operate your mug only when your bike is stopped.

Soma Fabrications is the manufacturer

Saturday, August 30, 2008

Millersport Corn Festival Ride Report

72 Miles
Hotter than hell
15.1mpg average
Five riders in our group

It was a little warm when we started at 9:00am. We started out late because of some snafus (forgotten front tire, sleeping in because of previous nights escapades). There are three routes covering 30, 50 and 70. We chose 70. The first part of the ride is relatively flat. After the split to the 70 mile route it turns hilly. Maximum percent grade on the climb was 13 percent. We climbed 3350 feet.

It is continuous rollers until you reach the point where the routes merge again. I want to thank the Ortman family for reopening their rest stop for us. We were running late and they had just put away the drinks and food. One little short steep climb and mostly downhill to the lake. We ate steak sandwiches (OK), corn (very good) and lemonade (refreshing).

Observation: For some reason I looked down at my odometer at 6.66 and 66.6 miles. Very weird. Did I say it was hotter than hell? Topped out at 94 degrees and there is no shade when riding through the cornfields.

Complaint: I am an experienced organized rider but I found the turn makers a little hard to read. We turned the wrong direction at the first split, hence the extra 2 miles. We missed several other turns as well. The turn markers are little two color corn with stalk and it was unclear what the direction was.

Aftermath: Tired and hungry. Took my wife to Thurman's in German Village and ate an entire Thurman Burger myself.

Friday, August 29, 2008

From the Dispatch - Bicyclist's death is a call for awareness


Tracey Corbin couldn't afford to maintain the car he needed to commute to work, let alone buy the gasoline. So he bought a bike and outfitted himself as if he were the poster child for the pedal-to-work movement.


Corking - from the Wiki

Do you notice how "corking" is depicted in the Critical Mass doc? It looks a little different than what I have seen from rides around Columbus. Maybe bicyclists don't know how to cork... Hmmmm.


Because Critical Mass takes place without an official route or sanction, participants practice a tactic known as "corking" in order to maintain the cohesion of the group. This tactic consists of a few riders blocking traffic from side roads so that the mass can freely proceed through red lights without interruption. Corking allows the mass to engage in a variety of activities, such as forming a cyclone, lifting their bikes in a tradition known as a "Bike Lift" (in Chicago this is referred to as a Chicago hold-up), or to perform a "die-in" where riders lie on the ground with their bikes to symbolise cyclist deaths and injuries caused by automobiles, very popular in Montreal. The 'Corks' sometimes take advantage of their time corking to distribute flyers.
Critics argue that the practice of corking roads in order to pass through red lights as a group is contrary to Critical Mass' claim that "we are traffic", since ordinary traffic (including bicycle traffic) does not usually have the right to go through intersections once the traffic signal has changed to red, unless issued with a specific permit or residing in jurisdictions where bicyclists have this right such as in Idaho, where State law recognizes such riding.[17] (It should be noted that even in Idaho, cyclists are required to yield right of way if other traffic is present at stop signs and red lights, so corking remains a violation of Idaho law.) Corking has sometimes led to hostility between motorists and riders, even erupting into violence and arrests of motorists and cyclists alike during Critical Mass rides.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Biking Etiquette and the MNR

There seems to be a lively debate over biking etiquette, the MNR and respect for bicyclists in general. Two Wheeling blog has a discussion on corking and the MNR. I believe there is a thread on Consider Biking as well. I think it is good for people to verbally spar over their convictions/beliefs. Healthy dialogue is good. Where I stand nobody knows... except for myself, of course.

Started here...
Here is Douglas Morgan's blog...

Jamie Fellrath has posted a response/comments to Douglas Morgan's original post. Here is his blog...

Continuing debate here...
Consider Biking thread

Millersport Corn Festival Ride Saturday Aug 30 Carroll, Ohio

Dont forget about the Millersport Corn Festival Ride leaving from Bloom Carroll High School. Al Moore will be there at 8 am for those that want to start early or do the longer route. The route is marked with white corn this year. (Yellow paint is more expensive). Maps will be provided. There will be a lady selling drinks and snacks around the 20 mile mark at the top of a hill on Woolard Road. It's about 35 miles to the festival. There aren't any porta-johns at the school so you will have to
go to the McDonalds on 33 before you get to the school. Brin gmoney for corn and other treats. There are 30, 50 and 75 mile loops.

