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Monday, December 23, 2019

Wednesday, August 14, 2019

Moore than a feelin' West Coast Tour pt 1 - From ID to the PNW

Six weeks on the road, in a van, riding some of the best trail systems in the world! In part 1, we share our experiences riding trails in Nebraska, Wyoming, Idaho, Oregon and Washington. Trail systems/areas in this video: Wilderness Park, NE Green River trails, WY Sun Valley/Ketchum, ID Bend, OR Sandy Ridge Trails, OR Duthie Hill Mountain Bike Park, WA Larrabee State Park, WA Galbraith Mtn., WA Shout outs: Graham Cave State Park, MO Lake Ogallala State Recreation Area, NE Bear Lake State Park (Idaho side) - state trail badges - trail maps and information A huge thank you to all of our friends and family that helped us on our trip! We appreciate every piece of information, every shower, every laundry opportunity, every bed, and every meal with all of you! And a big thank you to my parents (O's grandparents) for taking care of Stuart, the cats, and making sure our hose was still standing while we were on the road!

Extreme Freeride - Flying Monkey to King Kong MTB Trails (4K) @vitalmtb

Tuesday, August 13, 2019

Rooted Vermont: Return to Gravel 2019 @rootedvermont @1lauraspencer @iamtedking

"The overall vibe of the ride and the event was hard to put into words. It somehow felt both welcoming and exclusive at the same time, was super challenging but also incredibly relaxed, and had the professionalism of a big event but somehow felt like I just stumbled upon a great group ride. I don't think you can plan any of those things, but is a direct result of the promoters, friends, and participants." Matt B, Tampa, FL Filmed by Ansel Dickey // Vermont Social

Monday, July 29, 2019

Salsa Cycles Presents: Iglaak @salsacycles #fat-bike #packraft

Salsa Cycles Presents: Iglaak from Salsa Cycles on Vimeo.

Alaska’s Seward Peninsula lies just below the Arctic Circle. The protuberant peninsula is the millennia old home to the Inupiat Eskimo, situated in the northwest of Alaska - a land that stirs the adventurer’s spirit and kindles the insatiable. Visions of paleo-Arctic ancestors, sweeping tundra, rugged mountains, winding rivers, compacted beaches, intact ecosystems, and a land before contemporary time excite the Iglaak – the traveler, stranger, and visitor.
This short film is a snapshot of a fat-bike and packraft tour through the Imuruk Basin, the villages of Mary's Igloo, Brevig Mission, Teller, and Nome.

Monday, July 22, 2019

36 Hours in Kitsbow: Spokes and Ropes

California Golde #bikemovie @Kodak @BedrockSandals @SwiftIndustries @TheRadavist

California Golde from Sandy Carson on Vimeo.

The warm fuzz of a technicolour California summer, captured on Super 8 from the saddle of touring bicycles, amidst the bittersweet backdrop of a smoky Sequoia National Forest fire season.
California Golde is a conceptually spun psychedelic yarn of analogue exploration and recreation in the digital age that ultimately disconnects from our hyped-up, phone-obsessed culture.

Produced and directed by Ronnie Romance Jr. and Sandy Carson
Cinematography by Sandy Carson
Edited by Karen Skløss
Sound design by Eric Friend
Written and narrated by Ronnie Romance Jr.
Colour grade by Sandy Carson
Titles by LAND
Music by John Wesley Coleman III
Starring 'Ronnie' Romance Jr, Tenzin Namdol, Kyle 'Cubby' Emery-Peck, Erick Cedeno, Sofia Torres, David M.Lane, Moi Medina and Sandy Carson.
Presented by KODAK, Bedrock Sandals and Swift Industries and The Radavist.
© California Golde 2019 
All rights reserved.
A book to accompany the film is available in the
USA here-

Tuesday, June 4, 2019

The Issue Is: Cycling’s Body Problem @iamspecialized @JennySayYes

Jenn Kriske, Founder & CEO of Machines for Freedom, talks motivation & change. Read the Full Story:

The Issue Is: Bikes as Healers @iamspecialized @JennySayYes

It’s not all suffering and victory salutes—bikes are powerful tools in recovering from trauma. Read the Full Story:

The Issue Is: Representation & Inclusivity @iamspecialized @JennySayYes

Justin Williams gives his perspective on representation and inclusivity in cycling. Read the Full Story:

Friday, May 31, 2019

Lance Armstrong’s full interview with Mike Tirico @NBCSports


Ruta Del Jefe is not just any adventure bicycle race. Ruta Del Jefe is a platform to raise awareness of environmental and political threats affecting the U.S./Mexico borderlands of Southern Arizona and to inspire action among bicyclists. To learn more about Ruta Del Jefe, go here:

Monday, March 11, 2019

Alison Tetrick: The New Queen Of Gravel? @AMTetrick

In 2017, after eight years as a professional road racer, Alison Tetrick lined up at one of the world's most demanding gravel races: the 206-mile Dirty Kanza. She won in a dramatic sprint finish—and set the course record in the process. The victory changed Tetrick's life.

7 Bike-Rafting Tips #bikerafting @TheGearJunkie

What is "bike-rafting"? Our video, developed with Wild Confluence Media, details this burgeoning form of wilderness transport. It is a system that combines mountain biking, pack rafting, and backpacking to give ultimate mobility on water and land. Here we follow Colin Arisman and the Wild Confluence crew on a 400KM bike-rafting expedition through the British Columbian wilds.

Tuesday, February 12, 2019

The Radavist - Cerro Gordo @theRadavist

The Bikes of Wrath – Extended Trailer

2600 kilometers, 420 dollars, 30 days, 5 bikes, 3 cameras, 2 guitars, 1 voice, and one of the most influential novels of the 20th century - The Bikes of Wrath is a story of adventure, physical struggle, human connection, cultural commentary and the American Dream.

Thursday, January 24, 2019

REI Presents: Engaging The Curve @REI

Graham and Shannon have been dating for 5 years and currently live together in Bend, OR. They’ve each had professional athletic careers in two very different sports: Ultimate Frisbee and Alpine Climbing. This is the story of how they share their respective sports with each other, and how the idea of learning to mountain bike was inspired by their community and environment. Together they will step back into the mindset of beginners as they learn to mountain bike. With crashes and frustrations alongside the joy of progression, they whoop and swear their way through this comedic and painful learning curve. With some (but probably not enough) experience under their belts, they head for the remote hills of Eastern OR to test out their new skills. Inspired by friends’ stories of mountain bike packing in wild parts of the world, they explore the wilderness in their backyard while seeking out engaging terrain to shred. As they wrap up their journey, they reflect on the experiences of learning to bike and how it helped them build a stronger relationship with each other and their environment.

Oh Deer! Cyclists and deer collide

Mt. Lemmon, AZ around mile marker 17. The end result is a shattered bicycle, some road rash, and a broken foot. You can see my back wheel in the video, we were both very lucky it wasn’t worse. @theracingapparel @mellowvelobikes

Sunday, January 13, 2019

Cars Out of Bike Lanes - Acupuncture treatment ruined!

All clips in this episode were filmed in under two hours of the Friday afternoon rush hour on Valencia Street, a major bike corridor in San Francisco. We need your help to create safer streets - join us on a ride: