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Monday, March 31, 2008

Woodstock is set!

36TH WOODSTOCK • Saturday, April 12
7:30-9 AM. Jersey Baptist Church, 13260 Morse Road, Pataskala, 9 miles east of I-270 at Harrison Road. Parking and registration in back lot. Traditional first TOSRV training ride. 100/50/30 miles on relatively flat terrain. Columbus Outdoor Pursuits Budget Tour. $2 members, $4 non-members. Tricia Kovacs 614/476-9093 bike_woodstock(at)

The gnome made an appearance while marking the route for the ride. Photo courtesy of David Jeffords.

Environmental (Art Exhibition)

Please join us for Environmental, a one-night group art exhibition that features pieces made with recycled materials and works that express environmental concerns.

Date Tuesday, April 1, 2008
Time 6 - 9 pm
Location Junctionview Studios, 889 Willams Avenue, Columbus, Ohio, 43212
Curated by Claire Smith

Couchfire Collective
889 Williams Avenue
Grandview Heights, Ohio 43212

Saturday, March 29, 2008

Welcome to Busch & Müller - product line comparison

The Big Bang light is very impressive in output.

Bike Rack Mania

Bike Security Racks Co., Inc. designs manufactures and markets a complete line of indoor and outdoor bicycle racks and bike shelters. Based on more than 35 years of experience in serving the architectural and construction markets, we continually strive to create new and varied bicycle storage systems to suit expanding needs. Here are some typical installations of our bike racks and bicycle stands used by schools, universities, apartment buildings, condominiums, home owners, retail stores and government agencies. Please look at the categories at the bottom of the page to see our complete line of traditional, contemporary, vertical storage and two-tier storage bike racks, bicycle stands and bike sheds.

The site...

CDRIVE - Belt Drive Powered Bike

Goodbye to messy, greasy chains! - Enjoy the comfort, convenience and ultra low maintenance of this easy riding bike equipped with the innovative U.S. made CDRIVE belt system.

Developed in the USA, the CDRIVE system uses the same proven leading-edge belt technology that's successfully powered Harley Davidson Motorcycles for many years.


Friday, March 28, 2008

New Bicycle - Lifestyle Shop in North Short


Check out their blog where they are documenting the build out. Looks like they will be opening soon.

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Most expensive bicycle lights I have ever seen, REVISITED

Lupine BETTY 12
22W Power LED lamp, 1400 Lumens, Advanced Lens Disk 16°, frontglass anti-reflection coated, PCS 007 V7, 22/9/0,25 W, 3D adjustable mount, LED monitor, H-mount, 120 cm ex cable, Li-Ion rechargeable battery bottle 13,8 Ah,Charger One battery charger: charging current 2.5 A
Burn time 22 W: 6 hours
Burn time 0,25 W: 336 hours ( 2 week non-stop )
Charging time: 8 hours Weight: 810 g

1400 lumens for $990.00!

My only issue with this setup is the heat output. Supposedly when the lights are running at full output and you slow down the light will sense increase in temperature and adjust the light output. I do not experience this issue with my Light and Motion lights.

Tour de Grandview

Welcome to the Tour de Grandview Cycling Classic, the Internet home of Ohio's premeire professional cycling event.

The Tour celebrates 16 years in Central Ohio in 2008, and returns to the streets of Grandview Heights with a host of races, events and activities June 28th and 29th. Don't miss it.

The site...

Don't forget about the Long Street Tour

The Long Street Businessmen’s Association hosts the "Annual Long Street Tour”, a full day of cycling, fitness activities and community events held in the “Historic Long Street District”. There will be elite athletes from all over the United States competing in the tour, as well as fitness enthusiasts, beginner racers, week-end warriors, and kids of all ages.

The site...

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

"Essentials of Bicycling" class being offered

Saturday, May 17, 9AM - 2PM
Saturday, May 24, 9AM - 2PM
Saturday, May 31, 9AM - 2PM
(3 sessions, 15 hrs total. Half with bike & on bike.)
Class taught in Clintonville: 118 East Pacemont Road
This is an "Essentials of Bicycling" class for those who want to improve their cycling know-how. Reasons can include: cycling out of your driveway to go anywhere in your neighborhood and around town, cycling for pleasure, cycling for fitness, and cycling to do local errands. This class is designed to help you get "up to speed" cycling with more confidence and more fun.

