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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Bicycle Dreams Trailer

Puma is selling bikes now (made by Biomega)

Everyday commuting annoyances: Begone. PUMA Bikes pull together the best, most practical parts of city and folding bikes, BMXs, American cruisers, and fixies to create a whole new urban typology. One that has the skills to easily maneuver through urban obstacles—and stand out from the bustling cityscape.  
PUMA and the Biomega design team have collaborated to produce the next evolution in commuter bikes. Each design is pared down to its essentials to meet the needs of the urban commute with more innovative and thoughtful details than the average bike. And each bike comes to new life with bold, tropical color combinations and island-rooted names.  
PUMA Bikes redefine and reinvigorate the city ride with a bit of radicalism and a whole lot of practicality. They fold, they carry, they cruise. They’re everything and more, packed tight in a sweet, colorful ride.
Editors Note: I don't see the value add here. The Puma bike is a custom painted Biomega. Hmmm.

Bike Lady: Give a kid a bike. Change their life.

Formed November, 2008 as an impromptu holiday bike-a-thon, and incorporated in January, 2009, Bike Lady, Inc. is a 501(c)3 nonprofit, all-volunteer charitable organization based in Columbus, Ohio, focused on providing new bikes to the Franklin County Children Services (FCCS) Holiday Wish program for children with a history of abuse and neglect.

A buck is a buck is a bike! EVERY dollar raised by Bike Lady, Inc. goes directly towards the purchse of new bikes, helmets and locks which are then donated to Franklin County Children Services Holiday Wish program.


Donations are fully tax deductible!

2008 Bikes donated: 125
2009 Bikes donated: 212
2010 Goal: 500 Bikes
Plus helmets and locks, too!
Accepting donations year-round.

[Donate here]

Last day for Bike the C-Bus 2010 Silent Auction!

Today is the last day to bid on the Bike the C-Bus 2010 Silent Auction. All proceeds go to Faith Mission. Get bidding!

Monday, November 29, 2010

Baer Wheels is having a moving sale! Check it out.

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R2B2- Pedal Driven Kitchen Appliance Center

Kitchen machines with an alternative drive concept 
R2B2 is the result of a project to reduce private electric waste production.
There are three different kitchen appliances, which are powered by rotating a flywheel with muscular strength.
 Electricity is not necessary anymore.

iBike Dash CC Cycling Computer for iPhone/iPod


  • Compatible with iPhone 4/3G/3GS, iPod Touch
  • Touch screen control
  • Large, full-color, easy-to-read backlit screen provides graphical, animated and numerical information including:
    • Current, average, and maximum:
      • Speed
      • Cadence (optional cadence sensor required)
      • Heart rate (optional HR sensor required)
      • Temperature
    • Cumulative readings:
      • Trip Distance
      • Trip Time
      • Odometer
      • Total hours logged
      • Total distance logged
    • [more]

Specialized Moving Ohio Distribution Center - Bicycle Retailer

GROVEPORT, OH (BRAIN)—After opening just five years ago at its current location in Grove City, Ohio, Specialized Bicycle Components will be moving its Eastern Distribution Center a few miles down the road to a brand new facility in Groveport.

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Live the Dream! - Bicycle City is being built (Not to be confused with Spatula City)

Bicycle City is a planned car-free communities project with a mission to create great sustainable places where people can live, work and visit. Parking is it on the edge of the community near your home. 

Warm Up: join us at Bicycle City South Carolina on December 11th for our 'Bike to Bicycle City / Ceremonial Ground Breaking Events Day'. Highlights: bike/hike tours, trail building, food, music & more.


Don't lock your bike, run it up the pole!

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Expansion of Bike Lanes in City Brings Backlash - New York Times

Taking the bicycle lane on Ninth Avenue. New York has added 250 miles of bicycle-only lanes in the past four years, but not everyone is pleased.

Over the last four years, the streets of New York City have undergone a transformation: More than 250 miles of traffic lanes dedicated for bicycles have been created, and several laws intended to promote cycling have been passed.

The efforts by the Bloomberg administration have placed the city at the forefront of a national trend to make bicycling viable and safe even in the most urban of settings. Yet over the last year, a backlash has taken hold.


Sunday, November 21, 2010

Sunday Top of Ohio Ride Report - 11212010

Milford Center start
11 riders
Caused a stampede of cattle : ) (See pics)
Lunch in Bellfontaine
Rode over highest point in Ohio
Corkscrew Hill (no mechanicals because people take care of their bikes)

56 miles

Saturday Ride - Cranksgiving Ride Report 11202010

14 mile ride to downtown Columbus
29 riders
4 stores to pickup $10 of various groceries
15 miles
34 miles total

Bike with engine (doped bike)

M55 E-Bike


Thursday, November 18, 2010

Surly Pugsley Complete Bike available soon - Just in time for the snow!