Janice (JET) Thomas

editors note: I rode this last year with my friend Kevin from Wheeling. It is a great ride. Millersport is on the southern shore of Buckeye Lake.

Wiki Wiki - What can you tell us?

Since we all as cyclists experience this at one time or another, here is how Wiki says to treat road rash.

How to treat road rash... via Wiki.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Live in Columbus and looking for a bike commute partner?

MORPC's RideSolutions Assists Cyclists

Looking for a bike buddy for the work commute? It can often be safer to ride as a pair, and it’s more fun. MORPC’s RideSolutions can match you with another cyclist in your area for the work commute. Apply online for a list of cyclists who live and work near you. Or call 1-888-742-RIDE.

go here...

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Sampson Stratics - the other component group


Sampson has been one of the most innovative component manufacturers in the world for over 20 years! Sampson is now pleased to provide you with an amazing array of top level groups comprised of components that are second to none. Our new TT equipment will enable you to ride with the top pros-as they are switching over to them too!

The site is here...

Bike the C-Bus feedback

We are looking for feedback so that we can improve the experience for 2009. I have setup a separate blog to leave comments. Click here to comment.

Monday, August 25, 2008

Specialized Bicycle Demo Days

I got the chance to ride (and crash) a $5500 Specialized Tricross S-Works on the Alum Creek trails yesterday. On short notice I drove up to check out what Specialized has to offer. Full carbon frame and it has the new SRAM double-tap system. It took me a few minutes to acclimate to the shifting. They threw on some Crank Brothers pedals for me and let me borrow a helmet and off I went. I think I only rode into the trail a mile or so and on the way back hit some rocks, tried to clip out and went down. The bike it very stiff and as Matt from BikeSource in Clintonville said, "Dude, you should have ridden the $8,000 full suspension mountain bike," and I agree. I am sure it was more forgiving.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Walker Evans coverage of Bike the C-Bus

Walker took some photos and video of Bike the C-Bus.

Here it is...

Thanks for the coverage...

Buckeye Cycling Club

I raced in the Cat5 open class and talked with Willis Brown, whom I met at Urban Spirit Coffee Shop several times, about the Buckeye Cycling Club. They are looking for cyclists interested in racing to stop by and talk to them about their club. The website is here...

Road Racing Season is almost over - Long Live Cyclocross

The 2008 Cyclocross season is starting up next month. I met some racers at the Long Street Tour who race in the cyclocross series put on by Cap City Cross. Their website is here...

Long Street Tour Racing

I tried my hand at racing in the Cat 5 Open Class on Saturday afternoon. Too little sleep and the heat took its toll on me. Plus, I stood around all day helping with the Bike the C-Bus ride.

I was pulled from the field around lap 8 or 9. I averaged 21mph over 6.5 miles. My friend, Evan Woletzko, finished 3rd. They had to be averaging 25+ mph. Highlight - Early on one of the riders from UC hit the curb, shot over the lane, slammed into another rider and went down.

Sunday Night Ladies Ride

Check out the site for ride reports and other information

Site is here...

Saturday, August 23, 2008

What exactly was he planning to do with 2,865 bicycles?

That is just one of many questions the police and others have been puzzling over since the arrest last month of Igor Kenk, the owner of a used-bike shop here.

Mr. Kenk’s legacy now fills a former police garage with a leaky roof. Organized by brand name and mostly resting on their handlebars, wheels pointed upward, are 2,396 of the bicycles that police say Mr. Kenk either stole or arranged to have stolen.

More here...

Friday, August 22, 2008

Bike the C-Bus is tomorrow

I got to announce the ride before the Green Drinks event on Thursday night. Thanks go out to Tad at Green Drinks for the invite. Their site is

We were treated to a FREE movie, "Air: The Search for One Clean Breath," which was quite interesting.

Plus, we had several good questions from the audience.

Is there a police escort? No, the streets are open to traffic. You must wear a helmet and obey traffic laws.

Parking? Please see or an earlier post for parking options.

Why an urban ride? There are no other organized urban rides of this nature in Columbus. We saw a need for a tour of the city to see the changes that are occurring within our neighborhoods.

Will this be fun? Of course it will be fun. I think this was a loaded question.

We hope to see everybody out tomorrow.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Bike the C-Bus update

We got out and rode the Bike the C-Bus route to check out any potential issues. The entire ride is unofficially 30.4 miles. We did it in about 2 hours and 10 minutes. It is fun and you do get to see the city from places you normally wouldn't see from a car. I hope everybody can come out and support this ride.