Topics covered include: bicycle selection and fit, helmet fit, bike handling skills, how to fix a flat tire, emergency maneuvers,
practice cycling in traffic, group riding skills, clothes, nutrition, etc.

This is an adult class, ages 16 and up. (Ages 13-15 may enroll if a parent or guardian is also enrolled in the same class.)

Gordon Renkes, Instructor

If you want a registration form or more information, contact:
Gordon Renkes
118 East Pacemont Road
Columbus, Ohio 43202
League Cycling Instructor #328
gdr1950 at

(This class is sponsored by the League of American Bicyclists, founded in 1880 as The League of American Wheelmen.)

And Tricia's testimonial:
I took the League of American Bicyclists Effective Cycling class from Gordon Renkes many years ago in anticipation of leading rides for beginner riders. Although I thought I knew everything about cycling, I learned many new techniques for riding in traffic, bike handling skills and specifics of Ohio traffic law which I was not previously aware of. The benefits of the LAB Road 1 course are well worth the investment of 3 Saturday mornings. Gordon is an excellent cycling educator with extensive knowledge and experience in the practical and technical aspects of cycling.

Suede Coasting DX

SUEDE COASTING SERIES Return to easy. Come back to two-wheeling on a Suede Coasting bike, with a virtually maintenance-free 3-speed automatic drivetrain by Shimano—the latest technology combined with clean, beautiful lines and simple, modern styling.

Born from a holistic design approach that combines clean, beautiful lines and simple, modern styling with Shimano’s automatic shifting Coasting product platform, the Suede Coasting DX is the fully loaded new accessory for fun.

The link...

Detour Deluxe

A stellar all-city commuter, the all-new Detour Deluxe gives riders a “deluxe” utility vehicle at an unbeatable price. You never have to second-guess riding in the dark, because it’s equipped with a Basta Pilot lighting system in the front & back. The Shimano dynamo hub allows you to choose between an On/Auto/Off function. Full SKS fender, a rear rack, full Shimano drivetrain, and disc brakes round out the package – we don’t use the word “deluxe” lightly around here.

The link...

Bulletproof biking from Kona!

3 speed internal rear hub
Thornproof tires.

The site...

News Flash! - SIMPLY LIVING to hold FUND RAISER for WCRS low power FM RADIO STATION!

Come one come all!!! Please mark your calendars & forward to friends!!!

SIMPLY LIVING in tandem with the CLINTONVILLE COMMUNITY MARKET is holding a FUND RAISER for WCRS (Simply Living's new Low Power FM radio station!) on APRIL 12TH from 6 p.m. to 1 a.m. at the CREST TAVERN—397 CRESTVIEW RD at INDIANOLA--just a couple of blocks east of the Co-op Market. Admission is $5.00 Children get in free!

The BENEFIT will be a repeat of the highly successful Co-op Benefit from last month with CLINTONVILLE COMMUNITY MARKET'S own master chef ALEXANDER SMITH providing another fantastic evening meal. Cost for the meal will be a well worth it $10.00 and $5.00 for children! Admission plus Dinner is $15!

We have scheduled 3 wonderful bands—6-8 pm is the MICHAEL MAHER BAND featuring the gifted voice of HELEN HAGGERTY. At 8 pm to 10 pm is the FABULOUS jam band LOCAL COLOR! These are the same bands that enthralled everyone and got people dancing last month. At 11 pm to 1 pm is a band from Newark, the Jared Mahone Band.

We are hoping to have a 50/50 RAFFLE, a silent auction, and even auction off some DINNER DATES with some good-looking SL men or gals! We'll be needing volunteers for that (you can nominate someone if you wish) as well as help for Alex in the Co-op Kitchen and servers, door people, clean up & promotion, etc. To volunteer, please call Frank at 487-1111 or email him at We'll have flyers soon at the Simply Living office and we hope and we hope you'll come by and get a few to post at work or amongst friends.

World's tallest man struggles to fit in

PODOLYANTSI, Ukraine - Leonid Stadnik's phenomenal height has forced him to quit a job he loved, to stoop as he moves around his house and to spend most of his time in his tiny home village because he cannot fit in a car or bus.

But Stadnik, who according to the Guinness World Records is the world's tallest human, says his condition has also taught him that the world is filled with kindhearted strangers.

Since his recognition by Ukrainian record keepers four years ago, and by Guinness last year, people from all over Ukraine and the world have shipped him outsized clothing, provided his home with running water and recently presented him with a giant bicycle.


No wonder Columbus (and American cities) reinforce automobile usage

Our story begins in the 1920s with the birth of a piece of esoteric regulation, the "minimum parking requirement." Before parking meters and residential parking permits, cities feared that they were running out of street parking. So municipalities began ordering businesses to provide parking and wrote zoning restrictions to ensure it. Columbus, Ohio, was first, requiring apartment buildings in 1923 to provide parking. In 1939, Fresno, Calif., decreed that hospitals and hotels must do the same. By the '50s, the parking trend exploded. In 1946, only 17 percent of cities had parking requirements. Five years later, 71 percent did.

The entire story...

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

3/24/2008 Ride Report

30.5 miles for three of us
If you rode to Valhalla you would have at least 18-20 miles (estimate) plus mileage home.
ave 12.1 mph
16-20 people. I don't recall actual total

First part of ride was from campus to the southeast then back into town and south on High to the bar.
Pizza and beer (a little justice for Jonny who provided beer at the park break and reluctantly received payback beer at the High Beck from Casey after a little gentle prodding)
Second part of ride was north on Cleveland and side streets that parallel I-71 up to N Broadway. Then we headed down Walhalla.
Everybody split up at that point.

Temps hovered between 31-35 degrees, but it was clear sky and felt colder.

Monday, March 24, 2008

Traffic school for errant cyclists rolls into Santa Cruz

SANTA CRUZ -- Errant bicyclists, those who get ticketed for riding on the wrong side of the street or cruising through a stop sign, can now go to traffic school to avoid a hefty fine -- and pick up some safety pointers.


via Mercury News

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Sunday Ride 03/23/08 Ride Recap

44 miles / ave mph 14.7 / 40-50 degrees

Rode with someone and Johnny Walker down to Three Creeks in a roundabout way since part of the trail was still flooded. Ended up on Williams Road. Over to Parsons. Headed north and wound our way through the neighborhoods to Schiller Park. Headed west until the river and followed the trail to the river front. Stopped for a break.

Rode over through Franklinton and turned north to connect with the trail again. The trail stops on Dublin, so we jumped on the road and headed over to Grandview where we picked it up again. It headed northwest until it dead ends abruptly at a business complex further up Dublin. We headed south and turned up Urlin into Grandview. We rode through the neighborhoods to get to King (not 3rd, sorry).

We took King east to campus and wound up on the trail. We popped out in Tuttle Park. Back through campus over to Summit. Summit down into town. We rode around the city for a while and ended up at the park where the old School for the Deaf building used to stand. They recreated Seurat's "Sunday Afternoon on the Island of La Grande Jatte" painting with topiaries. Pretty cool.

Nice day on the bike.


A person, male or female, that participates in the sport of randonneuring, long-distance bicycling, not as a race, but as a self regulated pace in order to complete a designated route within a designated period of time. More information about randonneuring can be found on the Randonneuring USA (RUSA) web space at RUSA is a volunteer, not-for-profit organization whose primary goals are to promote randonneuring in the USA and to serve the USA's randonneuring community.

Ohio Randonneurs is an informal organization of bicycle riders dedicated to Randonneuring and organizes several long distance events each year in the Ohio area.

Friday, March 21, 2008

Local Bicycle Rack Manufacturer - Revelation Cycling

Heavy duty bicycle racks made locally here in Columbus. I talked with Michael at the Green Drinks event on March 20 and his products sound interesting, plus they are made here. I may have a review soon.

The site...

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Ride of Silence 2008

DATE: May 21, 2008
TIME: 7:00 pm
WHERE: Hundreds of locations world wide including Columbus

Columbus Details
Contact: Jeff Stephens
Distance: 14
Notes: 5th annual Ride of Silence for Columbus.
Start at Ohio Statehouse in the heart of downtown, loop through Ohio State University campus, and return.

