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Wednesday, April 30, 2008


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4/28/2008 Ride Report

It rained... We rode 16 miles around the city doing errands and eating dinner. It rained for the last five miles and we were soaked. Nothing else to report. Nothing that I can remember.

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

27TH TOP OF OHIO HUNDRED • Sunday, May 4

7:30-9 AM. Start at Hilliard Community Center for TOP 100, 51, 20 routes or Milford Center School, just south of town of Rt. 57, at 8-9am for the TOP 50. Varied Terrain. Century route takes riders to highest point in Ohio. Shorter routes are basically flat. Budget Tour, $2 members, $4 non-members. Roy Burnham roy(at) 614/343-3704

Sunday, April 27, 2008

34TH MID OHIO CENTURY • Sunday, April 27 Ride Recap

Jonny and I rode the MOC. We decided to do the century. For some reason we never ever see anybody else out on the century route when we are riding. We did see a lot of people when we crossed the 67 and 35 miles routes. We ate lunch with a couple of guys who were interesting. Dick said he will be riding his 38th TOSRV this year.

The weather was good. It warmed up enough to shed the leg warmers and jacket. We were riding pretty fast out of the gate. I instructed Jonny to push me along (or pull me). He always was in sight of me, but I rarely caught him. We rode together for sections of the ride though. We had a slight headwind for most of the ride. I cursed it around the 50 mile mark before we reached the lunch stop.

It is not very scenic of a ride. Jonny said he was sick of seeing fields.

I had the fastest century ever. We rode 102.5 miles and averaged 17mph.

Move your stuff with bikes - only bikes!

Thursday, April 24, 2008

34TH MID OHIO CENTURY • Sunday, April 27

7:30-9AM. Mingo Shelter Building, Mingo Park Delaware, Ohio. Routes of approximately 35, 65,100 miles. Budget Tour. $2 members, $4 non-members. Woody Barry 740-375-5906 wbarry333(at)

Where's Waldo Ride this Saturday

Saturday, April 26
Where’s Waldo?!
This ride departs from the Alum Creek Dam lower parking lot at 9 a.m. (60 miles) or the municipal parking lot next to the BP gas station on William Street in Delaware at 10 a.m. (30 miles). We’ll stop in Waldo for food. (B/S/2/30, 60)
Ride Leader: John Mechlin
E-mail: jlmech@columbus.rr.comjavascript:void(0)

Shipping your bike?

Crateworks has some interesting shipping boxes for bikes.

Transporting your bicycle across a long distance, especially by airline, can be a maddening experience. Bicycle shipping cases tend to be expensive and cumbersome, and are met with rolled eyes and dismay from airline staff. But how do you simplify bicycle travel? CRATE WORKS is different. Our bicycle transport systems are UPSable, easy to handle and lighter than most other bicycle shipping boxes available. Quite simply, CRATE WORKS transport systems can make shipping your bicycle easier than ever before. They are also as durable and tough as any other case you can buy of their type, and at a fraction of the cost. Next day delivery is an option within the lower 48.

The site...

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Automatic underground bike parking

Bike to Work Week Website

Consider Biking has added Bike to Work Week Event Information

Site is here...

Survey results for riding habits.

It seems that we have a fairly hard core bunch of riders here in Columbus. Or hardcore riders read my blog and respond to surveys. Hard to tell. Only 1 person rides only when it is warm and sunny!

Fair weather rider - Only when it is sunny and warm
1 (1%)

50 degrees or colder
6 (8%)

40 degrees or colder
10 (13%)

30 degrees or colder
13 (17%)

20 degrees or colder
7 (9%)

10 degrees or colder
11 (15%)

0 degree or colder
2 (2%)

Cold, I won't stop riding until they pry my frozen fingers from the handlebars
23 (31%)

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

White Castle Hamburger Rally

Someone blurted out the idea of a tour of all the White Castle Hamburger locations in Columbus. I looked up the locations and there appears to be 19. See map below.

Possible name for ride: White Castle Columbus Slide - Gastric Century

Anybody interested in such a ride?

View Larger Map

4/21/2008 Ride Report

60+ riders
60 degree weather

Ben and several of his friends came up from Cincinnati
We had several flat tire stops.
No GPS. Had it in my bag but got sick of being harassed for taking so long to get ready.

Someone had a Dahon folding bike and kept up quite well.
More impressive was the guy on the old school Huffy style banana seat bike who also participated in the drag races.

Route highlights
Campus south through Arena District
Arena District past the High Beck
We had a flat tire stop soon after that.
German Village over to Livingston Ave and onto Berwick
Berwick to Bexley
Bexley back to town and the High Beck.

I rode 38.5 miles.
After the High Beck a group rode another 10-20 miles. They headed down to Three Creeks Park.