If you get a chance to drive by Long and Hamilton we marked out the four color markers as a compass. I would post a pic, but that would spoil the fun.


Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Bike the C-Bus Volunteer Info

We still have opportunities for volunteers at Bike the C-Bus.
Volunteer form is on

• Event Set-up / Break Down
• Cyclist Registration
• Vendor Registration
• Rest Stop Area
• Route Marshal
• Hospitality Tent Host / Hostess

6:30PM Friday, August 22 volunteer training at
771 East Long in the Hospitality Tent

August Green Drinks & Movie Premiere of Air: The Search for One Clean Breath

When: Thursday August 21, 2008 6-8:00 PM

Where: Arena Grand Theatre (map)

Who: You, Your Friends, and Special Guest Erin Miller, MORPC

Why: See "Air: The Search for One Clean Breath" before its official release....for free!
What do the roughly 6.7 billion people inhabiting our planet all have in common? The air we breathe.

This month Columbus Green Drinks will host the Ohio premiere of the film "Air: The Search for One Clean Breath." This 41-minute documentary visually portrays the biography of air from its ancient past to its threatened future. The film takes the viewer on a cinematic journey throughout history and around the globe to examine the state of air, our reliance on it, and the need for our involvement in its protection. With grant support from the United States Environmental Protection Agency, the film was produced by the Ventura County Air Pollution Control District with communications firm, Media 360.

A Special Introduction to the film will be provided by Erin Miller, Director of the Center for Energy and Environment at the Mid-Ohio Regional Planning Commission (MORPC).

This complimentary screening is brought to you by the Mid-Ohio Regional Planning Commission (MORPC), Arena Grand Theater, Recycled Paper Products, and Green Columbus. The Green Drinks crew would like to extend special thanks to Barbara Page and the Ventura County Air Pollution Control District.


Team Green Drinks

Green Drinks Sighting

I will be at the Green Drinks event tomorrow to promote Bike the C-Bus. I would like to thank the Green Drinks team for inviting me.

Crazy Concept Bike

More info...

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

When bicyclists break the safety chain, driver complaints mount

A.J. DeMartino admires cyclists for reducing America's dependence on foreign oil, but she wasn't too keen on the one who zoomed off the Clemente Bridge through a red light, and cut in front of her car on Fort Duquesne Boulevard a few days ago.


Monday, August 18, 2008

Community Tricycle Collective

For those wanting access to a pedal-powered vehicle to move heavier bulkier items like groceries, goods, and other hefty items by means other than motor vehicles.

I have finished the community tricycle that can be arranged to be borrowed for such purposes.

Contact me to borrow the tricycle or use this facebook group to do so. You are responsible for providing a lock when using the tricycle and your own safety.

If anybody want to donate a tarp, lights, or better parts, feel free to do so.

The link...

Bike the C-Bus turn markers progress

Three colors per stencil, 30 miles of route, possibly 100+ turns. You do the math...

Here are some pics from yesterday, during the day. We also painted into the night.

Bike the C-Bus is this Saturday

Unless you are living under a bottom bracket or haven't noticed my blog for six months you probably already know I am co-chair of the Bike the C-Bus ride this Saturday.

Bike the C-Bus Bicycle Tour - August 23, 2008

The Long Street Tour's “Bike the C-Bus” is a fun way to get fit and check out a few of the neighborhoods in and around Columbus. Experience segments of the King Lincoln District, Downtown, Short North Arts District, Italian Village, University District, Harrison West, Victorian Village, Arena District, Franklinton, Brewery District and German Village.

The entire ride will cover approximately 30 miles and will feature stops that highlight change that is occurring in our neighborhoods. Each stop will be sponsored by businesses and community groups and provide snacks, drinks and entertainment for the riders. The ride is configured to allow cyclists to complete segments if they do not feel comfortable riding the entire route.

The ($25) registration fee includes an official 2008 “Long Street Tour” t-shirt and wristband along with drinks and food at designated rest stops, plus a free lunch at the hospitality tent.

Our goal will be to make “Bike the C-Bus” into the region's premier cycling event celebrating design, health & fitness, and urban lifestyles. “Bike the C-Bus” is considered a ride and not a race and will offer a variety of course options to accommodate everyone from recreational riders to hard-core fitness enthusiasts.