The site...

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Ohio Safe Route to School

January 2, 2008 – The Ohio Department of Transportation (ODOT) has awarded over $4 million in funding to 107 Ohio communities interested in creating and encouraging a Safe Route to School in their communities. Applications came from municipalities, school districts, hospitals and health departments around the state. more...

Ohio Bicycle Events Calendar Website

The site...

3/17/2008 Ride Report - A St. Patty Day Camel Toe Adventure!

32 Miles total - 45 degrees - a little rain
3 rides total
3 bars total
8 to start, 4 went the distance (32 miles), 2 went 38 miles.

The major stop was the American Addition Park.

Second ride.
We rode from the High Beck north and then East down to Franklin Park. We rode through the park and headed west into town to the waterfront. We rode down the path to the end and rode East toward High Street. We headed north to Round Bar. The other four riders who split off must have went back to the High Beck when we crossed High heading to the waterfront.

After a round in the Round Bar it started to rain a little. We headed northeast to Carabar. Chris did his best Michael Flatley imitation when called upon.

Third ride.
Peer pressure forced me to join a few people for one last ride around town. We headed west through town to the waterfront and rode south on the trail again to the end. Through the impound yards and back to High. We rode north on High and broke up and rode our separate ways.

Another one in the books.

Monday, March 17, 2008

World Bicycles Market to Reach in Excess of $61 Billion by 2010, According to a New Report by Global Industry Analysts, Inc.

San Jose, CA (PRWEB) March 17, 2008 -- Poised to register a CAGR of 5.28% over the 2001-2010 period, the world Bicycles market is projected to reach in excess of US$61 billion by 2010. Asia-Pacific, with a share estimated at 47.36% in the year 2007, forms the largest Bicycles market worldwide. The region is also slated to record the fastest growth with a CAGR of over 6.33% during the aforementioned period.


Sunday, March 16, 2008

Plug and Play Solar

Ready to Run.

The PowerCubeTM makes deployable renewable energy simple. By integrating the latest solar energy, power storage and power management technologies, the PowerCube is engineered for home use, emergency response, construction, and any other remote power needs.

Need even more power?

It’s also scalable, with each unit easily linked to the next in a “daisy chain” of power. The PowerCube is ready to use with minimal installation, making it ideal to generate power either on or off grid, for short or long-term, as primary or back-up electricity. Safe and Green.

In emergency situations, access to traditional fossil fuels can be limited and difficult.

The PowerCube's primary source of power is the sun, which means that the unit provides essential power without reliance on fossil fuel deliveries. Plus, heat, noise and emissions are virtually nonexistent.

From the middle of the Sahara, to the middle of the back yard - Never worry about electricity again. Ever.

More at the site...

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Lucky Stride 2008 Alley Cat Ride Report

The threat of rain didn't stop me from heading over to the ride. It started and ended at Junctionview Studios in Grandview. I think there were about 40+ riders at the start. I was #33. It was a Le Mans mass start. We grouped at the back of the studio and ran to the bikes that were sprawled on the ground out front with our manifest. I rode with Megan and Philip for most of the ride. We rode the checkpoints in a clockwise pattern. If you are familiar with the checkpoints you will understand what I mean.

Junctionview Studios - START
Mirror Lake at OSU checkpoint
Bike Polo field at OSU checkpoint
Maynard and Summit grocery store checkpoint
Third Hand repair pit stop (pump up the wheels on Megan's bike and adjusted both wheels so they were actually connected to the bike)
Milo - Artist Coop? checkpoint
Main Library checkpoint
Spaghetti Warehouse checkpoint
Dodge Park checkpoint
McKinley Park checkpoint
Junctionview Studios - FINISH

It started to rain between the Dodge Park checkpoint and McKinley Park. We headed over the goofy Grandview Avenue on ramp street hill hybrid, whatever the hell that thing is to get to Goodale. It rained steady and heavier as we got closer to the Studio. I signed in with ten minuted left but can't remember what I placed. Not first, not even close.

Photos courtesy of Jim Cropcho. If you have any other photos please email them to me at raymondmgeorge [at]

Lucky Stride 3/15/08

More photos...

17 miles
Averaged 13mph
48 degrees, dropped to 42 when it started to rain.