Sunday, April 20, 2008

COP SPOT Ride Recap 04/20/08

Ashley and I rode the Columbus Outdoor Pursuits SPOT ride. We decided to ride the century as preparation for TOSRV. It was partly sunny when we started and was in the low 60's. Not much of a headwind in the beginning. Headwind became a factor only when we headed south. We passed through the following cities; Ashville, Darbyville, Circleville, Amanda, Canal Winchester. We stopped in Circleville at the Main Street Pub for lunch. Basic fare, cheap prices. We stopped across the street for a much needed coffee break. While we drank our coffee it started to rain. It rained for most of the last 53 miles. The route designers loaded all the climbs at the end of the ride. Thanks! After riding 80 or so miles of flat we always appreciate climbs.

Not be morbid, but the ride seemed like a tour of cemeteries. Every time we turned the corner a cemetery awaited. We saw a mix of sizes. There were large ones and small ones with only a few gravestones and a lot of really old ones.

Why don't parks have bathroom facilities? We stopped at one small park that had part of the Ohio and Erie canal lock and there was no bathroom. So Ashley added to the water level in the lock. Just kidding... Although he did water the tree. One of many bathroom stops we made.

Mileage: 103.6 miles
Average: 14.8mph
Temp: 55-71 degrees
Weather: Partly sunny first half, steady light rain last 53 miles.

Friday, April 18, 2008

Youth Bicycle Education Class

May is National Bicycle Month. It's a great time to enroll your child in a class to learn bike safety. Topics include: bicycle inspection, helmet safety and fit, exiting a driveway, dealing with dogs, stop and yield signs, hand signals, rock dodge, looking behind without swerving and trail etiquette. We will learn and practice skills in the parking lot. We will also take a short ride (2 miles) on the bike trail to Woodside Green Park and back. Snack will be provided.
Participants bring their own bicycle (in proper working condition) and MUST wear a bicycle helmet. Each class is limited to 12 children.
Instructor: Patricia Kovacs, Certified Instructor
League of American Bicyclists
Location: Academy Park shelter house and bike trail
1201 Cherrybottom Rd.
Class Ages Date/Time Resident/NonResident
301901-A 10-14 Sat May 17, 1-3:30pm FREE
301901-B 10-14 Sat May 24, 1-3:30pm FREE

Here's the registration form:

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Worthington Wednesdays Bicycling

Worthington Wednesdays Bicycling
Starts at 9:00 AM
Location: Worthington

All Year (every Wednesday) 9AM leave promptly at Worthington Hills Park on SR315. One mile north of I-270. South end of the Olentangy Valley Shopping Center (former Worthington Hills Shopping Center). One mile north of Wilson Bridge Rd. This is the new north end of the Olentangy River Bike Path. Restaurant destination will be determined day of ride. Bring money for lunch. Approximately 25 mile ride. New and beginning riders welcome. We meet for breakfast, if we can’t ride due to weather. Gail Falkinburg 614/861-4478. For a complete listing of our events please visit Columbus Outdoor Pursuits at and check out our monthly newsletter!

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Reminder: Agora 08 This Weekend

Laura reminded me that Agora 08 is set for this weekend. I may try to stop over in the evening.

Fri Apr 18 Preview, 6pm
Sat Apr 19 Main Event, 3pm

More here...

4/14/2008 Ride Report

13 miles. 16 for me riding from bar to start.
40-45 degrees - dropped down to low 30's after we got to the bar.
30-40 people showed up.
We rode east then south. Ended up at Franklin Park. A couple of people hit the curb entering the park. We had a flat there also.
Pinky lost his U-Lock used in the now infamous road rage incident earlier in the day Monday.
We rode west toward town.
We stopped at Carabar waiting for another flat repair.
West across 71 into town.
South to the bar.
Several splinter groups rode different routes to the bar.
I was not feeling well so I headed home early.

If anybody has photos, video or route info please email it to raymondmgeorge [at] so I can post it.

Eyewitness account of a "incident" - Cropcho called in a tussle between Jonny and Isaac around High and Gay.

Monday, April 14, 2008

Road Rage Incident Monday 4/14/2008

Chris and several other fixies were accosted on Hudson while on a ride. A guy in the truck was swerving amongst the riders and slamming on his brakes. He caused one to go down. Chris wailed his U-Lock at the truck causing a dent. The driver was waving a knife out the window of the truck. He managed to knock Chris over a guardrail and punctured his Chris' tires with the knife. Police and EMT showed up just in time to subdue the guy. I am sure Chris will tell you the story better.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Riding TOSRV? Sign up before April 15. Oh, and do your taxes.