For sponsorship or volunteer information please contact Ray George at
More information available at our website,

Ohio to Erie Trail

An off-road trail from the Ohio River to Lake Erie
The Ohio to Erie Trail spans the state of Ohio from Cincinatti to Cleveland following lands formerly owned by railroads and canals. When complete, this trail will connect four of Ohio's metropolitan cities, a dozen large towns and numerous small villages - all done on easily accessible, paved trails, that are completely separated from highways and automobiles.

Along the way, the trail passes through rural areas, farmlands, nature preserves, and regional parks giving the adventurous a hearty helping of nature's finest. At the metropolitan perimeter, meadows and woods give way to exciting urban centers, affording the traveller a contemporary taste of Ohio's culture and arts.

Bicyclists, hikers, equestrians, and other groups such as bird watchers, cross-country skiers, and nature lovers have the opportunity to explore the natural beauty of Ohio as the trail weaves its way across the state.

The site...

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Bike the C-Bus Parking

Bike the C-Bus Bicycle Tour - Saturday, August 23, 2008
8am Registration Starts
9am Start Time - Riders can leave anytime after registration

Anyone arriving prior to Noon can park in Lincoln Lot (Long Street) or Diel Whittaker Lot ( Hamilton Avenue).

Cyclist park in Lincoln Theater Lot.

Volunteers& Vendors park on the McNabb Funeral Home Lot 818 East Long (corner of Garfield & Long)

Spectators can park on the street, between Monroe & Nelson Avenue , Garfield & Broad Street or the & Broad Street Church lot or any side street not on race route.


Ride your bike down to East Long and save gas and the frustration of parking!

Friday, August 15, 2008

From the Mailbag: WCRS Tech Meeting Reminder: August 27th

WCRS folk!

This is a reminder to please attend the WCRS Tech Meeting on Wednesday August 27th at 2929 N. High St. Ste A above Aladdin's in Clintonville. The meeting will be at 7pm. Snacks and refreshments will be provided too!

Come see how you abilities and skils can be applied to strengthen Community Radio is Columbus.

We are seeking help with:
Podcasting and streaming
Hardware and EQ reliability and use
Better Web presence
and More!

Bike the C-Bus turn markers are being placed

We started the process of painting the turn by turn markers for the Bike the C-Bus ride taking place on August 23. Here is a pic.

Monday, August 11, 2008

Pedal Powered Movie Series: Karate Kid

Tip Top Kitchen & Cocktails, 3rd & Gay

Wednesday, August 13

Here is a pic from Karate Kid

Here is a pic from last month's movie, Wayne's World.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Pedicab Amsterdam Style

We walked past this Pedicab several times in the main square in Amsterdam. There were several others riding around town.

Amsterdam Bicycle Street Light

This pic shows the bicycle lane street light with a cyclist waiting for the light to change.

This pic clearly shows the countdown timer to let you know then the light will change. Very cool!

Oxford Cycle Workshop

I walked (walked??) around Oxford and visited 6 shops while my wife was in class. I stopped into the Oxford Cycle Workshop, the counterpart to our Third Hand Coop. Here are some pics. Their website is here...

Riding around Amsterdam

Bicycle Parking Garage in Amsterdam

London Street Performer

When I visited London there were street performers near the London Eye. Of course anything with a bicycle catches my eye. Pay the man something and he rides like crazy.

Saturday, August 9, 2008

COP 21ST RIDGE RUNNER RAMBLE • Saturday, August 9 Recap

Evan and I rode the Ridge Runner ride. Evan decided to add some mileage for the day and rode from campus area. We picked the 52 mile route. Beautiful weather for the ride, 65 to start and ended in mid 70's. Many of the roads were newly paved which made for a fast first 25 miles. We averaged close to 20 miles an hour.

The highlights for the ride included a dead cat and a man we nicknamed the "mayor of Leetonia." As we passed a cyclist we pulled into the middle of the lane. A car passed us and crossed over to the other side and ran over a dead cat. Both Evan and I screamed out, Oooooooh!, at the same time. We both thought the cat was a stuffed animal the way it bounced up after being ran over. I thought I head a little "meow, meow" during the incident, but it could have been my active imagination.

The second incident occurred when we turned away from the 100 mile route. A man was walking on the opposite side of the street in greasy pants and a t-shirt. We both said good morning to him, and he turned back to us and started making non-sensical mutterings and hand gestures. Kinda like Steve Carrell in Bruce Almighty during the TV reporter sequence. Both Evan and I were equally freaked out.

