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Monday, May 31, 2010

HOOT-Heart of Ohio Tour-Budget Tour - June 5

HOOT-Heart of Ohio Tour-Budget Tour
Saturday, June 5th 7:30-9AM Gloryland Nazarene Church off Coonpath Road, Carroll Ohio. Scenic tour in the Lancaster and Fairfield county area. Roads will be marked and maps provided. 38-100 miles. Longer routes are hilly. Budget Tour. $2 member, $4 non-member.
Al Moore 740-756-9218
Donna Bush 614-506-8294 bikedonna AT

Despite accidents, bicycling getting safer - Dispatch

Despite accidents, bicycling getting safer

Increase in riders may heighten awareness

Monday, May 31, 2010  02:50 AM


Last summer, Greg Yoakum was riding his bike about 25 mph through Hilliard when a car traveling the opposite direction turned left across his path, sending him crashing into the windshield and then onto the road.
He was one of the 269 bicycle-vehicle crash victims in Franklin County in 2009.
His right arm had a cut 8 inches long and 3 inches wide. He injured his lower back and sustained a 4-inch contusion on his right leg. He left the hospital using a walker, which he needed for a few days.
"I completely went up onto her windshield, smashed her windshield, and was taken by ambulance to the hospital," said Yoakum, 37.

This week in Bicycle Rides - May 31

Tuesday Night Ride - 7pm start at Goodale Park - route changes weekly - Like it at the Facebook page
Heart of Ohio Tour (HOOT) - June 5 - More info here

Saturday, May 29, 2010

More than one third of kids wear their helmet incorrectly.*

Most parents think that as long as their child is wearing a helmet, they've done their job. The truth is, a helmet that's not worn correctly may not protect the way it should. All the complicated adjustments have been made on our end so there's less tugging and adjusting to do on your end. True Fit goes on right-and stays that way. It's a new level of helmet protection. One that ensures true peace of mind.

*Provided by Safe Kids Worldwide

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Jamis Satellite Sport

Any dyed-in-the-wool road junkie will tell you: Steel is real. It’s the most refined, resilient, lively frame material ever. It is the benchmark for ride quality.

Granted, flyweight carbon and lightweight aluminum are tough to beat on race day, when weight and stiffness are paramount. But our steel bikes are perennial sellouts, and that’s because of the ride, because we know how to make them work. 

Steel sings over pavement, with a resonance and springy liveliness that rewards crank-blurring spin-meisters and 
big-gear mashers alike. Factor in our award-winning geometry, and it’s an unbeatable combo. Year after year.

Editor's note: My little brother called me yesterday to tell me he picked up one of these for himself and his fiance. Looks like a nice bike for the price.

B1 Bicycles Announce 2010 Pelotonia Discount program

Contact: Tel: 614-222-0017
What: 2010 Pelotonia Discount program
To reward fundraisers when they purchase high quality bicycles and accessories from B1 Bicycles and to involve the shop and its employees in fundraising efforts.

When: Beginning June 1st and continuing until August 19th, 2010
Where: B1 Bicycles
124 E Long St
Columbus, Ohio 43215
5% off of any bike $949 and up, 15% off of bicycle and triathlon clothing and shoes

B1 Bicycles will be offering a discount for committed 2010 Pelotonia riders starting June 1st 2010. B1 Bicycles offers high quality bikes and clothing from Cannondale, Bianchi, Blue, Kuota, Sugoi, Orca, Louis Garneau, SIDI and Mavic. All bikes are built to the highest possible standards from factory trained mechanics. In addition to the discount B1 Bicycles offers free lifetime tune-ups and adjustments to all of its bicycles sold, and offers a free floor fitting to ensure the bicycle is adjusted correctly before you leave the store. Call 614-222-0017 or email for more information.

Tuesday Night Ride 05252010 Recap

Highlights -
20+ riders at start
Johnnies Tavern - coldest beer in town and home of the Superburger.
Shrum Mound
The beach
Almost stopped at a cool cemetery (democracy overruled)
Audubon Park on peninsula
20 miles total

I want to thank the riders for wearing helmets and bringing lights. Please keep in mind this ride has always been geared towards adult riders who can ride 15-20 miles at an average of 12+ mph.