47TH TOSRV: TOUR OF THE SCIOTO RIVER VALLEY • Saturday and Sunday, May 10 & 11
Hyatt on Capital Square, Columbus. Annual, pre-registration tour from Columbus to Portsmouth for an overnight stay and return the next day. Half tour from Chillicothe. No entry after April 15. Registration and info on

41ST SPOT • Saturday, April 19

The next ride sponsored by Columbus Outdoor Pursuits

7:30-9AM. Groveport Madison Freshman School. 751 E. Main St., Groveport. Options from 25 to 100 miles Fairly flat course with a few small hills. Budget Tour. $2 members, $4 non-members. Bob Allen 614-866-8698 rdavisallen(at); David Hoodin 614-486-2123 (before 9pm) dhoodin1(at)

Woodstock 100 Ride Report - 04/12/2008

Woodstock is a budget tour bicycle ride organized by Columbus Outdoor Pursuits. I have not ridden this particular ride before. My friend Ashley from Wheeling, WV and Jonny and his dad joined me for the ride. I would have to estimate about 50 people showed up, but I may be low in my estimate.

The Jersey Baptist Church on Morse Road is the start point for the ride. The route took us clockwise through the following cities; Galena, Sunbury, Delaware, Kilbourne, Centerburg and Johnstown.

Ashley and I set our pace and rode consistently until the last 25 miles. When we turned south from Centerburg the wind smacked us right in the face. Before Centerburg our average was over 15 mph. Our final average was 14.5 mph. 10-20mph wind gusts hit us dead on or pushed us away from the berm towards the center of road. I was coasting down a small hill and the wind slowed me down to below 10mph. Very frustrating. Jonny said that he would rather ride through fire than face headwinds.

We lost Jonny and his dad in Galena when they experienced a flat. Jonny said he tried to catch us for 50-60 miles but gave up. It was probably because we were riding way faster than Jonny. Not!

We finished with 103 miles. Averaged 14.5mph. Temp was 45-48 degrees. Sprinkled rain early on and towards the end of the ride.

Photo-op: We made a pitstop across from a rooster farm so I could stretch my legs (not because it was a rooster farm, but because my knee was killing me). You can see in the picture a field of barrels and each barrel has a rooster chained to it. Jonny said that the farmer waved at him when he rode by.

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Trek Bicycles Drops LeMond

Move to drop LeMond Bicycles from Trek's fold comes in response to alleged threats and an ongoing "pattern of inconsistent business dealings" with Greg LeMond

More here...

Cincinnati Monday Night Ride

Ben sent over the information for the Cincinnati night rides. He rode the night rides here in Columbus while attending classes. He moved back to Cincy about a month ago. Unless you braved the cold you probably never met him. He rode a Polish bike named Nikoli aka Rolling Thunder.

Meet at:
Garfield and Vine (downtown) 10:00pm - generally a good hill or two and the pace is usually 16-20mph. Rides are from 23-35 miles.

Google Map Route from Monday 04/07/2008

Hidden Gem Restaurant - Creole Kitchen

When you ride your bicycle around the city you find destinations that you would not see in a car. Especially when you have a guide like I have. : )

When you drive in your car you are fixated on the road and miss the best parts of the city. Parks, monuments, buildings, bars, and restaurants. The Creole Kitchen is one of those hidden gems. It does not have a highly visible sign. If you drive past the plaza on Mt. Vernon where it is located you wouldn't even know it was there.

If you love Creole and cajun food you must try Creole Kitchen. I have eaten there several times and never been disappointed. I have tried the Crawfish Étouffée, Po boy sandwiches and the many side dishes. They make great Mac and Cheese and homemade potato chips. Keep in mind it is take-out only so make sure your bike has a rack to carry your breakfast/lunch/dinner.

Check out their website for menu.

Cyclist Hit By Police Cruiser Dies - Columbus, OH

COLUMBUS, Ohio — A bicyclist injured after a collision with a Columbus police cruiser last week died on Tuesday.


Selle SMP Saddle

The SMP saddle is the pioneer in a new way of conceiving the bicycle saddle: a meticulous study of the positions taken on during the race and the functional analysis of the interactions of the various parts of the body with the saddle.

The site...

I have the "Evolution" model and I can attest that this seat is the most comfortable I have used.

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Another Bicycle Movie

Quicksilver (1986)

Jack Casey (Kevin Bacon)used to be a hot-shot stock market whiz kid. After a disastrous professional decision, his life in the fast lane is over. He loses his nerve and joins a speed delivery firm which relies on bicycles to avoid traffic jams of San Francisco, is attracted to a fellow bicycler, Terri, and befriends Hector, a budding entrepreneur. Can Jack regain his nerve and his self-respect, and rebuild his life on a more sound basis?

Monday, April 7, 2008

Travel Differently Day is on Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Rails-to-Trails Conservancy (RTC) has a host of fun suggestions to get you walking and biking around town! And if you’re already doing so regularly, this is your chance to be part of a larger event, and inspire others to enjoy active transportation.

April 7-13 is National Public Health Week (NPHW). RTC is a partner and this year’s theme is “Climate Change: Our Health in the Balance.” All around the country, individuals will be making the connection between personal health and the health of our planet, and how both can be improved by walking and biking more, and driving less.

In particular, Tuesday, April 8, is “Travel Differently Day.” Organizations and communities around the country are encouraging individuals to walk or bike instead of drive. NPHW’s online calendar lists events around the country in which you can get involved. Find out about a local event and join the movement to improve your health and the climate at the same time.

If a “Travel Differently Day” event isn’t happening in your area, check out RTC’s online trail-finder and discover a rail-trail near you that can put you on the path of active transportation.

Finally, do you want to make walking or biking a more regular part of your life? Take the Burn Calories, Not Carbon!TM pledge and make your voice heard. By pledging to walk and bike more and drive less, you send a message to your political leaders that you want more transportation choices in your community.

Thank you and have fun “traveling differently,”

Rails-to-Trails Conservancy

Bicycle Anatomy Video

Do you feel uncomfortable talking bikes with your kids? your friends? Check out the video. Maybe you will learn something.

Bicycle Anatomy for Beginners from on Vimeo.

Sunday, April 6, 2008

From the mailbag - Jonny's 04/06/2008 Ride Report

The plan was for my dad and I to start in Westerville, ride down to Circleville, and then back up to his office in Groveport. He was going to leave his bike at the office, throw mine in the back of his car, which is sitting in the parking lot, and drive home. Thus accomplishing the goals of leaving his bike at the office and getting his car home. (He had taken a company car to the airport, the reason his car is in Groveport) Once south of 270 the roads are beautiful, very little traffic, and gorgeous weather. (My biker burn is raging. SPF 150 for the next ride.) We stopped in Circleville for milkshakes at the Dairy Shack. Everything is going great until about a quarter mile from his office. I blow a spoke. My wheel is quite wobbled, even with the breaks all the way open it rubs. No problem, I'll just coast in and throw it in the car. Oh wait, you need keys to operate vehicles. So my dad is riding back to get keys. He'll drive the company car back here with his bike in the back and drop them off here, I'll throw my limping bike into his car and all will be well. We'll even accomplish the bonus goal of returning the company car. 70-some miles and a peanutbutter-banana milkshake, a good trade for one spoke. Oh and i get to play in environmental test chambers.
-40° F = -40° C. I did not know that.


Editor's note - I am still waiting for Jonny's first Brevet report.

04/06/2008 Saturday Ride Recap

I got to ride with Jonny and someone else. We rode from my house north and did a loop. We rode through Johnstown, Sunbury, Galena and New Albany. My right knee started to hurt so we stopped to do some stretches. If a car would have passed by it would have looked like all three of us were knocked off our bikes and had broken legs the way we were laying on the ground and stretching. I am sure the homeowners thought it was an odd sight with three cyclists laying in their driveway stretching.

Total mileage: 62.8
Weather: clear and sunny 50-65 degrees

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Folding bicycles

Dahon was founded with the singular purpose of convincing more people to use environmentally-sustainable forms of transport. To accomplish this goal, we've focused on creating innovative but reasonably-priced folding bicycles. Back in 1982, we started a revolution with our first pioneering folding bicycle. That revolution is now changing the way people around the world move themselves from point A to point B. With over 2 million folding bicycles sold, we are the proud worldwide leader in folding bicycles.

We are headquartered in Los Angeles, California and our bicycles are assembled in our factories in Taiwan, Macau, the Czech Republic and China with parts sourced from the leading component manufacturers from around the world. Our bicycles are sold in over 30 countries. We are proud to say that a majority of our 700+ worldwide employees travel to work by bicycle, public transport, or a combination of both.

Dahon is committed to creating green mobility solutions for people who live active, environmentally friendly lifestyles. The following principles guide us in all we do and help us achieve this goal:


3/31/2008 Ride Report

Attendance: roughly 35 people
Temperature 60 degrees
20 miles (28 total for me)
Route roughly headed through campus, out 5th, up Dublin?, to Fishinger, then Riverside where we stopped at a park. After the break we headed east on Nottingham and rode through the neighborhood until we reached Northwest. At Northwest the group broke into two or possibly three groups. I was in the back with the last group. We crossed over to the paths and headed along the waterfront to the downtown area. One member of our group lost their battle with a curb and went down. The we headed along Civic Center drive and up to High. Down High to the High Beck for some pizza.