GPSies - Lucky Stride Part 1

GPSies - Lucky Stride Part 2

Lucky Stride Results: This is how YOU wrote it. 1. Joe "Thunder Cat" Scarbro 2. Zach Henkel 3. Ryan Heflin 4. Nick Chenoweth 5. Ian Morton 6. Zeus Rosco P. Soultrain 7. Whore (?) 8. Nathan Biroschak 9. Christine Happel 10. Peter Brown 11. Alice Kocab 12. K.C. King 13. Eric Pacella 14. Daniel Eberle 15. D. Lewis 16. Ryan Eberle 17. Daniel Erb 18. Nick Carpenter 19. Daniel J. Francis 20. Levi Klau 21. Mickey Mochik 22. Blake Stevens 23. Michael Murtha 24. Jamarr Mays 25. Fancy Pants 26. Josh Malko (?) 27. Ray Gorge (sic) 28. Philip Thomas 29. Megan Alexander

Awareness Test - Watch it to the end...

Awareness Test - Watch more free videos

Friday, March 14, 2008

Lucky Stride 2008 Alley Cat Ride THIS SATURDAY MARCH 15

Lucky Stride Alleycat Race
Date: March 15th
Time: 3pm
Registration: 1:30pm

Start: Junctionview Studios
889 Williams Ave.
Columbus, Oh 43212

Afterparty @ Sherman Studios Walnut & McDowell in Franklinton.

B1 Bicycles
Seagull Bags
Columbus Brewing Company

If you want to participate, but not race, we need volunteers to staff the checkpoints along the course. Call if you want to help! Adam Maynard, 614-589-0318

Thursday, March 13, 2008


Develop and manage an interactive map for your business or organization and share it with colleagues and clients via the Internet.

Anyone can develop a Mappler™ interactive map, no GIS knowledge needed.

You can add text, file attachments, photos, video, and audio to your map points.

Mappler utilizes Google Maps API and makes interactive mapping affordable and easy to use.
Mappler is web-based and requires no software downloads to develop, manage, or view your site.

Contact us and learn more about how to link your GPS data to interactive maps, draw lines, boundaries, add data points and develop customized applications.

Fines of up to $500 for motorists possible under new Chicago bicycle ordinance

When a motorist flings a door open in front of a cyclist passing in the bike lane, Chicago bikers call it a "dooring" and often just charge it to the cost of riding in a big city.

As of Wednesday, the City Council calls it illegal and will charge motorists anywhere from $150 to $500 for each violation.


Wheeling Heritage Trail Bicycle Tour

Here is the application form
Event date: May 25, 2008

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Get your own Moon Dog Bobblehead in Wheeling

Link here

Moon dog is famous in Wheeling for riding everywhere. He has flags hanging off his bike and wears a construction hat and orange vest. He has also been known to chuck his bike off the Wheeling Suspension Bridge at times.

Leaving it all behind, to bike around the world

(CNN) -- In 2002, at the ages of 62 and 48, Pat and Catherine Patterson decided to leave it all behind. They sold their real estate business and their cars, gave their furniture to their children, and put their home up for rent. Strapping their remaining possessions to two bicycles, the couple set off to bike around the world.


Founder of Trek Bicycle, Richard Burke, dies at 73

MILWAUKEE: Richard "Dick" Burke, the founder of best-selling bicycle-maker, Trek Bicycle Corp., has died.

The full story...

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Lucky Stride 2008 Alley Cat Ride UPDATED

Just to clarify a comment made for this post. I am not the organizer of this ride. This is my personal opinion as to whether I will be riding this Saturday.

I am in a holding pattern for this ride. The weather keeps changing. Before the weekend the forecast was for clear in 40's. As of Monday the 10th the weather forecast is rain.

Lucky Stride Alleycat Race
Date: March 15th
Time: 3pm
Registration: 1:30pm

Start: Junctionview Studios
889 Williams Ave.
Columbus, Oh 43212

Afterparty @ Sherman Studios Walnut & McDowell in Franklinton.

B1 Bicycles
Seagull Bags
Columbus Brewing Company

If you want to participate, but not race, we need volunteers to staff the checkpoints along the course. Call if you want to help! Adam Maynard, 614-589-0318

Columbus Bike Routes on Bikely

Bikely allows people to post and review bicycle routes.