Monday, May 24, 2010

Chew on 100 Miles Century Ride this weekend - From the mailbag

Memorial Day West Virginia Century Ride with Danny Chew

Big Bang Bicycles presents Chew on 100 Miles Century Ride:

When: Memorial Day - May 31, 2010 - 7 am start

Where: Washington Blvd. Track/Oval where the ACA holds criterium races and the Dirty Dozen starts/finishes.

Route: West of Pittsburgh to and from West Virginia. No Dirty Dozen climbs, but it will be hilly.

No Registration fee for this first time held event
Bring your own snacks, and there will be at least two food stops at grocery stores (bring money).

100 Miles total distance

NOTES: Since Google maps only allowed me to make limited changes on their maps, I had to use 4 maps instead of 1. Please feel free to print out the 4 Google maps of the route or program them into your GPS. I will be leading the route, but it is good to know the route in case we get separated.

About 36 miles into the ride, we will have our first food stop in the town of Burgettstown, PA. at the IGA supermarket with a McDonalds beside it.

At about 44 miles, we will go from PA into WV making it a two state ride!

About 48 miles into the ride, we will go down a 1 mile descent on St. Johns Rd. into the beautiful Cross Creek Valley in WV.

About 52 miles in, just after crossing back into PA (up the steepest hill of the ride), there will be a 0.25 mile section of dirt & gravel road - all of which is ridable.

About 56 miles in, an error on Google maps means we will venture off the cue sheet (making the route shorter) by going straight through on Bethel Ridge Rd. Do NOT make the left onto State Line Rd as the cue sheet tells you to do. After about 2 miles, make a sharp right turn on Cedar Grove Rd., and start down a long hill. A few more miles you come to a T intersection where you turn left onto Cross Creek Rd. in the tiny town of Studa.

About 74 miles in is our 2nd food stop in the town of McDonald (which we already went through earlier) at the Giant Eagle supermarket. There is also a Dollar General store next door.


Here are the 4 maps and cue sheets:

25.6 miles from Washington Blvd. Track/Oval to McDonald:,-80.233197+to:S+McDonald+St&geocode=FXqVaQIdTbI8-w%3BFXO1aQIdxwU8-w%3BFfSQaQId5uw7-w%3BFVhsaQIdKs47-w%3BFd5baQIddL47-w%3BFQRMaQIdaac7-w%3BFWZBaQIdDJg7-w%3BFQEwaQIdtn07-w%3BFQEdaQIdNWI7-w%3BFYQNaQId71c7-w%3BFfr_aAIdASk7-w%3BFfIAaQIdIro6-w%3BFR0IaQIdGX06-w%3BFaXkaAId7i06-w%3BFXetaAId_hs6-w%3BFTyFaAIdw-U5-w%3BFdxuaAIdFR85-w%3BFSugaAIdS_E4-w%3BFfF7aAIdX6U4-w%3BFbRkaAIdzF44-w%3BFTtPaAId8UE4-w%3BFVc9aAIdQSE4-w%3BFbkfaAIdWf03-w%3B%3BFcj5ZwIdZ7Y3-w&hl=en&mra=dpe&mrcr=0&mrsp=23&sz=15&via=1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12,

23.7 miles from McDonald to West Virginia:,-80.399623+to:Bruin+Dr%2FCross+Creek+Rd&geocode=Fdz6ZwIdPrY3-w%3BFXPtZwIdNo43-w%3BFffdZwIdrGM3-w%3BFb_UZwIdqyg3-w%3BFX02aAIdkFA1-w%3BFYAaaAIdAEw1-w%3B%3BFTAHZwIdwqsy-w&hl=en&mra=dpe&mrcr=0&mrsp=6&sz=15&via=1,2,3,4,5,6&sll=40.37519,-80.401297&sspn=0.009023,0.022144&ie=UTF8&ll=40.307022,-80.562615&spn=0.009033,0.022144&z=15&dirflg=d

25.0 miles from West Virginia to McDonald:,-80.235772&geocode=FTAHZwIdwqsy-w%3BFVISZwId-p8z-w%3BFd0wZwIde84z-w%3BFThFZwIdOtEz-w%3BFYCJZwIdt_Az-w%3BFYp1ZwIdqCg0-w%3BFdkrZwIdxGw0-w%3BFV8pZwIdoaw0-w%3BFQW0ZwIdeZc1-w%3BFSPqZwIdNqA3-w%3BFcj1ZwIdKLQ3-w%3B&hl=en&mra=dme&mrcr=0&mrsp=11&sz=15&via=1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10&sll=40.365741,-80.237961&sspn=0.009025,0.022144&ie=UTF8&ll=40.317232,-80.455284&spn=0.07225,0.177155&z=12&dirflg=d

25.8 miles from McDonald to the Washington Blvd. Track/Oval:,-79.963646+to:Washington+Blvd&geocode=Fcj1ZwIdKLQ3-w%3BFRgAaAIdTMI3-w%3BFX97aAIdo484-w%3BFeqfaAIdJfI4-w%3BFaR1aAIdhMo5-w%3BFXC7aAIdMCw6-w%3BFYLeaAIdwyw6-w%3BFZbxaAIdmzA6-w%3BFXkbaQId5-s6-w%3BFd0RaQIdego7-w%3BFeT4aAIdrDE7-w%3BFYL0aAIdHjg7-w%3BFUL5aAIdwEE7-w%3BFWgJaQIdLlU7-w%3BFRUcaQIdmmE7-w%3BFWU3aQIdh4k7-w%3BFY5haQIdsME7-w%3B%3BFWyWaQIdUrI8-w&hl=en&mra=dpe&mrcr=0&mrsp=17&sz=15&via=1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12,13,14,15,16,17&sll=40.465756,-79.966822&sspn=0.009011,0.022144&ie=UTF8&ll=40.476072,-79.911976&spn=0.00901,0.022144&z=15&dirflg=d

Please visit the Big Bang Bicycles website at:

Thanks to

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Tappan Ride 2010 Report

40+ riders (rode mostly with Tommy and Al)
74 miles total, averaged 16.5mph, 2000+ feet climbing
Rode through
Tappan Lake area
New Philadelphia

Injured Bicyclist's Friends Have Message For Hit-Skip Driver

COLUMBUS, Ohio — Friends of an art student who was critically injured while riding his bicycle said Saturday that the 20-year-old had proper lights and reflectors at the time of the crash.
Jeffrey Stevenson's only mode of transportation was his bicycle that was struck by a car early Friday morning along Sawmill Road on the northwest side.
A driver crashed into the back of Stevenson's bicycle and drove off, 10TV's Kevin Landers reported.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

CCAD Mourns Loss of Student - Hit and run victim from Friday passes away.away.

CCAD Mourns Loss of Student


The CCAD community is saddened by the passing of one of our students, Jeffrey Stevenson. Jeffrey, an Illustration major from Dublin, OH, who had just finished his sophomore year, was struck by a hit-and-run driver while riding his bicycle on Sawmill Road on Friday morning, May 21. He was taken to Riverside Hospital, but his injuries were too severe for doctors to revive him.Jeffrey was a bright and talented individual who showed much promise as a young artist. He was one of four CCAD students who had work accepted for the New York Society of Illustrators 2010 Exhibition and was known as an excellent student by his faculty. We grieve with the loss of our friend and student whose life has been cut short by this tragedy, and send our heartfelt condolences to his mother and other loved ones.
We will update our campus community when we know the details of the funeral arrangements. Our Counseling Center staff are available next week for those who need to talk with someone about their grief. If you are a student, faculty or staff member and feel you need to talk with someone immediately, please call 614.348.3320.

Friday, May 21, 2010

Bike Thief Gets Destroyed

Detours Top Tube Bag

large top tube bag
A tad larger than the classic GOODIE BAG. Accepts larger brownies and small, folding pets.  Simple Mini Bug frame adapter attaches to any tube in any position. Ideal for tandem stokers.
USE :: urban riding, long day rides, light+fast touring, centuries, event rides, fully loaded touring
VOL :: 48 in3
DIM :: approx. 6x4x2 in
WT :: 4 oz

Editor's Note: My friend Bethia purchased the Detours large pannier for shopping from Paradise Garage. I have been looking for a bag for my top tube for a while so I called Emily at PG to see if they had any. She ordered in several different styles for me to choose. I tried it on a ride and it works well for wallet, keys, camera and iPhone.

Green Drinks Bike Hop Recap

Highlights -
13+ riders
Gresso's (free shots for Bike Hop riders)
Taqueria Davanne for tacos
St. James Tavern (great beer selection)
Wild Goose Creative for Paul McCartney Roast/Music
Mileage didn't matter

Bicyclist Critically Injured In Hit-Skip; Sawmill Road Closed - NBC4i

Sawmill Road is closed Friday morning after a male bicyclist is critically injured in a hit-skip crash. 

Columbus police are on the scene of the crash atSawmill Road and Sawbury Boulevard, just north of Interstate 270, on the city's Northwest Side.
Police received a call about an unresponsive male on the side of the road at about 5 a.m. Friday. 
The male, who is in his 20s, was riding a bicycle southbound on Sawmill, near the curb, when he was struck by an unknown vehicle and thrown from his bicycle, police said.
The male was transported to Riverside Methodist Hospital in life-threatening condition. He remains in very critical condition, according to police.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Ride of Silence 2010 Photos

GT Peace Tour - Under $1000 touring bike as seen at B1

    PC full coverage fenders

  • FRAME:
    GT Triple Triangle 700c touring design, Reynolds 520 butted tube set, Euro BB shell, standard 1-1/8" head tube, disc brake, rack and fender braze-ons, investment cast dropouts with derailleur hanger

  • FORK:
    GT touring design, 4130 cr-mo tapered blades and 1-1/8" steerer tube, disc mount, investment cast dropouts, rack and fender braze-ons

    FSA Tempo triple, JIS interface, 52/42/30, 7075 alloy outer ring, cr-mo mid. and inner

    FSA cartridge sealed bearing, JIS cr-mo axle

    Alloy touring with CP steel toe clips

    Shimano non-series

    Shimano Deore, 9-Speed, top normal

    MicroShif, bar-end shifters, 9-speed

  • CHAIN:
    KMC Z9200, 9-speed

  • RIMS:
    Jalco, X320 double wall, 700c, 23.5mm width, eyelets, 32 hole

    Alloy, disc type, water resistant seals, alloy QR

    Alloy, disc type with 9-speed cassette, water resistant seals, alloy QR

  • COG SET:
    Sunrace, 9-Speed, 11-34

    Stainless 14 guage

    CP Brass

  • TIRES:
    Schwalbe Delta Cruiser, 700x35c, puncture protection, reflective sides

    Tektro, Lyra "Road" mechanical disc, 140mm Light-Wave rotor

    Tektro, Lyra "Road" mechanical disc, 140mm Light-Wave rotor

    Tektro, RL-340 alloy ergo road

    Alloy compact road design, 31.8mm

  • STEM:
    Alloy, 10 degree rise, 4-bolt 31.8mm clamp

    TH, standard press-in 1-1/8" alloy cups, cage bearings

  • GRIPS:
    Suede type padded with 3-M adhesive, custom GT caps

    Classic Regal road style, custom GT cover with antique brass like rivots, 7mm CP rails

    Alloy micro adjust, 2-bolt micro adjust head

    Braze-on type with bolt

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

How Does Your State Rank in Bicycle Friendliness? - Bike League

To coincide with Bike to Work Week, the League of American Bicyclists is excited to announce our third annual Bicycle Friendly State (BFS) rankings. “We are delighted to report that states, and statewide bicycle advocates, are using this program to target legislative changes, adopt new policies and even start new advocacy groups in order to improve conditions for cyclists,” said Andy Clarke, League President. “Change at the state level is harder to see than in a community or business, but is no less important – and we are seeing real progress.”
At the top of the list are:
1. Washington
2. Wisconsin
3. Maine
4. Minnesota
5. Oregon

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

17 Could Get You 8 - Sierra Club

Sure enough, the Breezer Uptown 8 is one sweet commuter bike.

What's even sweeter? You could ride off with all eight speeds by writing just one 17-syllable haiku poem and posting one cool photo at Climate Crossroads. Just two weeks left in our salute to pedal-powered propulsion, so saddle up and enter the poetic fray!

Step 1Join the Bicycle group on Climate Crossroads (if you haven't already).

Step 2: Post your best bike-related photo.

Step 3: Add your 17-syllable haiku masterpiece.

Remember, the grand-prize winner wins an Uptown 8 bike, and two runners-up will get a Kryptonite lock and a Nutcase helmet.  

The webpage is here...

Bespoke: New York's Museum of Art and Design Features Handmade Bikes - FastCompany

Green Drinks Bike Hop - Thursday, May 20 - Gresso's, St. James & Thirsty Ear

From their email blast-

Especially for you (and your friends, family, etc.), we have planned a special Green Drinks bike hop event that will take our potable pelaton from Gresso's (6-7 pm) in German Village to St. James Tavern (7:30-8:30pm) in Italian Village to Wild Goose Creative (9pm on) in the North Campus area. At the final stop, riders will be treated to a musical-comedy Paul McCartney Roast ($3 cover for Green Drinks riders/$5 otherwise), and the tour will also include an opportunty to stop by Mikey's Late Night Slice to get some needed calories to power the pedals.

Team Green Drinks

Monday, May 17, 2010

400km Randonneur "Brevet" May 15th

This is truly the craziest thing I have ever done in my life. Ohio Randonneurs are in the business of ultra-long-distance bike trecks. This one was 400km (250 miles). Starting at Rt 23 and I-270, the route went Northeast to Lodi, by way of Butler, then turned west to Tiffin, then South to Columbus by way of Bucyrus. You had 27 hours to complete the ride, called a brevet. I made it in a less-than-stunning 25 hours, 5 minutes. The Randies have shorter rides (200-300km), and longer ones, (400-600km), but they all lead up to the Granddaddy of them all, the 1200km Paris-Brest-Paris Ride. (There are also a couple equivalent North American rides of that length.)

I had been planning for some time for this particular 400km event and was very faithful to the letter and spirit of the instructions provided on the Ohio Randonneur website. Therefore, when I showed up it distressed me to find most bikers on race bikes with nothing but a pack of chewing gum in their back pocket for good luck! No fenders, no racks, no bags, no nothing. (I exaggerate to some extent, but you get the idea.) I brought a loaded touring bike to the party, and it was clear after 35 miles that I would not be keeping up with the herd. This event was not "social" or friendly. Among the racing herd there is a competitive spirit. If you don't know your stuff, people are not there to explain it to you. The Randonneuring ethic is one of self-reliance and mental and physical endurance. I guess that's how it was in the beginning. Now things have evolved. There are two modifications I would make to my bike if I ever do this again. One is a front dynamo hub to supply electricity. This eliminates the need to carry, stop and change battery packs. Second is a GPS navigation system. I studied the route thoroughly and had map sets with me, but the problem is, you have to keep stopping to figure out your next move. GPS computers tell you where to turn on the fly, eliminating the mental-endurance part of the test. OK, so I did it the old-fashioned way, and plodded along, but, just the same, made all the control points in the allotted time.

Heading west out of Lodi, the skies began to cloud up, and a cold breeze was coming down off Lake Erie. Later it began to rain. So, I was glad I packed rain gear both for warmth and to keep dry, even though neither cold nor rain were expected. Along the way I met up with another loaded tourer by name of Doug. It was a good thing I met this guy, little did I know he would save my skin on the coming night ride. Made Tiffin at nightfall. Made Bucyrus around midnight. Doug rolled in a little bit after me. He offered me one of his battery packs. I had one charged one left, which was good for three hours, but we had 5 hours to go. I had two Cateyes as spare lights, but out in the countryside in the dark of night they are virtually good for nothing. I had badly miscalculated how much juice I would need to get through the night. In fact, I thought I would knock the whole thing off in 20 hours. But Doug had experience and could see I wouldn't make it. I gratefully accepted his help. Doug and I agreed to travel together through the night for safety's sake. Biking through the night after being awake for twenty hours is probably similar to the all-night marches that occurred during the Civil War.

At one point we missed our turn. Taking a good hard look at the maps I brought along, we decided to take a road parallel to the designated route until there was an opportunity to cross back to it. This is not in strict conformity to Randonneur rules, but when you have been at it for 22 hours, you cease to care about such things! Well, it might have been better to care about it, because the parallel road was full of viscous potholes. And when it couldn't get worse, it turned to gravel. We stopped to access the situation. Fortunately we both had beefy tires to withstand the coming punishment, and after pinging and tractoring and wobbling this way and that, after what seemed like eternity, we made it out of there - Only to discover this sign - BRIDGE OUT, ROAD CLOSED. A nightmare that never ends? We decided to check it out and see if we couldn't ford the stream. Anything but return by that gravel road! The bridge was down in a ravine. Fortunately, the bridge was built, we only had to go around the barriers to use it. After that we were back on track. We were getting close to the end at this point, and were surprised to meet two other Randies. They had missed a turn earlier in the day and had gone 14 miles off course and 14 miles back to get on track, for a total of 28 extra miles. Just talking about it hurt. The word "hill" hurt at this point. My posterior hurt, it had been well broken in by my Brooks saddle, rather than the other way around. So, this is my conclusion: what some call misery, pain and discomfort - Randies call that everyday life! Crossing Polaris Parkway the sun started to rise and by 6:05 the four of us - the final four of 45 cyclists - arrived back at the starting point.


This week in bicycle rides - May 17

Bike to Work Challenge - Sign up here!
Tuesday Night Ride - 7pm start at Goodale Park - route changes weekly - Like it at the Facebook page
Ride of Silence - Wednesday May 19th, 7pm from State House - More information here.
Green Drinks Bike Hop - Thursday May 20th,  - more info on their website

Ride to Dawes Recap - 051610

9 riders to start.
I was cameraless, but Molly came to the rescue.
Liz decided she wasn't ready for the pace/distance
Picked up three at the first major road turn who rode in from town. (11 riders if counting)
Headwind for first half of ride.
Amy dumped her bike because she didn't clip out fast enough.
Picnic lunch at Dawes with my wife and all the riders.
Tailwind on return.
National Trail Raceway was in full swing, we stopped to watch the action for a few.
Caused mini stampede with mini moo cows after mooing at them.
Stopped a dog in it's track with my loud dog whisperer techniques.
Four riders raced ahead to the final turn and waited
Amy dumped her bike because she didn't clip out fast enough. (yes, twice)
60 miles total

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Touring Trike - Hase Bikes

that: This Ortlieb bag hangs low on the seat frame to ensure stable handling and holds a whopping 50 liters of luggage. Still not finished packing? Hase’s Lowrider Bags will swallow up the rest. The high-tech lighting system for the trip: Son hub dynamo, IQ Fly Senso Plus power headlight, and the Toplight Flat Plus super-flat taillight – all with standlight function. Just as “brilliant” are the Quickstick hubs: In a flash, the wheels are off, and the KettWiesel is ready for transport.

Library lends bikes - Dispatch

Library lends bikes

Otterbein program’s popularity rises with temperature

Tuesday,  May 4, 2010 2:53 AM


Books, videos and music are no longer the only things that may be checked out from the Otterbein College library.
Any student or staff member may now borrow a bicycle to zip around Westerville.
Eight bikes are available. All have lights and locks, and most have adjustable seats.
The "Otterbikes" program is an initiative of the college's Sustainability Committee, said Mary Kerr, executive assistant to Otterbein's president.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Tuesday Night Ride Report - 0511010

13 riders, some new
19 mile loop through Rush Creek neighborhood
Clever Crow Pizza for food/drink

Got an Iphone? Log your trips with MobileLogger!

Record location, heading, speed, altitude, accelerometer, sound level, trip duration and distance to storage on the device. Each log can be viewed on a map and individual samples inspected. Export logs via e-mail in CSV, JSON or Golden Cheetah format. Data can be automatically uploaded while recording as well.

Note: This application requires GPS functionality to operate correctly. Additionally, the compass works best on iPhone 3GS. The first generation iPhone may not record your position properly.

By default, logs contain a unique identifier for each device. This may be omitted by enabling the "Anonymous Export" option.