The Pugsley frame has horizontal rear dropouts with a derailleur hanger. You can set it up with derailleurs or an internally geared hub, or set it up as a singlespeed or fixed-gear. This isn’t just a nice option. In certain situations, extra weight and the potential for a complex part to fail isn’t just a pain. It can be deadly serious business. The stock fork accepts a 135mm rear mountain hub, just like the frame. This makes it easier to install and remove the wheel (a big tire on a big rim benefits from a wide opening), but more to the point also allows front and rear wheel interchangeability. This means you can have another full gear cluster, a singlespeed or a fixed-gear wheel option should something go wrong with your freehub body or derailleurs. In other words, it’s one more option for getting you back out from whatever situation you’ve gotten yourself into.
We have until now offered the Pugsley only as a frameset, but we’re now offering a complete bike option. Like our other complete bike models, it sports a nice mix of components chosen for their durability, affordability, and suitability to the task at hand, which is to say it’ll get you out there, off the beaten path, and back under your own power, hopefully with enough extra cash to buy a round at the bar when you’re done. Cheers to that.
Complete bike ETA: Late October 2010

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

The Smartphone Bicycle [via Yanko Design]

Safety protocols say to keep both hands on the handlebars but they also say use hand gestures to signal turn intention. Contradiction! The Ecodrive has integrated lights and turn signals controlled via the handlebars. And no concept is complete without some form of smartphone integration so this little guy has a nice cubby hole for the iPhone. Keeps it charged and in return, the iPhone gives you access to its magical GPS and navigation abilities. It’s animal symbiosis people.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010


Bicyclist Killed In West Side Hit-Skip; Van Sought - 10TV

COLUMBUS, Ohio — A man riding a bicycle on the city's west side was killed during a hit-skip crash early Tuesday morning.
The man's identity was not released, pending notification of his family.
He was struck at about 1 a.m. near the corner of North Hague Avenue and El Paso Drive.

Monday, November 15, 2010

Ima Trail Video

LEDwear Aurora LED Jacket

Incredulous - "Driver in fatal Conn. crash sues victim's parents" - Sacramento Bee

Published: Sunday, Nov. 14, 2010 - 9:46 am
Last Modified: Sunday, Nov. 14, 2010 - 10:07 am
A driver who's serving a manslaughter sentence for striking and killing a 14-year-old boy is suing the victim's parents, blaming them for their son's death because they allowed him to ride his bike in the street without a helmet.
Matthew Kenney's parents, Stephen and Joanne, sued 48-year-old driver David Weaving shortly after he was sentenced last year to 10 years in prison, accusing him in Waterbury Superior Court of negligence and seeking more than $15,000 in damages.

Read more:

Sunday Ride(s) Report - 11142010

So, it was an adventurous Sunday. I started out riding into town only to realize halfway that my trunk bag was open and stuff fell out. Stuff like my house keys and my vest. : ( So I retrace my route home and halfway there I realized my keys have been in my back pocket. : ) I rode 14 miles really fast. Then,  I decided it was best to drive into town to meet Katie and Bethia for our ride. So we rode 14 miles around town stopping at Franklin park for the pizza by Jim Boudros at the outdoor pizza oven. Mmmm. Then back to Vicky village through the Audubon park and up the trail. I drove back the same route I rode earlier and lo and behold I found my jacket by the curb sitting on a sewer grate. Yay! Turned out to be a good day.

Failed Levy Leads To Park Closures -

Voters rejected a levy on Election Day, and now some parks and bike paths in Clark County will close.
The announcement was made Friday during a special meeting held at the Clark County Park District.
Four properties that are maintained by the Clark County Park District will close on Nov. 18. Park officials said they do not have all the answers, but their No. 1 priority is to protect their assets.
To do that, the president of the park district said closed signs will be placed at George Rogers Clark Park and the Estel Winrick Wetlands. They will also put signs up at the Little Miami Scenic Trail and the Prairie Gross Trail. 


Editor's note: What does this really mean? Cyclists will not be able to ride the entire Little Miami Scenic Trail or Prairie Grass Trail. Depending on how they are "closed" cyclists and walkers will need to find alternate routes around the closures.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Bike the C-Bus Silent Auction is Live!

Bike the C-Bus 2010 Silent Auction is live! Get cool stuff for a good price and support the Faith Mission! Auction will be active until November 30, 2010.