Here are the Columbus routes...

3/10/2008 Ride Report

17 miles
20 miles - me
35-38 degrees
Ben's last ride for a while

Nice big pile of snow at the start became an art installation with our bikes. (see the pics)

We experienced our first patch of ice at the corner of Lane and High. As we headed through the intersection someone led us north and we hit a patch of slush and ice and three of us went down. We also had another experience with ice on Hudson. Ben slid around when we pulled over to let traffic pass.

Second elbow
I hit my right elbow this time around and have a bruise on my hip. Chris went down with no injuries, but Duncan fell and hit his head. Thank god he was wearing his helmet.

We rode down Cleveland and experienced some idiots who were honking at us.

6 then 5 then 6 then 7 then 6
We started with 6 people. Ben, Chris, Duncan, Jeremy, someone else, and Me. At Sunbury Duncan headed back (5). When we got to the High Beck, Keith met us to hang (6). Then Duncan showed up (7). Then we left Duncan at the High Beck to play ping pong (6)

Three Stops
High Beck, Tip Top, Carabar (Thanks for letting us bring our bikes into the bar)
The picture of me with Chris' glasses are a little scary.

Let it snow! No more.... Please.

The gnome reappeared on a glacier in the shape of a large bundt cake. He was snowboarding. The photos were taken prior to him falling into the crevasse. He was rescued several hours later covered with ice(ing).

3/10/2008 Ride Report - Not yet

Full report later...

Here is the teaser

Second elbow
6 then 5 then 6 then 7 then 6
Three Stops

Monday, March 10, 2008

Mystic plans to try out bike share program

MYSTIC, Conn. - When Tim Evers heard about plans in Paris last year to offer thousands of low-cost rental bikes at stations across the city, he thought, "Jeepers, why doesn't Mystic do something like this?"

The rest of the story...

Why doesn't Columbus do something like this? At least in the campus area or downtown.

Sunday, March 9, 2008


The site...

Upcoming Rides in Columbus Area

Columbus Outdoor Pursuits sponsored rides...

36TH WOODSTOCK • Saturday, April 12
7:30-9 AM. Jersey Baptist Church, 13260 Morse Road, Pataskala, 9 miles east of I-270 at Harrison Road. Parking and registration in back lot. Traditional first TOSRV training ride. 100/50/30 miles on relatively flat terrain. Columbus Outdoor Pursuits Budget Tour. $2 members, $4 non-members. Tricia Kovacs 614/476-9093 bike_woodstock(at)

41ST SPOT • Saturday, April 19
7:30-9AM. Groveport Madison Freshman School, 751 E. Main St., Groveport. Options from 25 to 100 miles Fairly flat course with a few small hills. Budget Tour. $2 members, $4 non-members. Bob Allen 614/866-8698 rdavisallen(at); David Hoodin 614/486-2123 (before 9pm) dhoodin1(at)

34TH MID OHIO CENTURY • Sunday, April 27
7:30-9 AM. Mingo Shelter Building, Mingo Park Delaware, Ohio. Routes of approximately 35, 65,100 miles. Budget Tour. $2 members, $4 non-members. Woody Barry 740/375-5906 wbarry333(at)

27TH TOP OF OHIO HUNDRED • Sunday, May 4
7:30-9AM. Start at Hilliard Community Center for TOP 100, 51, 20 routes or Milford Center School, just south of town of Rt. 57, at 8-9am for the TOP 50. Varied Terrain. Century route takes riders to highest point in Ohio. Shorter routes are basically flat. Budget Tour, $2 members, $4 non-members. Volunteer needed, contact office(at) 614/442-7901.

47TH TOSRV: TOUR OF THE SCIOTO RIVER VALLEY • Saturday & Sunday, May 10 & 11
Hyatt on Capital Square, Columbus. Annual, pre-registration tour from Columbus to Portsmouth for an overnight stay and return the next day. Half tour from Chillicothe. No entry after April 15. Registration and info on

Looking for a Pedicab? Someone is selling one in Columbus...

Craig's List Post

Manufacturers site...