Granville is the food stop for the 52 (36 miles in) and we stopped for a sandwich. Lots of stuff going on. A Duathlon was taking place, along with a farmers market. Lunch was good, except the chairs at the restaurant were locked to the table making it near impossible to sit properly.

The ride back was a slow climb and some rollers. We had a headwind. I lead out for a while and started cramping in my calfs. Evan pulled me into the finish. We ended with 52 miles and averaged 17.5mph.

Friday, August 8, 2008

Google Maps has been upgraded

The interface has changed on Google Maps and it is extremely fast updating when zooming. It looks like they have added a caching system and/or a image proxy system. The sidebar can be collapsed as well.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Clippers Bike Ride Report

We decided it was best to ride to a Clippers game on bikes than try to park, so we headed over from the Franklin Park area straight through on Oak to Broad into Franklinton and finally to the stadium. We had 8 people in the group. We didn't make it to the game until the fourth inning because we had a few people who don't normally ride much, including my wife. It was really nice out until the storm clouds rolled in to the east. It sprinkled a little toward the end of the game. Clippers lost 4-3. It was dark when we headed back, so we rolled out the lights. We were actually stopped by a policeman on Oak because he didn't know what my light was attached to. I get that all the time. 12 miles round trip. My wife was a real trooper, although she started to slow down a bit toward the end. A great evening all around.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Tune In! Listen in to Cranksters this Friday

I will be on Cranksters this Friday around 6:30PM. We will be discussing the latest updates to Bike the C-Bus and the WAD Bikeway commuter group we are organizing. My blog may come up as a topic of discussion as well.

WAD Bikeway Meeting Wrapup

I attended the WAD Bikeway meeting on Monday night. Someone had a great idea of a bike commuter club to generate interest in both the WAD Bikeway and bike commuting in general. The plan is to have a commuter group start in Westerville and pickup/dropoff cyclists along the way downtown. The route would be across Schrock to the Olentangy River Trail.

Email either
WADbikeway[at] or raymondmgeorge[at] for more information or if you would like to help plan this ride.

I will publish updates soon...

Sunday, August 3, 2008


Grab your bike and slip into your alter-ego because New Belgium’s Tour de Fat will once again be meandering and pandering through 11 western cities spreading the good word about the positive societal offerings of the bicycle. Costumes and decorated bikes reign supreme as the participants come to ride in the bike parade, then gather in the merriment of good music, entertainment, and tasty beer. Amid the hoopla, Tour de Fat raises money – $806,000 to date! – for local charities, increases awareness for reducing your waste stream, signs people up for Team Wonderbike, and culminates in a Car Bike Swap, where the winner gets a custom Black Sheep New Belgium Commuter bike. Admission to the Tour de Fat is free. All profits from beer sales go to local non profit organizations.

More info...

Their blog...

COP 21ST RIDGE RUNNER RAMBLE • Saturday, August 9

7:00-9AM. New Albany Elementary School, 87 N. High Street, New Albany. Ride the ridges on routes of 31/52/80/100 miles. Short route has three hills; longer routes have many more. Budget Tour. $2 members,$4 non-members. Joanna Pallos 614-868-6875 jootbuck(at); Nancy Betz 614-847-0517 betz.3(at)

I did this ride last year with my friends Eve and Ashley. I did the 50 mile route which loops through Granville. Ashley did the century and said it had short but steep climbs. I missed the Ride the Darby (all apologies to those who contacted me), but I will make this ride.

Contact me if you want to ride as a group.

Closer to home: Northern Ohio cycling trails can be a day trip or an overnighter

Ever wonder about those funny-looking people stuffed in graffiti-covered Lycra tops and padded shorts zipping along park roads and down the all-purpose trails? If you're looking for a way to escape the summer sun, you might want to join them. They're neighborhood cyclists, and sometimes serious team cyclists, enjoying a ride, pedaling along under cooling trees. It's a great way for you and the family to spend a day together.

We asked a few cyclists about their favorite summer spots to pedal the day away, and we offer suggestions on how to make those rides an overnight experience.


Friday, August 1, 2008

WAD Bikeway Meeting Scheduled

The WAD Bikeway application for federal funding through MORPC is IN.

Next Meeting:

Monday, August 4th, 2008, 7:00pm
Linden Branch of Columbus Metropolitan Library
2223 Cleveland Ave, Columbus, OH 43211


Exit I-71 at Hudson St
Go east
RON Cleveland - go one block
RON Kohr
Library parking lot on left