Friday, November 12, 2010

Schmidt Nabendynamo - From Peter White Cycles

The Schmidt Dynamo front hub or SON (Schmidt's Original Nabendynamo) weighs 1.5 lbs and has significantly less drag than either tire driven dynamos or any other hub dynamo. Made by Wilfried Schmidt Maschinenbau in Tübingen, Germany, the hub is quiet and reliable, and is designed to give at least 50,000 kilometers of trouble free riding between servicings.  The hub powers several different six volt headlights including Schmidt's own E6 halogen models, the Schmidt Edelux LED headlamp, both halogen and LED headlamps (as well as taillights) made by Busch & Müller in Meinerzhagen, Germany, Supernova lights from Germany, Spanninga lights from France, and Inolight LED headlights from Inoled in Ochsenhausen, Germany.

SON28, SON20 & SON20R

Thursday, November 11, 2010


Work continues on the Camp Chase Railroad section of the Ohio to Erie Trail. Park staff hope to have a 3.5-mile section from Lilly Chapel to Georgesville done by the end of the year. Asphalt has been laid on a 2-mile section from Olmstead Road to River Street in Georgesville. A 60-foot bridge will be put over a tributary of Little Darby Creek near Olmstead Road in November. Metro Parks has committed to building 11 miles of the Ohio to Erie Trail from Wilson Road in Madison County to Sullivant Avenue on the west side of Columbus, just inside I-270. The 325-mile Ohio to Erie Trail is a multiuse trail that runs from Cincinnati to Cleveland.

Presenting the Boo T (Boo Bicycles)

The Boo Bicycles T is a boutique touring bicycle.  Its bamboo rack, integrated into the frame, holds 100 kilograms comfortably.  It is specially designed for longer touring rides when comfort and stability are paramount.  For shorter touring around the city, it is simply perfect—a beautiful bicycle for cruising in comfort and style.

The Boo T has specific features meant to improve comfort and touring, including an internal gearing system to reduce noise and improve reliability without require maintenance or adjustment as well as a belt drive instead of a dirty and unsightly chain.  The wheelbase is longer for stability and the geometry is more upright for comfort.  The Boo T also has clearance for wider tires for comfort as well as V-brakes for slowing down efficiently with larger loads.

Whether traveling across country or simply cruising around downtown in style, the Boo T will turn heads and provide years of pleasure and pride of ownership.

website here

Penny Farthing Racing

Tuesday Night Ride Recap - 11/09/10

13 riders
23 miles (I ended with 27)
Los Gauchos (Tuesday is two for one taco night)
Soap Box Derby Track races
Audubon Park
Hal and Al's for post ride food and drinks

Cranksgiving Columbus is 3:30pm on November 20th, 2010 at Goodale Park

Sunday, November 7, 2010

The Iceman Experience: 2010 Iceman Cometh Challenge

Visit for more Videos

Steepest Street in US is included in Dirty Dozen

Canton Avenue wiki post

28th Annual Dirty Dozen will be held on Saturday, November 27th at 10am.

The 28th Annual Dirty Dozen up Pittsburgh's 13 steepest hills will be held on Saturday, November 27th at 10am. Anticipating another large crowd this year, please show up as early as 8-9am to start registration early.  Meet at the Bud Harris Cycling Track (Where the ACA holds weekly criterium races in the summer) on Washington Blvd. I recommend a low gear of 39x27. The route is 50 miles, but will take at least 5 hours because we go neutral between the hills, and there are 3 stops atop hills where I offer snacks and drinks. 

Again this year, there will be a 3 place prize list for men and women riders, but they need to ride up EVERY HILL to be eligible.  The breakdown will be:

1st woman  - $ 150
2nd woman - $ 100
3rd woman  - $  50

1st man  - $ 150
2nd man - $ 100
3rd man  - $  50

A 5 place points (5, 4, 3, 2, & 1) system will be used at the top of each hill to determine overall podium positions.  The women will ride amongst the men, and will be picked out from a pink ribbon around their handlebars. 

To pre-register ($10), either snail mail: send a check made out to me at:

Danny Chew
5846 Marlborough Avenue
Pittsburgh, PA 15217

and please print out, sign, and fill info out on the 
Liability Waiver
and send to the address above.

Or e-mail me $10 at:

PayPal. and include the names, ages, gender, e-mail addresses, and number of DD's ridden (including this year) of the people you are registering. Print out the Liability Waiver (above), sign it, and bring it with you when you check in on event day.

Entry fees are non-refundable if the DD is held on Saturday, November 27, 2010.

You can also e-mail me, and I will send you a PayPal invoice.

Thanksgiving Day (November 25th) is the pre-registration deadline. I have to receive it by the end of that day (midnight).

Event day registration ($15 entry fee) will be between 8 - 10am.