Saturday, March 8, 2008

ODOT Bicycling Site

2008 Bicycle/Pedestrian TRAIL NEWS

Great resources here...


Hello all, happy winter!

This e-mail is an open call to all or anyone wishing to help volunteer at WCRS and record short audio bits like Public Service Announcements, Promos or the Simply Living calender of events.

I can teach you how to record and edit such pieces. This is all very simple to do, if you have the ability to open, read, and respond to this e-mail, then you can make audio pieces.

This can be a lot of fun and creative- the sky's the limit.

You can make PSA's about issues and organization's you think share those of WCRS and Simply Living... of particular concern are making PSA's that connect low-income communities to rescources and empower them as well, "to strengthen and supplement efforts to eliminate and alleviate poverty … in the United States by encouraging and enabling persons from all walks of life, all geographic areas, and all age groups, including low-income individuals … to perform meaningful and constructive volunteer service in agencies, institutions, and situations where the application of human talent and dedication may assist in the solution of poverty and poverty related problems."

If you are interested in doing this, supporting a cause, using your voice and mind, and contributibng to your community radio station, then please contact me.

Zach Henkel

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

I got my "I made a difference" sticker today - Did you?

I voted this morning. For someone. And I got my sticker that says I voted.That's all I got to say.

Monday, March 3, 2008

The irony

Upper 50's. and rain.

I did not make it to the ride. I sat on my butt on the couch and worked on a website. Duncan called in and said he was going to do a drive-by to see if any brave souls showed up. I will ride in the rain when it is in the 80's and it is refreshing to have a drenching. But not in the dark in 50 degree weather.

Nihola. I believe you sing/say it like Ricola!

The best for you! Test winner Nihola
we knew it all along and now it has been independently confirmed by the experts from the Dutch cycle club Fietsersbond : The Nihola is the best transport bike, beating the nine other bikes in the test! Its sophisticated steering system convinced the judges: the Nihola is easy to handle and provides a superbly comfortable ride.

But it’s not just the Dutch biking experts who give Nihola the thumbs up. Over a thousand satisfied customers all over Europe endorse the advantages of Nihola transport bikes. We work continuously to deliver top quality. Give us a try. You can test-ride our models at any time. We look forward to meeting you!

Sunday, March 2, 2008

Sunday Ride 03/02/2008 Recap

65 degrees
34.5 miles
14.5mph average

I rode through Gahanna to Cassady. Down Airport to Leonard to East 5th. Stopped on St Clair for photo op. Rode over to Summit. Almost got clocked by some guy in blue pickup who turned right in front of me onto Cleveland. South on Summit to town. Stopped on overpass for photos. Rode over to COSI for photo op. Rode through town to Long to nelson and back home. Headwind from East. I was dying toward the end.

The photos are for the website which is under development at this point.

Big Savage Mountain Tunnel Video

The Centerpiece of the Great Allegheny Passage is the rehab of the Big Savage Mountain Tunnel. WQED put together a video about the history and the rail trail.The video is here...

West Virginia Rails-to-Trails Council

If you are a fan of rail trails the West Virginia Rails-to-Trails Council has a listing for trails in West Virginia. I have been on a few. The Wheeling Heritage Trail is closer to 30 miles round trip and follows the Ohio River and the valley through to Elm Grove. If you travel north in the panhandle you will come across Brooke Pioneer Rail-Trail (I have ridden this trail many times) and then the Panhandle Rail-Trail. When completed these three trails will allow a rider to travel from Wheeling north to Weirton, then east to Pittsburgh to the Montour Trail. The Montour Trail connects with the Great Allegheny Passage and the C&O Trail and ultimately Washington DC.

I have traversed the North Bend Rail Trail. You can read my review here...

Saturday, March 1, 2008

Got Kids? Want to Bike? Want to ride with the kids safely?

Check out the trioBike...

The worlds first carrierbike where the bike also can be used as a normal bike.

The site...

'World's Largest Bicycle Parade!'

The city of Davis (CA) is ready to set the world record - again.

Saturday at 3 p.m., UC Davis Aggie Pack, in conjunction with the city, will host the "World's Largest Bicycle Parade!" in an attempt to reclaim its previous hold on the Guinness World Record. The event will take off from Aggie Stadium and is free to the public.

Story continues...