This application has been released as open source software under the GPLv3. Source code is available at:

Created by Robert Carlsen in the Interactive Telecommunications Program at New York University.

Get it here for FREE!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Ride for World Health for a Roll: Sponsored Solidarity Bike Ride


Join Ride for World Health for a Roll: Sponsored Solidarity Bike RideSunday May 16th at Easton Towne Center
Who:Everyone! All cyclists! All levels! All you need is a bike and a helmet!
When:Sunday May 16th, 2010. Start time: 8:30am for the 40 mile ride, 9:00am for the 20 mile ride.
Please arrive 30 minutes prior to start time.
Where:At the Roll: Bike Shop at Easton Town Center
3950 Townsfair Way. Columbus, OH 43219
Routes:20-mile option is mostly flat bike paths with gentle hills 40-mile option is mostly on roads with moderate hills, all paces are welcome.
Why:Ride for World Health cyclists journey 3,700 miles across the US in order to raise funding and awareness for global health and we need your help. This year, special awards will be given to those riders who help fundraise for this worthy cause. So encourage friends and family to support you as you join the Ride for World Health team for a fun-filled morning! Proceeds from this event will go to support our two beneficiaries, World Bicycle Relief and HEAL Africa, which work to provide sustainable healthcare to those most in need worldwide.
Extras:Everyone who registers gets a Ride for World Health t-shirt! Join us after the ride for a lunch with your friends and family (free for riders, $10 for non-riders).
Cost:Adult: $30 pre-registration, $35 race-day registration
Student: $20 pre-registration, $25 race-day registration
Register Today!Register Online Register by Mail

Ride for World Health is a national, nonprofit organization which advocates for improvements in the quality and accessibility of global healthcare. The mission of R4WH is to address global health disparities by focusing on education, advocacy, and fundraising which are addressed by utilizing a national cycling event as a vehicle for change. This year, we are proud to have World Bicycle and HEAL Africa as our beneficiaries.
Ride for World Health Solidarity Rides require only a small minimum donation to participate. However, we encourage rider fundraising as an opportunity to show support for the efforts of R4WH and their beneficiaries! Awards and recognition are given to top fundraisers.
Need help with Fundraising? See our Fundraising 101 sheet for fundraising tips as well as key facts about R4WH and our beneficiaries. Download R4WH pledge sheets, brochures, and information cards to help with reaching your personal fundraising goals.
Ride For World Health Fundraising 101
Pledge Sheet
2009 Brochure
2009 Information Card
You can be a part of Ride for World Health by joining one of our Solidarity Rides. If you don't see a ride in your area, why not organize one? Learn more about Solidarity Rides here.

Drivers, bicyclists clash on road sharing -

(CNN) -- Professor Peter Furth has ridden his bicycle to work at Northeastern University each day for the past six years. The two-mile trip through the Boston suburb of Brookline, Massachusetts, is usually without incident.
Furth's journey is worlds apart from his former Boston commute, which for 13 years was a battle with drivers who wanted him on the sidewalk.
"I've had motorists that drive a couple of inches from my elbow, trying to scare me," he said.
Furth would catch up with drivers at stoplights and ask them whether they knew how close they'd come to hitting him. Invariably, they would say, "Yes, move over."
It's a cultural thing, he said.

Peddling pedaling to work - Dispatch article

Hundreds to take part in 2 programs encouraging commuting by bicycle; many also will ride to promote safe sharing of roads

Tuesday,  May 11, 2010 2:50 AM


Dan Magestro didn't need the Bike to Work Challenge to get interested in biking to work. He frequently rides his bike from his Upper Arlington home to his Downtown job as an investment adviser at Nationwide, even making the 6-mile commute in the winter.

But he's still participating in the challenge, which began yesterday, in an effort to get people to bike to work as much as possible over 10 days. The event is organized by Yay Bikes!
"It kind of gives the (biking) practitioners a chance to show what they do," said Magestro, 37.
Motorists can expect to see more bikes on the road in the coming weeks. In addition to the Challenge, another group called Consider Biking will have its third annual bike-to-work event on Monday, launched by a 7:30 a.m. ride from Ohio State University to the Statehouse. It will be led by Mayor Michael B. Coleman and as many as 70 local business leaders.
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