If you live nearby, please try to ride to the start, or carpool so we don't run out of parking spaces at the Oval.

For a listing of the hills, history of the event, and former winners, go to:

For a cue sheet of the route, go to:

It may be a wise idea for one person in the group you are riding with to have a cue sheet as riders have gotten lost in previous years.  With the field size growing to almost 200 riders last year, my primary concern is safety.  Can Iplease have a few volunteers who know the course to marshal the most dangerous intersections?  I will give you bright orange vests to wear. In order to insure the DD's future, we will no longer be riding thought the Liberty Tunnels (illegal for bicycles) between the 10th and 11th hills. Instead, we will be climbing a connecter hill (no points) over Mt. Oliver. 

There were far too many vehicles (DD affiliated) on the route last year - clogging up roads and pissing off local residents. This year, only 5 vehicles will be allowed to move along with the huge pack: 

1. Officials to score points atop hills 
2. Food 
3. Technical support 
4. Photographers 
5. Clothing drop off 

If you want to take photos or cheer on your riders, go way ahead of the pack, park legally somewhere, and wait for the riders to show up. Wait until the entire pack has passed by before you leave, and then perhaps hit every 3rd or 4th hill this way. 

Please feel free to call me at (412)421-3143 for more info.

A big thanks to my sponsor: Big Bang Bicycles

The official DD after party will be hosted by Iron City Bike Racing, and held at Over The Bar Bicycle Cafe at 2518 E. Carson St. on the South Side at 7pm.



STRICT LIABILITY - Drive carefully

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Another crazy from Colorado - Alleged hit-and-run driver may not face felony (because it could affect HIS job) - Vail Daily

Alleged hit-and-run driver may not face felony

Victim, attorneys furious with misdemeanor deal

The inflatable bike helmet. Because I am worried about my haircut!

Friday, November 5, 2010

The Pop-Up Bicycle Basket

Jaime Salm, Brian Kelly
The Pop-Up Bicycle Basket is designed to fit most bicycles, ship flat and be installed in either the front or rear of any bicycle. The baskets unique design and sturdy construction are fit for urban cycling and carrying purses, backpacks or shopping bags.
The design goal of the Pop-Up Bicycle Basket is to encourage urban cycling through beauty and function. Alternative modes of transportation deserve the same attention to design and utility given to their less environmentally friendly counterparts.
Product Information
Click here to download the Front Pop-Up Bicycle Basket Installation Sheet in PDF format (243K)
Click here to download the Rear Pop-Up Bicycle Basket Installation Sheet in PDF format (291K)
Click here to download the Fit Chart for Pop-Up Bicycle Basket in PDF format (158K)

Max. Length: 15 in / 38 cm
Max. Width: 10 in / 25.4 cm
Base Length: 11.5 in / 29.2 cm
Base Width: 6.5 in / 16.5 cm
Thickness: 0.1 in / 0.254 cm
Maximum Stretch: 8 in / 20.3
Stem Height: 16.5 in / 42 cm
Maximum Wheel Clearance: 3.5 in / 9 cm
Basket Weight: 4.65 lbs / 2.1 kg (includes all parts)
Front Basket
Max. Distance to Handlebar: 1.75 in / 44.5 cm from center
Rear Basket
Max. Distance to Rear Screw hole: 7 in / 18 cm

Note: Due to the nature of the product we are unfortunately not able to accept returns on Pop-Up Bicycle Baskets that have been bent and/or assembled.
Color Options
White, Black and Green
Environment / Social
Recycled Content + Recyclable + Environmentally Preferable Finish
The Pop-Up Basket is made from laser-cut, powder coated steel.
Designed to ship flat and get maximum use of standard metal sheet goods. Design eliminates unnecessary cutting and waste.
Made in the USA from locally sourced materials.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Tour de Colo. returns - Denver Daily News

How the governor and a cycling legend helped bring back a cycling classic

Gene Davis, DDN Staff Writer

Thursday, November 4, 2010

When the Coors International Bicycle Classic blew through Boulder in 1980, one law school student at the University of Colorado was intrigued enough to stand on the racecourse and cheer on the competitors.
The ambitious student was impressed by the fourth largest race in the world. But he didn’t think about the Coors Classic again until he started seriously bicycling six years ago, and by that time the race had been defunct for more than 15 years.
And while most cyclists would acknowledge that it’s silly for Colorado not to have a major staged bicycle race, this law school graduate and cycling advocate had the power to do something. After all, being Gov. Bill Ritter comes with some benefits.
“I came to a place believing if we hosted a staged race, it would be in the best interest of the state of Colorado and the people of Colorado,” he told the Denver Daily News yesterday.